13 Christmas Eyeshadow Ideas

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Looking for winter makeup looks with more attention to your eyes? Well, we got you covered with these amazing Christmas eyeshadow ideas for the holiday season. There are so many things to do this season, such as choosing the right festive nail design. These are some fun new makeup ideas worth checking out.

These makeup options will look perfect with your Christmas party outfits. There are plenty of color makeup palettes to choose from, with gold, green, and red eyeshadows being the most popular choices. Festive makeup looks for a season that gives you the most creativity to enjoy. There are so many glitter eyeshadows to choose from which can make it hard, but we guarantee that these makeup looks you will find something to fit your style.

You can get some shimmer that adds to your makeup to make your foundation pop even more.

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Stunning Peachy Glitter Eye

holiday eyeshadow makeup idea

Image credit @jantoski23

A subtle but pretty eyeshadow makeup that will stand out among everyone. The look also features small fake freckles around the nose areas. The lipstick is a slight orange but you can choose to go with red or nude with this eyeshadow.

Festive Green Cut Crease Eyeshadow

green glitter over woman eyes

Image credit @chlooe_hearts

This next style is super festive, embracing the season quite clearly. The makeup features glitter green above the eyes with simple green powder makeup and bright red above with a white line.

Large Gold Glitter With Long Lashes

chunky gold glitter

Image credit @makeupbysofisticacion

Choosing gold glitter for the holiday season is a great option. Christmas time is all about making a splash and sprakle is a good choice. Pair these with your sparkle holiday nails for a bold statement.

Nude Lips and Natural-looking Makeup

model with subtle gold eyes and natural looking makeup

Image credit @nayelialmakeup

Easy Christmas makeup looks with pearl lining with a subtle gold-blend. The black liner helps to make the look more distinct. The makeup is so pretty and elegant you will look great at formal events.

Stand out Wings

black and white liner

Image credit @nayelialmakeup

Brown is a color that transitions well from fall into winter. The look also features a bushy brow but you can choose to have yours done more neat. We love the whole aesthetic of this look with the white liner at the inner corner of your eyes and outer corner.

Smokey Eyes with Silver and False Lashes

Be the bell of the ball with these winter silver glitter looks. The pink lips and the dramatic eyes make this perfect for the holiday. This video is a tutorial for you to copy the look.

Sultry Look with Well-Done Brow

Sultry Look with Well-Done Brow

Image credit @makeupbyalinna

This brown smokey eye look is soft and delicate with a lovely ombre technique. With a simple brown base, that blends darker into the outer corner of the eyes. The Christmas eyeshadow ideas with dramatic lashes and well-done brows.

Glow Effect Highlighter in Soft Gold

Glow Effect Highlighter in Soft Gold

Emerald green under the bottom of the eyes and above the eye with a sharp black liner.

Deep Gold Smokey Eye

Deep Gold Smokey Eye

Image credit @ownurlook

Festive gold eyeshadow with deep inner black liner. The shimmer is so pretty and this gold is not too dark or light staying mysterious.

Espresso Eye Looks

Espresso makeup idea

Image credit @kseniasevrikeeva

This is a classic makeup idea look, with deep dark eyeshadow on top and bottom of the eyelids. We love that this is easy to play with and to master you can do this without much experience.

Green Glitter Smokey Eye with Eyeliner

Smokey Eye with Eyeliner

Image credit @cinda.beauty

If you know how to create cut crease then again this one may interest you with glitter ombre that blends out into a darker shade. The wing is sharp and black with a liquid liner you can get this result.

This makeup will help make blue eyes pop, you will be memorable at the holiday parties.

Candycane Liner

festive candycane liner with bright lips

We can’t get enough of candy cane liner during the holiday. Try to make your red and white lines large and equal in size and under eyes fake makeup freckles. This look comes to a whole level with bright red lipstick.

Pearl Makeup and Green Eye

soft green Christmas Eyeshadow Ideas

Image credit @jantoski23

This look is magical which is a good choice for a Christmas eye makeup look. The pearls are delicately placed, three above the eyes and a single one underneath. The bright red lip helps to make the style even more festive look.

Which of these Christmas eyeshadow ideas are worth getting for your next holiday party? Choosing the right eyeshadow look that gives you both practicality and joy of the festive season. You can try this list of best Christmas makeup ideas this season.

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