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19 Box Braids With Bun Hairstyles

19 Box Braids With Bun Hairstyles

Braids with bun hairstyle are quite popular among woman with kinky hair. These are some of the cutest black girl hairstyle we collected around the internet.

High stitch blonde bun

This blonde cornrow bun was created with blonde box braids. The blonde braid blends really beautiful with the dark natural hair.

Source: @pearlthestylist_

Brown Braids With Bun hairstyle

Next up is this light brown box braids pull into a relax bun. This hairstyle is cute and easy to do.

Braided hairstyles for black women

Purple high Bun Braided hairstyles for black women

Cute color braid hair with laid baby hair. This is cute and can totally see this with going with nice jeans and white t-shirt.

Purple high Bun Braided hairstyles for black women

Large bun with braid style for black woman

This braided bun has a mixture of tiny and medium size braids. Also a mix with black and blue braids. The style is really a crowd puller and will certainly make a statement.

Large bun with braid style for black woman

Source: @nneunfiltered

Side Sweep braided Bun

This braided high bun is made up in large bun. Side sweep braid hairstyle elegant and easy to keep up with a daily routine.

box braids bun hairstyles

High 2 color braided bun

Up next is this jumbo braids, cornrow up in a bun. This hairstyle has lose side braids to add some edge to it. Some of the braids are small others are large, some with silver grey braids as well.

braided hairstyles for black women updo

Cute double Braids With Bun hairstyle

This next hair bun is, I am in love with. Super neat and great for school and protective hairstyle. This is a fun style super adorable for teen and college girls to try out this summer. You could add some small strike of colors such as pink.

box braids bun hairstyles

Source: @braids_by_antoinette

Pink Pastel Braids

Have some party with this look, nice color for summer.

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Bright Vibrant color bun

This is a beautiful color worth trying . This is also another favorite of mines because of the bold color. The vibrant blue braided bun with loose side braids. I love how the two different shades of blue compliment each other.

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Blue Braids hairstyles for black women updo

Source: @cutelooksdar

Trendy braid hairstyle

This large braided hair is a trendy hairstyle with nice baby hair. This style alternate between thin and thick braids. All the hair is pull into a high gorgeous bun.

Braids With Bun hairstyle

Cute heart shape braid

This other hair idea is a heart shaped braid style with low bun. If you looking for a unique idea to do your next style could copy this. The heart is unusual and makes it more fun. This hairstyle would be a nice choice to your next formal event.

braided hairstyles for black women updo

Source: @transformedbyo

Half up Half Down Brown Box Braids

box braids bun hairstyles

Long Half up Half Down Black Box Braids

Looking for a long braid with bun hairstyle this is perfect way to style your hair. Natural black color that blend well if you have natural black color hair.

box braids bun hairstyles

Jump Box Braids

Beautiful twist Braids

Salt and Paper box braids bun hairstyles

Elegant Box Braids With Bun Hairstyles

box braids bun hairstyles

Super cute braids bun hairstyles

braids bun hairstyles

Rainbow Box braids

Rainbow Box braids

Which of these Braids With Bun hairstyle was your favorite? remember to follow our social pages for more.

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