20 Effortless Styles to Wear To Work In Summer


Dress with me and let’s find some office outfits that will be a great match for summer but also fit in a more casual trendy style that we enjoy. Summer is the hottest season, so dressing professionally in a jacket suit might be overwhelming.

Even though the time is hot that doesn’t mean we don’t want to dress and follow the office dress code. Here I’ll show you how you can dress in a more casual style that looks and feels comfortable but this style will allow you to keep up with the office dress code.

These are my top casual summer work outfit ideas that will have you beating the summer heat but keeping comfortable and looking casual and professional at the same time.

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A suit is a lot for the summer heat but when duty calls you need to dress professionally and a suit is the most office professional look you will ever find. That said I’ll be listing one suit that comes in 5 colors, that way if you need one you can find it here.

If you need a more summer business look these are my top 5 office looks that will give off a more work vibe that most bosses and professionals will like.

Women’s Black Blazer Suits Two Piece Business

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This is a lovely blackjack suit, very business-like, and classy, and is the best thing to wear when working or going to the office. For the summer try wearing a mesh undershirt or something less like a v-neck short-sleeved top.

Adding less under clothing will help keep you cooler in the summer heat but with the suit, you will at least keep the office standard.

Jacket top with jeans and white sneakers

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I am a fan of jeans, sneakers, bodysuits, or tank tops, This look can give a more casual summer look and when adding a blazer are an office top it will create that mix that fits nicely for the hotter months.

Dress down and relax in your Jacket top with jeans pants and white sneakers. This is a simple way to wear your work clothes in different ways.

Women’s Business Pencil Dress Office and Work

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Some of the best office attire starts with a pencil skirt but this outfit is a little more. wearing a pencil dress will be a good look for work because it’s a full outfit.

Business Casual Black Pants and White Shirts with White Sneakers

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Fitted Jeans with Heels and V-neck Top Long Sleeve

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Fitted jeans are another gorgeous casual look that will be a great summer fashion idea for work.

Black High-Waisted Trouser Pants

Shop High-Waisted Pants | Long Sleeve Top | Heels | Bag

Navy Blue Paper Bag Waist Pants with long sleeve button front Shirt and Heels

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Go to the office in a work outfit that has a business casual look to it. Show off your stylish view and still look professional at the same time.

Dress Shirt Button front with Denim Pants and Heels

Shop Black Shirt | Heel Sandals | Skinny Jeans

Grap this black long-sleeve worktop and style it with blue jeans and black heels. This outfit idea gives room to add more are less depending on your mood or how hot the time is.


Pants have been shown as a simple choice for most business attire. Keep these tight, wrinkle-free, and without frayed or broken seams.

You can add polyester which will be easy to keep. It is very common nowadays to find a good choice of color denim to be sure that it’s pure, with no degradation of color.

Basic neutral colors work best, combining them with many colored tops.

White Sleeveless Bodysuit and Jeans Pants

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Business Casual Blouses and Tops

To add color or pattern to your outfits, look for dresses or hats. Many options available are in beautiful colors to match your hair color and eye color.

Pastels, jewel colors, plaid, and florals with subtle accents are acceptable. In warmer times keep the sleeves short and 3 inches long; in spring and summer shorter sleeves are good, and you can wear large sleeves.

For a more pleasant and comfortable business attire try a light blouse with sleeves and skirts in silk or light fabric. Keep the necklines small.


Shopping for business casual blouses and tops is a great way to see what’s out there.

There are a lot of unique casual work clothes for a woman that will completely change their style and fashion ideas.

Leggings Count as Pants Now

You might think that leggings would be unprofessional and yes leggings might not be part of the dress code but leggings are a great summer outfit and they can look business formal if fit with the right top like a blazer.

Loafers and Ballet Flats Are The “It” Footwear Options

The shoe-makers said that a loafer, as well as ballet flats, will likely be the best pair in 2020.

Young likes the former saying sharp ballet shoes and sleeve-back kitten heels are perfect with almost everything while stylist, blog lifestyle blogger, and podcasting artist Tara West expect loafers.

Think modern chunky platform flats and bold colors including fuchsia emerald green and copper.

