45 Elegant Back Tattoos For Women 2024 That Eye Catching

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The back is one of the most modest areas you can add a tattoo. Back Tattoos for Women with Meaning is the favorite of many people. If you are looking for a large spot to have details the back is a good spot.

The upper back is not too painful as it’s not close to a lot of bone and is still easy to cover. Another stunning place is to place the tattoo on the back of the shoulder. It is sweet and considered a feminine spot.

Is a back tattoo painful?

Pain varies considerably depending on several factors. 

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  • Area: Getting an upper back tattoo near the shoulder blades tends to be less painful, because of fewer nerve endings and the skin is thicker. If you get the tattoo lower down to the spine then this becomes more painful due to thinner skin. 
  • Another factor to consider is that everyone is different and has their own pain tolerance level. So what may feel unbearable to one person might be manageable to another. 
  • Size factors, do matter a lot and complexity. The more detailed we can assume this will take longer to complete and the larger it is the pain will also increase. 
  • You could get a professional tattoo artist who could help minimize the pain through a more gentle technique.

Overall you should expect some degree of pain with back tattoos.

Tattoos for women on the back, here are a few of the best areas:

  1. It is covered, so your boss won’t throw a fit, nicely discreet
  2. When you show it looks sensual
  3. The pain is less than in some other areas (above the spine )

If you are thinking of getting a back tattoo here we put together 40 of the awesome designs. I am sure you will love at least a few.

Female back tattoos are just quite beautiful this will help you find the one that is right for you, it could be a lower back tattoo, upper back tattoo, upper back tattoo for women, and back of the neck tattoo for women.

Back and Spine Tattoo

cute back tattoo for woman

We want to start this off with one of the most perfect back tattoo ideas for you. The design featured “what matters” and could have a special meaning. The design placed down the spine of the tattooist creates a simple but elegant design.

Dragon with Flowers Growing Out

Dragon with Flowers

If you are a tattoo artist or a tattoo parlor owner, these eye-catching and stylish tattoos will also give you some inspiration. A good idea for you is to have your tattoo designs made into stickers.

Not only will Custom Stickers allow your customers to feel the effect of the pattern before having it permanently tattooed on their bodies, but they can also be easily put on the walls or doors of your shop as a decoration, so as to make it more artistic and professional. These stickers can also be a wonderful giveaway for your customers.

Words and phrases

Choosing to put a tattoo at the upper mid side of your back. Adding quotes or something personal is a lovely design. This is one-sided of the back and the finish with the tiny heart is so cute too.

This tattoo is on the left side of the back

Upper Back Tattoos for Females

A beautiful large tattoo from a good tattoo artist is something you will desire. Back-of-the-neck tattoos for women have become more popular in current times. You can choose to have it small or large covering your back as well.

upper back tattoos for females

Snake Wrapped in Roses Across the Upper Back

Back tattoos for black women stand out with trendy designs. You can see the detail in this design. Snake may seem to have a bad meaning today but back in the day, they were the meaning of fertility or rebirth.

Snakes are extremely polar among the Japanese.

back tattoos for black women with snake adn flowers

Lotus flower and Tiger

This unique design features a lotus flower in the center of the upper back and two tigers below. This design symbolizes the opposite side but both are true at the same time.

lotus flower and Tiger

Tattoo on the upper back of the shoulders

tattoo on the upper shoulder

Stunning Elegant Tattoo

A woman’s tattoo on the back can say a lot about her personality as well. The design starts at the back of the neck and goes down the center to the lower back.

women's tattoo on back

Phoenix shoulder tattoo for women

Bird Tattoos for women can be inspired by the love for birds or as a symbol of freedom. The phoenix symbolizes rebirth and resilience, and rising from the ashes can be powerful. They are becoming more popular because of their artistic design. There are many shapes of bird tattoos

Phoenix shoulder back tattoo for women

Multiple Flock of Birds Tattoo

Different birds symbolize different things. You can choose from so many birds and mix and match colors. A single bird or a flock such as this one can symbolize freedom and the desire to soar try new things and take on new challenges.

Multiple Flock of Birds Tattoo

Arrow Upper back tattoos for females

The tattoo has been done in full black at the upper back creating a sense of direction. A simple but meaningful design. It is located at the very top in the center of your back.

Arrow design back tattoo on woman

Feminine back tattoos for girls can look tribal in a variety of styles. The back is one of the best places if you are looking for bigger tattoos. Your tattoo design can look cool and pretty at the same time.

Asian-styled Lotus Look Tattoo

These cute back tattoos for females have an Asian style with different patterns. It also has three dotted crescent lines that give it brightness. The outline is quite thick in heavy ink which makes it stand out.

feminine back tattoos for girls

Small tattoos are adorable and a great option if you want something simple and cute. Here you can see more tattoos on Pinterest.

