3 Popular Ways Indoor Houseplants Can Elevate Your Interior

Indoor plants have never been as popular as they are today. From the humble Devil’s Ivy and the Swiss cheese plant to tomatoes and lettuce, plant parents have many options to choose from. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established plant parent or a newbie; homes with flourishing greenery is one of the perfect ways to add personality to your interior décor.

Popular Ways Indoor Houseplants CanElevate Your Interior

The recent indoor plants’ popularity is linked to the upsurge in biophilic interiors. In its basic form, biophilic interiors describe homes that bring the exterior in via ample daylight, natural materials, and a nature-enthused color palette.

The fascination with indoor houseplants roots from individuals wanting to reconnect with nature. Currently, numerous indoor gardening solutions are available to enable even those without the time and enough space in their homes to grow plants. Indoor hydroponic garden solutions are increasingly becoming popular due to their simplicity and dirt-free nature.

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They also utilize the latest AI technology to enable plant parents to manage their gardens even during vacations. And what is more? They blend smoothly with modern décor as they come housed in beautifully designed systems. Let’s discover three ways indoor house plants can elevate your interior.

Opt for Indoor Hydroponic Plants

Hydroponic is a soilless gardening technique for raising plants indoors. It uses an alternative medium to anchor plants and provide roots with water and nutrients. Hydroponic plants grow directly in nutrient-rich solutions, enabling them to grow faster and healthier.

Different types of hydroponic systems are available, the most popular ones being aeroponic towers. Other types include nutrient film technique, deep water culture, drip system, wick system, water culture, and Ebb and flow.

Indoor hydroponic plants come in a variety of sizes and types; depending on your home décor goals, you can go for veggies, fruits, or herbs. For aesthetic purposes, you can grow plants like:

  • Peace lily
  • English ivy
  • Spider plant
  • Pothos
  • Orchid
  • Money tree
  • Chinese evergreen
  • Lucky bamboo

You can go for food plants if you want to take your gardening to the next level. These plants provide fresh food while at the same time offering a much-needed aesthetic. You can add edible plants in your tight corners using indoor hydroponic tower gardens. They bring life to those corners while helping you avoid those last-minute grocery store runs.

Go for Variegated Plants to Boost Your Home’s Color

Aside from indoor hydroponic plants, variegated plants are also growing ever more popular. These plants display multiple colors and patterns, making them wonderfully contrast or complement a room’s color palette. The diversity of variegated plants is increasing constantly.

White-and-green variegations are still common. But more variations of oranges, yellows, pinks, and reds are available. Homeowners are currently deliberately purchasing plants they can easily integrate into their room’s color schemes, blending them with patterns and colors found in upholstery.

You can also take advantage of variegated indoor plants like Jessenia Pothos, Royal Variegated Banana, Polka Dot Plant, and White Fusion Calathia to enhance your home’s interior beauty. Some of these plants can grow in modern hydroponic systems, further enhancing your interior décor.

Opt for Living Walls and Allow Your Greenery to Roam

Milan’s Vertical Forest, the two towers with over 700 trees and shrubs growing on the outside, is one of the most famous examples of greenery being allowed to climb. This vertical forest inspires many homeowners across the world. Climbing houseplants are a trend that rivals art and wallpapers.

Growing plants like staghorn ferns on pieces of reclaimed wood or cedar boards, with their roots anchored in moss, cock, or any other type of grow media, is increasingly becoming popular. There are also the hydroponics indoor living walls. Homeowners are currently using indoor hydroponic gardening systems to create living walls with different plants. You can choose to go with:

  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Herbs, or any other plants you prefer.

Just ensure your plant selection can perform excellently in a hydroponic environment.

How Can Gardyn Help You Elevate Your Home’s Interior?

Gardyn is dedicated to elevating your home’s interior while, at the same time, taking a bite out of the broken food system. It achieves this by providing you with hydroponic tower systems that can allow you to put better health, more nutrition, and greener food on your dining table.

Gardyn’s hydroponic towers are also aesthetically appealing, adding an extra touch to your home’s interior décor. Its growing technology is straightforward, making it easier to use. You can grow indoor plants with zero pesticides and 50% more nutrients.

Also, its AI technology enables you to manage your garden from anywhere, anytime, as its systems come with mobile applications. With Gardyn indoor hydroponics systems, you can boost your home’s interior décor while also increasing the production of fresh food.

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