Back Tattoos For Women That is Eye Catching ( 30 Photos)

  • back tattoos for woman
back tattoos for woman
back tattoos for woman
back tattoos for woman

The back is one of the most modest area you can add a tattoo. Back tattoos for woman is now my new favorite place. The reasons the back is one of the best area are:

  1. Its covered, so your boss wont throw a fit, nicely discreet
  2. When you show it it looks sensual
  3. The pain is less than some other areas ( above the spine )

If you are thinking of getting a back tattoo here we put together 31 of the best designs. I am sure you will love at least a few. Female back tattoos are just quite beautiful this will help you find the one that is right for you, it could be a lower back tattoo, upper back tattoo, upper back tattoos for women, back of the neck tattoos for women.

Elegant Looking back tattoo down he center of the back

Tattoo with meaning

Choosing to put a tattoo at the upper mid side of your back. Adding quotes or something personal is a lovely design.

back tattoos for woman

Upper Back Tattoos for Females

A beautiful large tattoo from a good tattoo artist is something you will desire. Back of the neck tattoos for women has become more popular in current times. You can choose to have it small or large covering your back as well.

upper back tattoos for females

Back tattoo ideas female

Bird back tattoo for women

Bird Tattoos for women can be inspired by maybe the love for bird or symbol of freedom. They are becoming more popular because of their artistic design. There are many shapes of bird tattoos

back tattoos for woman

Different bird symbolize different things. You can choose from so many birds and mix and match colors.

Back tattoos, bird tattoos

Arrow Upper back tattoos for females

Tattoo done in full black at the upper back creating the sense or direction. A simple but meaningful design. It is located at the very top in the center of your back.

back tattoos for woman

Feminine back tattoos for girls can look tribal with a variety of styles. The back is one of the best places if you are looking for bigger tattoos. Your tattoo design can look cool and pretty at the same time.

Asian styled lotus

This cute back tattoos for females has an Asian style with different patterns. It also has three-dotted crescent lines that give it brightness. The outline is quite thick in heavy ink that makes it stands out.

feminine back tattoos for girls

Small tattoos are adorable and a great option if you want something simple and cute.Here you can see more tattoos on Pinterest.

Elegant back tattoos

Small back tattoos for females are stunning and we cant take anything away from them. This simple design is like a circle with lines around it representing the sun.

small back tattoos for females

On the back the tattoo design possibilities are endless.

You can have large tattoos are mini dropping tattoos like stars, and galexy.You can gather some of your favorite inspiration from our list. Bring to your tattoo artist and make sure they can execute it. Not all tattoo artists can do a good job so research beforehand.

Flower back tattoo

You can add various colors to your tattoo. We can now have red ink tattoo or any color of teh rainbow.

beautiful back tattoo

Small tattoo on the upper back is getting more popular by day.

Pastel purple with black root

Woman usually drawn to beautiful colors and purple is a popular choice. Tattoos are getting more interesting with colors.

back tattoos for woman

You Can Choose from Modern to Tribal designs.


Small tattoos

This would look great in any color, black, red or rainbow.

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It can be used to show a different side of your personality

back tattoos for women
back tattoos for women
back tattoos for women

Back Tattoo for friends

back tattoos for woman and friends

Lower back tattoos for women

If you want a lower back tattoos for women here are some ideas. Its important to choose a tattoo you will not later regret as its not cheap to get it remove or cover up. Getting a small butterfly tattoo on your lower back is not the worse idea. You can also choose to get personal symbol, a large tattoo covering up most your back.

lower back tattoos for women

butterfly back tattoos for girls also look good in classic black. This particular one is quite a small tattoo that doesn’t take up a lot of room. If you don’t want a center tattoo you can also have its place more at the side.

lower back tattoos for women

Mid back tattoo

back tattoos for woman

Cute back tattoos for females

Getting a bird tattoo in the lower back

cute back tattoos for females

Arrow Tattoo Design

Beautiful arrow being pulled from the bow. This will make a sweet look for your social page as well. Unique ideas you can choose your own color combination.

back tattoo

Butterfly back tattoos for woman

Butterfly tattoo in our opinion is one of the most feminine tattoo art. If you are looking for something like this then you will enjoy the next pick. Black ink butterfly with rose/ flowers on half side of the butterfly.

back tattoos for woman