What to Wear with a Sequin Dress on New Year’s Eve

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What to wear with a sequin dress on New Year’s Eve, Looking for the perfect accessories to wear with my sequin outfit that will keep me looking sparkly and Glam for New Year’s is the question I ask myself.

Luckily I have the top trendy styles from handbags, heels, jackets, earnings, and more that you can wear with your sequins outfit and keep looking amazing all night. Create the New Year’s Look you want and show everyone how trendy you can be.

What to Wear with a Sequin Dress

What Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dress for New Years
What Shoes to Wear with Sequin Outfit for New Year

Looking for the best shoes/ heels to wear with your sequins dress will have you spinning around all day. Here is a list of some of my top ideas – shoes/ heels related that will look amazing with a sequin sparkly style.

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Shoes to Wear with Your Sequin Outfit at New Eyes Eve

Everyone has their preference when it comes to shoes but for New Year’s Eve when styling sequins, Sparkly, shiny, metallic, and bright is what will look best. Here is a list of Ten shoes I have curated that fit perfectly for a New Year’s sequin outfit.

  1. Strappy metallic heels
  2. Embellished stilettos
  3. Classic black pumps
  4. Glittery platform sandals
  5. Velvet ankle boots
  6. Silver or gold ballet flats
  7. Jewel-toned satin heels
  8. Sparkling sequin-covered shoes
  9. Rhinestone-embellished sandals
  10. Clear perspex heels with metallic accents
  1. Strappy metallic heels – Step into the New Year with complete glam, Dress in this Stunning Silver Vinyl Rhinestone Ankle Strap Pointed-Toe Pumps.
Strappy metallic heels

Shop metallic silver heels

2. Embellished stilettos – Get ready to shine in our chic Classie Pointed-Toe Rhinestone Stiletto Pumps, adding that sparkle to your style.

Classie Pointed-Toe Rhinestone Embellished Stiletto Pumps

Create an enchanting look Shop Heels

3. Classic black pumps – Steal the spotlight this New Year’s Eve with our Classic Black Pumps, Glamorous and look amazing with a Sequin Outfit.

Classic black pumps

Wear Classic Black Heels

4. Glittery platform sandals – Try this stunning “Kate Of Spade” Glittery Platform Sandals, The best heels to wear with silver sequins.

Shop Kate Of Spade Glittery platform sandals

Shop Kate Of Spade Glittery platform sandals

5. Velvet ankle boots – Shop These beautiful Velvet ankle boots and match them perfectly with your purple or velvet sequin clothing. Stunning Velvet Ankle boots with glass heels are perfect for New Year’s.

Velvet ankle boots to wear with sequin dress

Try Velvet ankle boots to wear with sequin clothing

Here are the rest of the shoes that will match your outfit, for New Year’s Eve.

6. Silver or gold ballet flats – Michael Kors’ has a great set of shoes that will be perfect for New Year’s and this is one. These stunning ballet shoes come in two colors silver or gold and they will look amazing with sequins.

7. Jewel-toned satin heels – Get this Embellished Jeweled strap Ankle Evening Sandals, available in five color satin heels.

8. Sparkling sequin-covered shoes – Step into pure radiance with our Embellished Shimmer Pumps, enveloped in a dazzling array of sparkling sequins for an unparalleled touch of glamour and brilliance.

9. Rhinestone-embellished sandals – chic Flat Slide Sandals adorned with faux rhinestone embellishments, boasting a slip-on style, a sleek .5-inch heel height, textile upper material adorned with stones, soft textile lining, and a comfortable vegan leather sock for a stylish yet cruelty-free ensemble.

10. Clear Perspex heels with metallic accents – Step into regal elegance with our Clear Perspex Heels featuring dazzling glittering crystals and metallic accents. Elevate your style with this clear pointy-toe pump, standing tall on a lofty stiletto heel for a statement-making look.

Bags /Purse to Wear with Sequin Dress

Handbags & Purse – These are some of my favorite Purse and Handbags, all of them have a metallic or glitter look and will be a good fit for the sequin style.

