Ribcage Tattoo Ideas For Girls (23 Photos)

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A ribcage tattoo can be scary for some because it is known to be a painful spot. However, I hope you will be able to get over that fear when you see these rib cage tattoo inspirations. They always look so pretty when they are done and can prove they are worth all the pain.

Depending on your pain tolerance you can get them all the way down your side or a cute small tattoo. There are many designs that will look good on your ribs. This is a fun spot to get inked. Also Ribs tattoo you may not even have to worry about removing later, can be easily covered up.

Whether you are someone already with a tattoo are just looking to get your first tattoo. You may want to figure out some ideas, like what speaks to you.

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Another reason to consider getting rib cage tattoos is the fact they are so easy to conceal so no problem with your boss. However, you can show these fun body art off when the weather becomes warmer such as in summertime.

Reasons To get Ribcage Tattoos

  • If you want a tattoo that is discreet
  • If you are looking for something that always seems to turn out well
  • They are so eye-catching

23 Best Ribcage Tattoo Ideas

Mountain Ribcage Tattoos

This minimalist line body art is well done and the simplicity of it makes it eye-catching as well.

Ribcage Tattoos

Butterflies Side rib tattoo female

The colors on the butterflies are stunning, if you love bright color tattoos this is great. Three tattoos from small to larger.

Ribcage Tattoos

Pretty Rose Ribcage Tattoo

This looks sensual and worth getting, it is simple and elegant. Rose tattoos are a popular choice, especially for women.

Rib cage Tattoo

Ribcage Tattoo small

A letter can have power, this may inspire you and others around you. This such one Brave will inspire you whenever you let it out.

ribcage tattoo small

Animal Rib Cage Tattoo

The lion symbolizes a ruler and this tattoo is awesome, just look at all the details.

Animal Rib Cage Tattoo

Large Ribcage flower tattoo

If you are looking for a beautiful flowers tattoo this is quite interesting. This tattoo will not get stale, it is worth the pain.

Flowers Rib cage Tattoo

Self Love Rib Cage Tattoo

Self-love is highly promoted and if this is your inspiration see how beautiful it could look. With this, it won’t go wrong because everyone needs this.

Rib cage Tattoo

Lovely Star Rib Cage Tattoo

Bring the stars to you, some or made with lines, and others are made with solid black fills. Some are small others are larger and that creates a lovely pattern.

Rib cage Tattoo

Quotes Ribcage Tattoo Ideas

How cute is this idea? this runs down the entire ribcage.

Rib cage Tattoo

Minimalist Ribcage Tattoos

This next look had multiple designs in one that is quite interesting.

Rib cage Tattoo

Goldfish Rib Cage Tattoo

This ribcage tattoo has a special meaning, two fish intertwining. This can symbolize two souls that are together. This has a romantic meaning but more.

Pretty Intimate Rose Ribcage Tattoo

This is so delicate and pretty, it is one of my personal favorites. I love this as a first tattoo because it is small.

Rib cage Tattoo

Word Tattoo on Ribcage

This is bold and wild and will get noticed every time you decide to show it off.

Ribcage Tattoo

Lotus Ribcage Tattoo

This small ribcage tattoo idea has a pattern of lotus flowers from the start to large.

Ribcage Tattoo

Two Hands

This is an intimate tattoo that you can get to express yourself.

Small Line Side Rib tattoo female

Here is a simple mountain art, this is small, and the pain won’t be as bad as larger tatts. This is not a bad minimalist tattoo idea if you are looking for something of that sort.

Ribcage Tattoo

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Lucy Hale Ribs Tattoo

Lucy Hale’s rib tattoo is another head-turner idea, the look is subtle.

Celebrity Ribcage Tattoo

Spades Tattoo Ribs Tattoo

How cute is this tiny spade shape ribcage tattoo idea? I love how unique this one is and so discreet. Line tattoo designs are a great option if you are also not the best with pain.

Tiny Ribs Tattoo

Single Rose Rib Cage Tattoo

Also like the spades, this is another single romantic rose. This one is so stunning, a rose in its early opening stage. Small rose tattoos have always been one of my favorite ideas to get, simple and trendy.

Single Rose Rib Cage Tattoo

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Small Rose Ribcage Tattoos

The rib cage rose that is tilted sideways, is so lovely. You can get yourself a temporary one from Amazon here. The look is delicate and will leave an impression on anyone who got a chance to see it.

Snake Ribs Tattoo Idea

This next one is fierce and turns out amazing, time to show it off. Snake tattoos have been one of the most popular among all gender. You can choose these in a variety of sizes and they will look good.

Ribcage Tattoo

Rib Cage with Flowers Tattoo meaning

Another great idea, give your art meaning. The beauty of expressing ribs tattoos is and for that matter that we can add our own meaning to them. This tattoo word holds on, maybe something we look back on every now and then.

ribs tattoo

Plum Blossom Flower tattoo rib

With the dash of color this plum blossom is stunning. Red inked tattoos are a great alternative to classic black. Ribs tattoo with the right color blend, save this image for reference.

Flower tattoo rib

Which of these ribcage tattoos caught your eye? We would love to hear from you.

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