23 Red Balayage on Brown Hair That Looks Amazing

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Red balayage on brown hair is when the hair is colored red leaving some of the brown hair exposed. The most common way to color brown hair black is through the highlight, ombre, and balayage techniques.

If you have dark brown or black hair you may want to check out these balayage hairstyles for black hair. Copper Red balayage on brown hair is also one of the expert’s picks.

The solution is to enhance dull brown hair into a fire red without going all red. The beautiful blend will surely get you noticed and bring a dose of brightness and dimension to your look.

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If you are looking for hair color that compliments each skin tone well give this a try.

1. Dark brown With Dark Red Ends

Red balayage on brown hair for Medium Lenght Hair

The rich red dye highlights the end of a straight lock with waves at the end. This looks great on freshly cut locks at any length. This will not require as much upkeep as some but please give it the love and you can definitely rock this out.

2. Brown, Grey and red Ombre

burgundy balayage

With the grey at the roots, leading into the brown, and finishing up with the red. This look is perfect for someone who is daring and has a lot of time and maybe more money to maintain it. If you are worried about cash this may not be the best option in the long haul.

3 . Balayage Tone Red on Dark Hair

Balayage Brown Red

Flaming red balayage on brown hair highlights leaves a lasting impression. This is an easy way to enjoy the red hair life without too much maintenance.

4 . Fire Red For Long Wavy Hair

red balayage on brown hair

Dark red at the root and goes into a lighter copper one red at the end. The contrast is beautiful when done right, highlighting your hair with an even brighter shade of red toward the ends.

5. Copper Red On Curly Brown hair

Copper RedOn Curly Brown hair

With three different colors melting into one, it is a good thing balayage happened. This copper red would look great even as red and black balayage.

6. Dark Cherry Red and Black Balayage

Dark Cherry Red and Black Balayage

The ombre works well, with the sweet pop of cherry color at the ends, and a perfect blend of brown going into the red.

7. Copper Tone Balayage For a Spicy Look

red copper balayage for all skin tones

Super beautiful transformation, the hair didn’t just transform but gained a whole new life. Red balayage on dark hair can really bring it back to life, adding shine and beauty.

Why won’t my hair take color fixes and tricks to help you at home?

8. Chocolate Caramel On Long Hair

red hair for all skin tones

If you are looking for something with dark roots chocolate lilac hair color is also another great option. The red bleeds into the brown caramel creating a beautiful ombre.

The color is not as subtle as some ombre because the caramel really brings it up to another level. This burgundy balayage mix is worth a shot, right?

9. Dark Brown Melted into Vivid Strawberry Red

Dark Brown Melted into Vivid Strawberry Red

Image credit here

Fire red not leaving anything to chance, you want to get noticed and you want to be bold. This gives a powerful and confident feeling, this girl knows who she is. Strike the crowd with this confident color combination.

10. Hint Of Brown Red Hues

Hint Of Brown Red Hues on Thick Hair

This is one beautiful color on brown hair, it accentuates the waves making them look glamorous. The hair gets brighter at the ends in a delicate way. Remember to take proper care of your red hair. The color is delicate and pretty soft.

11. Bright Ginger Red Color On Short Hair

Bright Ginger Red Color On Short Hair

If you have always wanted to try this color out now it’s your chance. The red is lighter around the face so keep that in mind when getting it done.

The back has a mixture of red hues that look stunning and nicely stacked. The color of this hair pairs well with short hair.

12 . A Paler Shade of Red Hair Color

Pretty long red hair color

This red balayage highlight is a beautiful shade of copper. This hairstyle has a few different shades of red, the roots look more burn warm color as the color transitions into a lighter tone. From dark burnish roots to a cinnamon hue and then into golden red ends.

13 . Old Red Faded Brown to Topper Balayage

Red balayage hair color

This mid-length of burgundy red influence gives the perfect look. The turnout looks great darker red at the roots smoothly transitions into a lighter red at the ends. The color is soft and pretty.

14. Red balayage on Long Hair

Red balayage on brown hair

Feeling you really want a change, you can change your long wavy hair to this beautiful color combination. These bold colors have chestnut brown, chocolate tones, and bright orange-red. The look is sophisticated with feminine grace.

15 . Sweet Little Copper Swirls For Brunette Hair

Red balayage on brown hair

Just a little red? if you want to just have the red on the ends of your hair instead of all over. This is an interesting way to play around with a red balayage on your hair. This hairstyle is more suitable for women with short to medium-length hair.

16. Red Balayage on Brown

Red balayage on brown hair color

Image from :Instagram.com/maxgourgues

Jazzing up your beautiful mane with just a little red orangish color. This hairstyle transforms with curls and shines. If you already have light-colored hair just adding a bit of color will do the trick, the waves create dimension.

17. Short Bob Red Balayage Hair

Red balayage on brown hair

Wanting something sassy and edgy like this? If you are feeling bold and beautiful This hairstyle is great. This red balayage on brown hair is flawlessly blended with light color. This color would work well on any hair length or texture so drop your doubt.

18. Very Short Pixie Hair With Pastel Rose Red

Red Balayage Very Short Hair

Image by: instagram.com/myguiltycrown

If you have super short hair don’t shy away from red hair. This short pixie cut has a pink hue and deep red at the roots. This three-dimensional hair color is deep red, light pink, and chocolate brown.

19. Rose Gold Red Chunky Highlights

This hair color looks great if you want to keep more dark hair. Minimalist chunky highlights that we have to admit we love. The wonderful color transition for color months is a great fall hair color choice.

Rose Gold Red Chunky Highlights

20. Red balayage hair brunettes

21. Red Wine Two Tones

red balayage hair color

Really show off the ends of the hair with a brighter tone. The roots are the darker hair parts that just add fire to the rest of the hair.

22. Other Balayage on Brown Hair

balayage on brown hair

If you are a brunette here is how you can have a beautiful blonde balayage on brown hair.

23. Cute Long Lob

balayage on brown hair

Ever wanted a long bob? This is a stunning one you should consider.

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