  1. Clutch with metallic detailing
  2. Beaded or sequined clutch
  3. Velvet evening bag
  4. Acrylic box clutch with glitter
  5. Shimmering metallic envelope clutch
  6. Small sequin-covered crossbody bag
  7. Chain-strap mini purse with gemstones
  8. Satin or silk wristlet with jewel embellishments
  9. Box-shaped minaudière with crystal accents
  10. Vintage-style beaded evening purse

11. Clutch with metallic detailing – Upgrade your ensemble with the Cult Gaia Lael Clutch, a stunning accessory adorned with meticulous metallic detailing. Crafted to perfection, this clutch is a chic and versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Clutch with metallic detailing New years purse

Cult Gaia Lael Clutch Purse

12. Beaded or sequined clutch – Gorgeous Coarse Glitter Fabric Clutch Purse Bag made of glittering coarse glitter fabric, ideal for adding a bit of glam to any outfit.

Beaded or sequined clutch Purse

Shop This Glitter Fabric Clutch Shimmer Purse Bag

13. Velvet evening bag – Gorgeous Velvet Jimmy Choo Black handbag with Metal Handle. The beautiful accessory is made of luscious velvet with a sleek metal handle that adds a touch of luxury to your look.

Velvet evening bag

Try This Purse Bag from Jimmy Choo, a Fabulous black Bon Bon Velvet Bag with Metal Straps,

14. Acrylic box clutch with glitter – Stunning white clutch purse with silver metallic strap pearl design.

Acrylic box clutch with glitter purse with metallic straps

Wear a Glitter White Pearl Clutch Purse for New Year’s with your style of sequins fashion.

15. Our Shimmering Metallic Mini Envelope Clutch Purse perfectly complements a sequin dress. Its radiant finish and compact size add a touch of glamour, while the envelope style offers secure storage for your essentials.

Shimmering metallic envelope clutch: Mini Envelope Clutch

16. Small sequin-covered crossbody bag – The Small Sequins Crossbody Bag is a stylish and trendy accessory due to its versatility and chic design. Its compact size makes it practical for various occasions while the sequin embellishments add a glamorous touch to any outfit, making it a statement piece for fashion-forward individuals.

17. Chain-strap mini purse with gemstones – The Gold Colored Prada Purse Cardholder features a shoulder strap and stunning crystal embellishments, adding elegance and functionality.

18. Satin or silk wristlet with jewel embellishments – Prada has a nice set of satin, silk, and sequin purses/ bags that are just out of this world and Prada is a band that we all love.

19. Box-shaped minaudi̬re with crystal accents РBelle Glitter Bling Box-shaped Purse bag. This elegant mini rhinestone decor bag is perfect for parties, adding glamour to any occasion.

20. Vintage-style beaded evening purse – Step back in time with this charming vintage-style beaded evening purse. Imagine yourself at a glamorous soiree, adorned in a dazzling gown and clutching this exquisite bag. The delicate beads shimmer under the soft candlelight, catching the eye and sparking conversations.

Purse to wear with Sequin Dress

What Outerwear / Jacket to Wear with Sequin Fashion

Jackets/Outerwear – Pairing a jacket or outerwear with a New Year’s sequin dress elevates your look by adding sophistication, versatility, weather adaptability, personalized expression, and transitional style for multiple event settings.

  1. Faux fur stole or shawl
  2. Sequined blazer or jacket
  3. Velvet bolero or cropped jacket
  4. Satin bomber jacket with embellishments
  5. Faux leather moto jacket with metallic hardware
  6. Faux Fur Bolero
  7. Cape-style coat with sequin detailing
  8. Metallic-threaded shawl or wrap
  9. Longline duster coat with sparkly finish
  10. Tulle or lace shrug for a romantic touch

21. Faux fur stole or shawl – This Dreamy Faux Fur Stole or Shawl is a warm and cuddly item that exudes elegance. Wrap yourself in its sumptuous softness to give a touch of refinement to any attire. It’s the ideal addition to your winter wardrobe, available in classic white, timeless black, and rich brown.

Faux fur stole or shawl Jacket for new years

22. Sequined blazer or jacket -The Sequin One-Button Boyfriend Blazer is a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe. Its eye-catching sequin detailing elevates the look of a sequin dress by adding a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Whether you’re heading to a New Year’s Eve party or a special event, this blazer is sure to make a statement and turn heads.