Business Casual Skirts or Dresses

Skirts and dresses will always be some of the best work outfit ideas. These are casual pieces that will make it easy to dress great at work and follow the office dress code.

The dress can be worn with blazers are even button-front shirts to look more formal and create that work clothing style.

Leather Pencil Skirt black leather jacket and white undershirt with heels. A Pencil skirt is a classic and despite what top you wear with it you will look fabulous.

Shop Pencil Skirt | Leather Jacket | White Undershirt | Black Heels

If you’re looking for a business casual summer work outfit idea that is a little short but looks classy in every way.

Try out this Modern Leather Mini Skirt with a white shirt and Heels.

Shop Leather Mini Skirt | White top | Heels

When trying to sport that casual business attire it’s important to choose the right skirt, pencil skirts have always had stunning designs and they always look professional.

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Simple cute business formal flare skirt idea for work

Women’s Ease in to Comfort Flared Knee Length Knit Skirt Buy Here

Business Casual Jackets or Blazers

Fashion trends like jackets and blazers will always style you in a work fashion sense, these will and will always be favorites as work outfits.

Business Dress Length

Of course, the length matters but you can still wear a mini skirt, dress, or shorts and look business casual with little effort.

You don’t need a suit to be stylish at work all you need is the right dress at the right length and you can look formal and casual, at work.

Dresses will always be versatile in a way that you can wear the same dress and get a different look when you do.

Color or Print

Brighter colors can be considered as loud this is why I always suggest that you wear neutral colors for work.

Women’s Summer Geo Print Wrap Mini Dress – colorful bright printed dress short sleeve work outfit idea.

Women's Summer Geo Print Wrap Mini Dress

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Casual Loose Cute Print Short Dresses Summer Mini Dress

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Button Down Swing Dress with Pockets

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Summer Short Dress Print

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White Sneakers Are the New Dress Shoes

Most women will wear those cute dress shoes, because of the professional look that they give, but mix it up a little and try white sneakers, Use even one of these gorgeous designer sandals and experience an outfit idea that is simple and relaxing.


The easiest way to summarize business casual for women is to think of business attire mixed with casual fashion.

This can entail a mix of your favorite blazer are any other office outfit combined with casual outfits.

That can either be top are bottom depending on the mood, style, and taste are your personality.

The great thing about wearing a business casual outfit is that you get a chance to explore and have fun at the office and this will give you a sense of freedom.

Business Casual Shoes

Business casual shoes come in a few different designs, from slip-on, pointed-toe, dress shoes to chunky low women’s heels pumps.

There are a lot of business casual shoes that were built with comfort in mind and they are all well-designed to wear with jeans, dress pants, wide-leg trousers dress, and skirts.

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Have Your Shopping List Ready

If you have an understanding of what type of outfit ideas you are interested in then you should have a shopping list ready.

If not and you’re looking to try new ideas such as work clothes then I’ll have a few favorites that will personalize your style.

My list comprises rompers, skirts, dresses, shorts leggings, dress pants, and jeans. I also listed a wide range of shoes from sneakers to sandals and even heels.

After all, we want to have enough variations to look and dress stylishly.

I also list a few bags and accessories that will help define your look and create a unique personal style.

Consider Summer Outfits for Work

Summer can cause women difficulties in selecting business outfits.

High temperatures in most places require that you wear less clothing which is not appropriate for a job.

Wear clothing made of soft breathable textile fabrics or light color fabrics. If you wear jeans every day, wear light cotton or linen in black, cream, or beige.

Wear your pants with a short skirt and tank in a nice hue, or wear a sheer blouse and camisole to absorb sweat.

Maybe you want to go back to shirts and blouses instead. Both allow air to flow underneath the knees and yes, over the skirts.


When you hear that if you want to attend an industry event, you will think of some important information. I’ll travel and hopefully see it.

How do I dress for an international conference? It depends on what type of attire to wear to business conferences and how much weather to visit.

I used my conference as my example. I live in California. This conference took place in Boston. The conferences spanned a week and lasted the entire day.

I knew I would meet many people, and I knew it would be incredibly beneficial.

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