25+ Angel Wing Tattoo Ideas and Meaning

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We have always enjoyed showing you impressive tattoo ideas, and the angel wing tattoo meanings a lot. Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and wings are a popular choice.

There are many wing designs, some hold a symbolic meaning, others religious, and personal. Angel wing tattoos are popular on shoulders, necks, fingers, and many places. In this post, we have selected some of the best angel wing tattoo ideas. They look so beautiful and they represent sweet personal messages.

Common Meaning of Angel Wing Tattoos

Spirituality and Faith: This is one of the many meanings of wing angel tattoos. These tattoos are used to symbolize connection to the divine such as angels and other higher beings.

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Remembrance of Loved ones: Some people get these tattoos as a reminder of loved ones who passed away. These people are sometimes seen as an angel in a person’s life.

Liberation and Freedom: They also symbolize a sense of freedom and the desire to overcome challenges.

Some of the other meanings such as grace, beauty, personal transformation, protection, messengers of god, and guidance. The meaning may vary from person to person, so get the design that speaks to you with the message that you want to deliver to you.

25 Best Angel Wings Tattoo Ideas

From wing tattoos on the arm, and wrist tattoos to large ones on the back. There are plenty of designs you can choose for yourself but these will make it easier for you. Below we have some of the latest trends in angel wing tattoo designs for inspiration.

Here let’s get straight into these designs:

1. Angel Wings Tattoo Arm Designs

There are many different meanings to choosing a particular angel wings tattoo design. Getting them on your arms can easily be covered up if you ever need to go into the office.

Small Idea Above the Elbow

cute small tattoo on the arm

The small line wing tattoo is so cute if you want a small girly tattoo this is a good one. We love small tattoo ideas with meaning and this is quite an attractive one.

Double Wings With Quote

Small Wings with Quote

Adding words under your tattoo could be an intimate message that you hold close.

2. Small Angel Wings Tattoo

Small tattoo designs that are romantic and cute and showcase your belief in the higher power.

small angel wings with details

Chest tattoos can have some of the most unique designs.

With Heart

small angel wings tattoo with heart

Hearts are another way to show your love for someone could be for your child. The wings around the heart and the halo above the lovely pink, red, and yellow hue.

With a Halo

small angel wings tattoo

Halo tattoos are lovely and they symbolize the religious beliefs of angels.

A Small Angel Wing with the Letter “A”

A Small Angel Wing with the Letter "A"

This may have a deeper symbolic meaning the A could stand for a Guerdian angel. celestial beings with the A initials that can be a name.

3. Angel Wings Name Tattoo

Angel Wings Name Tattoo

Colorful detailed wings with names in between the pair of angel wings. Perfect choice if you want to embrace the relationship to show your commitment to a person by getting their name tattooed on you.

4. Neck Wing Tattoo Ideas

For The Minimalist angel wing tattoos for females

Small tattoo on the back of the neck

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This wing design is quite delicate and the details are simple and cute.

Angel Tattoo with the Halo

small angel wing tattoo idea with Halo

This back-of-the-neck tattoo stands out because it’s not overly designed. We love how cute it is and the halo above it makes it even more adorable.

On the Side of The Neck

side neck tattoo angel wing with halo

This cute female side neck tattoo design with the wings and the halo with a divine connection meaning. Tattoos on the side can be a peek-a-boo which makes them even more interesting.

5. Tattoo on the Wrist

Getting a tattoo on the wrist can be quite subtle and elegant.

Minimalistic Angel Wing Wrist Tattoo

Minimalistic Angel Wing Wrist Tattoo

Image credit @carmel.ferreira_tattoo / You can get a temp tattoo on Etsy

This beautiful minimal design may seem basic but it’s actually really adorable. The halo above the wings is also a lovely touch to the design.

Small Angel Wing Tattoos Halo

small angel wing tattoos

Image credit @wildsalt.ink

Getting an inner wrist tattoo is a great location for a feminine design such as this one. The design is a simple outline of a small wing with a halo above it. small angel wings tattoo

6. Large Angel Wing Tattoo Designs

Getting a large tattoo depends on your personal preference for religious symbols. Large tattoo of angel wings if you can take more pain to create this amazing art, it’s quite worth the pain.

Dark Angel Tattoos

wings with cross tattoo design

Image credit @Jay.be.tattoo

Chest angel wing tattoo design with a cross, mixing two popular biblical symbols that could also represent tough times or warrior angels. Chest tattoos are most popular among men but they have gained some popularity among females recently.

Large Wings on Both Legs

On The Foot Angel Wing Tattoo Designs

Image credit @nextluxtattoos

A pair of wings on the foot is another place you could consider. The wording under each wing could symbolize the remembrance of a loved one.

Detailed Feathers

dark angel wing tattoos

These wings look realistic and the features represent an angel inside us. The details are an attention magnet for sure. Dark angel wing tattoos from the top that run down to the low in the back.

Dog Paws and Large Wings

Large tattoo Idea with angel wings and dog paws

This design is quite interesting because we know the saying “All dogs go to heaven”. Some people’s pets meant a lot to them and this could mean the dog is now watching over her.

7. Angel Wings Back Tattoo Designs

Getting a tattoo on the back is one of the most popular places for both genders.

Angel Wings Back Tattoo Designs

Image Pinterest

Upper back tattoo ideas are popular because you have more areas to express yourself and they can also be concealed. The design has two very large wings on both of the shoulders at the back.

Angel Infinity Wings with Heart

Back Angelic tattoo with Halo

This tattoo is so elegant and unique with the shimmer on the wings that appear golden. Gold tattoos are starting to gain some popularity they are a good option for people wanting something different.

Double Wings on The back

popular tattoo design with halo

This next option is placed in the back and the design is clean detailed and sharp. Love this popular tattoo design with the halo.

Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor angel wing ink tattoo

Watercolor tattoos of angel wings such as this, one wing shades of pink and the other blue. These have become increasingly popular over recent years. The watercolor technique creates a soft delicate appearance by blending colors.

8. Memorial Tattoo Ideas With Wings

These guardian angel tattoos of someone special. These are often important dates in your life that you wish to remember.


Memorial Tattoo Ideas With Wings

Like these deeper meaning ideas for someone, you may have lost. In this case the mother of the person from the date of birth to when they passed.

With a Date

wing tattoo with date

You can use your tattoo to mark special events that have happened in your life. These are memories we wish to keep alive.

Other Angel Wing Tattoo Ideas

9. Fire Red

single wing tattoo

This lovely single-wing tattoo represents freedom, to be on your own to stretch your wings.

10. Guardian angel tattoos 

guardian angel tattoos

Celestial beings with Halo creating a semi-sword.

11. Floral and Angel Wing Tattoo Design

Wing and floral

Flower tattoos with another popular feminine symbol the angel wing. One side had a flower and the other had a wing under the design words.

We love these angel tattoo designs and I hope we were able to inspire your fresh ink. Angel wing tattoos for females are a popular delicate, feminine choice.

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Angel Wing Tattoo Ideas

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