12 Women Displaying How to Look Feminine with Short Hair

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These ladies show us how feminine short hair can still be. Anyone who has shaved or has a short haircut in the past knows the fear before the big chop. These before and after haircuts really can give you that inspiration you need to go for it.

Although many people think long hair is more desirable and feminine that is not the case. These women went through beautiful changes and the result is amazing.

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They have changed their hairstyles and look even more fantastic.

1. Changing her Brown Locks to Light Pink

short haircut transformation


2. She rocks them both well


3 . The new look is stunning

short haircut transformation

4 . She Looks good in both

5 . This cut is an Amazing Transformation

6. Twice as sweet look at those cheekbones


7 . A great new haircut

ThivyaM / Reddit

8. She became edgier

9 . Soft and glow

For more haircuts with bangs

10 . Her eyes pop more

Source Pinterest.com

11 . Super Pretty

short haircut transformation

12 . “Posted my girlfriend here a few days ago and a lot of people requested a before and after pic! So here you go!”

short haircut transformation

© BallisticBovine / reddit

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