15 Short White Nails To Enhance Your Look

Want to change things up? switching out long nails for cute short white nails. We have gathered some of the most amazing white nail designs. These are easy to wear and can basically style with any other color and outfit.

These nails are good if you are looking for something more modest and neutral. Some of these designs are bold with rhinestones and a pop of colors. So if you have ever felt short white nails are a bit boring I am here to change your mind.

short white nails

Swirly Short White Nails

Swirl nails are trendy and as you can see with this design they can be elegant. If you are looking for something that just blends well together this is a good choice.

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swirly short white nails

Image via Weheartit

Elegant Pearly Nails

If you are a woman looking for a classy way to do your nails even yourself these pearly white short nails are worth copying. They will fit well into any work-related occasion or the office.

Elegant Short White Nails

Glitter Ombre Nails

If you are looking to embrace your ombre nails with some sparkle this seems fun.

Glossy Short White Nails

Image via cheymariebeauty.xoxo

Leaf Tip Short White Nails With Design

This next look is not only elegant but a smart way to design your nails on your wedding day. The nails have classy french tips but are done in botanical nail art. The nude nails are elegant and the small pearls make it even more adorable.

short white nails with design

Image from @zoyauk

Nails on Fleek

This next look is easy and a good style for women over 50 as well as younger ladies. This simple line design, with a silver lining between the two lines, has a nice meaning to it as well.

Black and white short nails

Short white nails with orange and dots

Doing this nail art on your natural nail, you can rock them at school or meet up. These are age-appropriate for high school girls.

Short White Nails

White and Gold Glitter Nail Art

Glam your nails up with some gold glitter and go to that party and enjoy it. One nail has ombre glitter and one nail has full gold glitter. The almond shape of these nails is super cute too.

Short White Nails

Image via @mypolishworld

AMOR Nail Art

The next nail art I love it and its gorgeous, square short white nails with design. The gold at the half moon at the nail and the thumb-nail is fully gold glitter.

Pretty white nails

Short White Nail ideas

I love the color combination of the next nail art I am about to show you. The nails have a silver sea shell and leafy design that reminds me of summer.

short white nails with design

Gold and white Stripped Nails

Girls loving white short nails will love this little cute design. The design is simple you can switch out the gold for silver glitter.

short white nails with design

Glossy Nails

I love this next design I am about to share, short gel nails can be amazing. You can wear these nails to fancy events and they will stand out. I love the marble pop of soft pink that goes well with the other short white nails.

short white nails with design

Fancy White Mani

Looking for chic nail art, this next one you will love then. Some nails have silver stripes while others are plain white. The white and the silver go together wonderfully don’t you think?

short white nail ideas

Image  @kangannynails

Summer Palm Tree Nails

Short summer nail ideas with lovely palm trees painted in black contrasting the white base. You can buy similar to these on Amazon to help you recreate these nails at home.

Summer Palm Tree Nails

DIY Easy White Mani

The design is easy to do just need steady hands to recreate the lines on the delicate pink nails.

short white nail ideas

Image @jooybel

Grey and White Nails

Last but certainly not least this chic white and grey nail art design. There is a unique nail design on every finger which is quite pretty.

Grey and white nail art

You can wear these manicures all year round so save as much as you want for later.

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