16+ Long Big Braids Hairstyles


Jumbo box braids hairstyles for black women to try. These hairstyles are creative, protective, and yet beautiful. For the black women looking for protective styling, these styles for jumbo box braids will provide that.

Jumbo braids hairstyles are low maintenance and more of a protective style. This is good for your hair because fewer pieces of your hair expose, bigger and thicker braids last months. These braids are stylish and they also help save you time and money.

These styles look good with any outfit, you can have large knotless braids or add beads to your braids for some tribal look. You can make them your own, just don’t let them go dry. Moisturized daily to maintain the health of your hair and beautiful results.

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Long jumbo Box Braids

Making your style long is not only eye-catching with an elegant look towards it. Laying your edges and enjoying this protective style.

jumbo box braids hairstyles

Jumbo box braids with beads

Adding beads to the hair makes it even more fun, that’s a cool way. You can choose to have your baby’s hair lay like this or pulled back in the braids. These triangle jumbo box braids are sophisticated and well done.

Jumbo box braids with beads

Side Part Jumbo Braids

A side part is always in, doesn’t matter what people on TikTok have to say right now. The style is exquisite and I can’t help to fall more in love with these hairstyles. You can enjoy the flexibility of these braids when they are medium size.

jumbo box braids hairstyles

The double jumbo braids twist 

Get your twist done large and lovely like these. This style can be done easier than 3 strand braids, very beginner friendly. If you are one of the people skipping salon then this is a nice choice to do from home. You can create jumbo box braids with beads to make this look even more stunning.

Big braids hairstyles

Big Braids Hairstyle with accessories

Choosing the right accessories can help enhance your long Jumbo box braids. These styles for jumbo box braids

Big braids hairstyles

Braid with Bun

Here is an example of how you can style your box braids with a bun to create an awesome hairstyle.

Grunge Look

Go large and square with these braids, they look neat and easy. This whole look has a grunge style to it that works. You can fix your makeup to go with your jumbo box braids such as this one. The braids are pullback in the middle to create a flattering style that is easy for anyone to copy.

jumbo box braids hairstyles for black woman
Goddess braids

Choose your color or have both

Here is another display of different colors side by side. Jumbo box braids in your natural color vs a lighter color are all bout how you feel. I think both looks are stunning on her and she accessories her makeup according.

Long Ponytail

With the beautiful contrast of colors and thickness. Wear your ponytail into an exquisite jumbo box braid ponytail. This high ponytail is convenient for women who want to keep their hair in place. The style has a mix of black and burgundy braids, large cornrows with smaller ones in between each section.

Half up half down jumbo box braids hairstyles

Still, looking for a half up half down weave hairstyle? Here is a polished look with a mix between cornrow braids and a large double twist at the back and ends. These knotless box braids with a bun are one of our favorite styles. The style is fresh and elegant, you can wear it to your prom and other formal events.

jumbo box braids hairstyles

Stunning Top Knot

Here is another stunning example of half up half down but with a top knot that works perfectly together. Purple and black is a hair color dark skin girls love to use, it’s quite edgy and trendy so you can understand why. The styles for jumbo box braids really come alive when there is a tint of color.

Honey Blonde Cornrows with Chunky Hair

Large jumbo braids with small double braids in-between weaves. You can wear this style for casual events or when you are going clubbing. The metal rings contrast lovely around the shimmering gold strands. I love the color and how it blends into the accessory.

blonde jumbo braids

Blonde box braids hairstyles

Choosing to try platinum hair color, you can enjoy this by using braids. The contrast of the dark roots look lovely against the platinum blonde hair.

jumbo box braids hairstyles

Burgundy Big Box Braids

Choosing the right color can enhance your style and make it even more special. The color braids you choose should go well with your skin tone and your point of view. Wearing braids in a different color is a good way to try out colors without dying our natural hair.

Updo Braid Hairstyle

The hair is blended into the weave to create a knotless box braided style.

Updo jumbo box braids hairstyles for black woman

Creative Black girl hairstyles that can be done with box braids.

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