Elegant Tiny Tattoo on Upper Back

Small back tattoos for females are stunning and we can’t take anything away from them. This simple design is like a circle with lines around it representing the sun.

small back tattoos for females

Pretty Black Snake Back Tattoo

This next look features a striking black snake with a sun, moon, and stars. If you love snakes and astrology you don’t want to miss this following back snake tattoo.

Stunning black snake back tattoo

On the back the tattoo design possibilities are endless.

You can have large tattoos or mini-dropping tattoos like stars, and galaxies. You can gather some of your favorite inspiration from our list. Bring it to your tattoo artist and make sure they can execute it.

Not all tattoo artists can do a good job so research beforehand.

Lotus flower

Here is another version, this one is bigger with a more detailed design.

Flower back tattoo

You can add various colors to your tattoo. We can now have red ink tattoos or any color of the rainbow.

Small Sun on the shoulder back

beautiful back tattoo

Small tattoos with meaning you can add your own if you need.

simple deisgn
red nad black ink lotus design tattoo on woman

Pastel purple with black root

Women are usually drawn to beautiful colors and purple is a popular choice. Tattoos are getting more interesting with colors.

back tattoos for woman

Back tattoos for women such as this next feminine back tattoo with interesting words.

Back tattoos for girls

back tattoos for girls

You Can Choose from Modern to Tribal designs.

Tribal tattoos are great especially when they have more meaning, these can have deep and rooted meaning.

back tattoos for girls
Tribal design tattoos for girls
back tattoos for girls

Raven and Crows Shoulder Tattoo

This would look great in any color, black, red, or rainbow. Your tattoo can be as minimalist as this next one. Ravens or crows can represent intelligence and connection to other realms.

shoulder back tattoos for girls

A minimalist Ring Tattoo

It can be used to show a different side of your personality. This is a simple line design with leaves making a circle.

back tattoos for women

This Lotus Style tattoos for females

This next option is pretty and the flower is pretty and interesting.

lotus beautiful back tattoos

Words in The Center of The Back

This next design is done on the spine and words of your choosing.

center of the back

Back Tattoo for friends

Super cute upper back shoulder tattoos for females. Tattoos represent more than a trend for some they can be a special bond for two people.

back tattoos for woman and friends

Tribal Center Tattoo with Lotus Flower

If you want traditional-looking artwork here is a stunning inspiration. It is important to choose a tattoo you will not later regret as it’s not cheap to get it removed or covered.

Getting a small butterfly tattoo on your lower back is not the worst idea. You can also choose to get a personal symbol, a large tattoo covering up most of your back.

Tribal Center Tattoo with Lotus Flower

Lower Back Tattoo With Butterfly

Butterfly women’s lower back tattoos also look good in classic black. This particular one is quite a small tattoo that doesn’t take up a lot of room. If you don’t want a center tattoo you can also have its place more at the side.

lower back butterfly tattoo on a woman

Mid-back tattoo

Mid-back tattoo

Birds Tattoo Design

Getting a bird tattoo on the lower back is another cute back tattoo for women.

two loe birds tattoo idea

Arrow Tattoo Design

A beautiful arrow is being pulled from the bow. This will make a sweet look for your social page as well. Unique ideas you can choose your own color combination.

back tattoo

Half Butterfly and Half Flower

A butterfly tattoo in our opinion is one of the most feminine tattoo art. If you are looking for something like this then you will enjoy the next pick. Black ink butterfly with rose/ flowers on half side of the butterfly.

Half Butterfly and Half Flower

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Cute tattoos on the back

Unique back tattoos are women who want something hidden but appear intimate only a few will ever see this.

Tattoo with symbols on the back

Image source @taytayhuggs

Phoenix’s beautiful female back tattoos

This is another version of the phoenix bird tattoo covering the full side of the back.

beautiful rise of phoenix

Snake full back tattoo female

full back snake tattoo female

Cute flower back tattoo Idea

Full back tattoo female idea with different size flowers on the back and symbol on the upper neck back.

Unique flowers  and symbol on the back

Unique Wolf back tattoo for women

Unique  half  face back  lion tattoo  ona   girl  back

Full-back Tattoo

female lion with   flowers and crown

Lion’s tattoo for back

The lion represents a fearsome beast, the king of the animal kingdom.

large full back tattoo

Butterfly Spine Center Back Tattoo

The butterfly spine tattoo idea that you want to get, is quite unique to see a butterfly on the spine which makes it even more interesting.

Butterfly Spine Tattoo

Image credit @grettel.inkaholik

Hummingbird Tattoo

This is such an awesome tattoo, The Hummingbird itself is known for agility and energy, playfulness, and living in the present.

Hummingbird tattoo back


snake tattoo art

Multiple tattoo style

tattoo on the back

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back tattoos for woman
back tattoos for woman

Which of these back tattoos for women is your favorite?

Leave a comment down below and share your thoughts!

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