Its tailored silhouette and one-button closure create a flattering fit, making it the perfect choice for adding a layer of elegance to your outfit.

Sequin One Button Boyfriend Blazer

23. Velvet bolero or cropped jacket – Black Sequin Cropped Jacket, designed with a round neckline and long sleeves. It features a concealed front closure and four front flap pockets for a chic yet practical touch.

The cropped hem length adds modern flair, and the jacket is fully lined for comfort and a polished finish.

Black Sequin Cropped Jacket

24. Satin bomber jacket with embellishments – Satin Bomber Jacket with Embellishments, featuring exquisite sequin detailing. This vintage varsity jacket combines timeless style with a touch of glamour, perfect for elevating your casual or evening look.

Sequin Zip Up Vintage Varsity Jackets

25. Faux leather moto jacket with metallic hardware – Faux Leather Moto Jacket featuring sleek metallic hardware, adding an edgy yet stylish touch to your wardrobe.

Faux-Leather Asymmetric Moto Coat

26. Faux Fur Bolero – Faux Fur, crafted with luxe faux fur and designed with an open neckline. Its cropped length makes it versatile, perfect for pairing with jeans or dresses.

27. Cape-style coat with sequin detailing – Cape-style Coat with Sequin Detailing. This shimmering kimono features a plush faux fur trim and is adorned with all-over sequins for a touch of glamour.

28. Sparkling Metallic Shawls and Wraps with Buckle – a perfect complement to evening dresses and parties, adding a touch of glamour to your ensemble.

29. Longline duster coat with sparkly finish – This open-front jacket is adorned with all-over sequins, perfect for adding dazzle to your New Year’s night out.

30. Tulle or lace shrug for a romantic touch – Tulle or Lace Shrug, is a perfect addition for a romantic and elegant touch to your outfit.

These clothing and accessory pairings can accentuate the glamour of Sequin-Effect Fabrics, offering a variety of styles to suit different tastes and preferences for a stunning New Year’s Eve look.

Champagne Metallic Shift Dress with Strap Heels and Bangle Set

Champagne Sequin Shift Dress

Shop Sequin Shift DressStrap HeelsGold Bangle Set

Champagne Sequin Shift Dress with Rose Gold Glitter Ankle Strap Heels and Gold Bangle Set. The Shell bag is also a nice look, but any bag in the same style or color scheme will be great.

Sparkly Party Dress Cocktail Bodycon Glitter

Sequin Sparkly Party Dress Cocktail Bodycon Glitter Dresses

Shop Glitter DressGlitter HeelsGrey handbag purseStainless Steel Watch

Get this sparkly silver glitter sequin cloth with a white wrapped v-neck top, glitter silver heels, a big handbag, and a stainless steel watch and neckless.

Stunning silver outfit set perfect for New Year’s even.

Sparkly Glitter Wrap Dress Pink with Gold Kia Heels

Glitter Wrap DressGold Kia Sandal

Beautiful long wrap dress, comes in 24 different colors, so for a more New Year’s look you can gold with silver, white, black are gold.

Gold Heels go nice with any color sequins fashion and this Kia fat heels sandal will look amazing with any metallic color.

Why Sequin Dresses for New Year

Sequin dresses are a go-to choice for New Year’s Eve, and here’s why they’re perfect for the occasion.

Symbol of Celebration – New Year’s Eve is all about festivity, and sequins capture this spirit. They reflect joy, excitement, and the optimism of a fresh start.

Glamorous Impact – These dresses shine and catch light, making a stunning statement that’s ideal for celebratory moments.

Versatile Styles – Available in various cuts and colors, sequin dresses suit different tastes and body shapes, from elegant gowns to playful mini-dresses or chic jumpsuits.

Timeless Charm – Sequins have stood the test of time in fashion, making them a smart investment for this year’s celebration and beyond.

Mood Booster – Wearing sequins elevates mood, making you feel radiant and ready to shine alongside the festive atmosphere.

Unforgettable Style – A sequin outfit on New Year’s Eve leaves a lasting impression, setting the tone for a stylish and memorable start to the year ahead.

Why wear a sequin dress? It’s more than clothing – it’s a celebration in itself, embodying joy, excitement, and the glitzy spirit of a sparkling new beginning.

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