16 Long Stacked Haircut For a Sexy Style

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We have a lot of topics on bob hairstyle, now we want to cover long stacked haircut. For bobs to consider long they are usually at the neck length or have some layered hair at the back. These types of cuts usually help thin hair appear much thicker than they are.

From very long ago the stacked bob has been a staple hairstyle for women. Bob haircuts for fine hair, will help your confidence as well.

When you are choosing the right stacked long bob for yourself there are a few things to consider. When getting a professional cut you could even do a consultant before you start s your stylist will alter to be the best fit for you, the texture of your hair, the length, and your facial features.

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Lob is flattering on everyone but we still need to tailor it to match our features. This type of bob has more layers and is textured on top layers, which can help you create a beautiful side profile too. One thing you should note is that these are not very low maintenance and you may need to visit your salon every 4-7 weeks.

1. Cute Inverted Long Stacked Haircut

First up we have this elegant cut that frames around the face, with long cuts in the front and short at the back.

Long Stacked Haircut

2. Long Look on Jet Black Hair

Haircuts for petite women are just simple for every size woman. What we at Inspired-Beauty.com love the most about this chop is how flattering it looks on any woman. The cut is beautiful and it will never go out of style they are very trendy right now.

Long Stacked Haircut

Image Instagram@ro.hsiqueira

3. Curly Long Lob With Bangs

Curly bobs are so cute and they are flattering too. This brown hair color is cute and the highlights reflect so lovely in the sun too.

curly bob

Image Instagram@naomietrp

4. Angled Cut Haircut

Want to add some flavor to your haircut, it’s a good idea to get a stacked bob and make it long for more flare. You can choose to wear it pin-straight or have it curled a bit like this.

long stacked haircut

Image Instagram@alex.moiseeva

5. Fire Red Wavy Blunt Cut

This red wavy bob is striking and this cut offers a versatile fresh cut. Althought this look is fierce its also chic and romantic looking right? This hairstyle stands out in any crowd and it’s ideal for women with full hair.

Red Wavy Stacked Haircut

Image Instagram@joahhmendes

6. Pretty Long Bob

Long-length stacked bob with beautiful balayage hair color. The style is blunt at the front but stacked at the back.

Pretty Long stacked haircut

Image Instagram@joahhmendes

7. Long Inverted Stack Bob

Pulling off a long inverted bob is not always the easiest. Part of the hair is tucked behind the ears. Althought this style is popular with all women it’s worn more by women in their 30s. The layers when hit the light give your hair more of a glossy appearance.

Long Inverted Stack Bob

Image Instagram@gelton1

8. Volumious Long Bob For Women Over 50

This cut is a good classic elegant hairstyle for a mature woman. The style is simple and it helps to make your hair look thicker and not flat. No one like flat hair so it’s good to see this kind of voluminous style.

 Long Bob For Women Over 50

9. Choppy Stacked Long Bob

Adding some colors is an ideal way to spice up your choppy long stacked haircut. This is another idea to inspire you today. The style has a feature cut on the top and ends to give a light look.

Long stacked bob with layers

Image Instagram@shmoakin_hair

10. Long Stacked Bob with Layers

This style features soft beach waves on fire-red hair. If you are a natural ginger woman, this is one of the best hair colors for pale skin women and the cut is sweet too.

long stacked bob with layers

Image Instagram@josuel.juliaohair

11. Lavender Stacked Lob

This stacked bob has a beautiful color, vibrant, and will stand out. If you are looking for a shade of purple hair color this is a soft cute tone. Add some curls with this wand to achieve this look.

Lavender Stacked Lob

Image Instagram@shmoakin_hair

12. Long curly stacked bob

This Hazelnut brown with soft curls is a great combo for fall hair color and style.

long curly stacked bob

13. Long With Graduation cut

Nothing beats a sleek stacked bob haircut with an elegant graduation. Long layered stacked bob, with layers in the back and front. Graduation is perfect for those who don’t want to expose too much of their neck.

Long Stacked Haircut With Graduation

14. Stacked Bob For Longer Hair

A side part is still a keep especially when it comes to a bob cut.

Stacked Bob For Longer Hair

15. Long Side View Hairstyle

A stacked bob with pretty long hair looks amazing too. These are simple but they keep things interesting and fresh. The layers help to keep the hair lightweight and some people love that.

Long Side View Stacked haircut

Image Instagram@milla_estudioebeleza

16. Ash blonde and Black For Thick Hair

If you have thicker hair this will remove some of the bulk from the ends, great for women with straight hair. The layers will give the impression of weightless hair, making it full of movement for you.

Stacked Haircut For Thick Hair

I hope you found at least one of this long-stacked haircut worth trying. There are plenty of styles with all unique looks to suit any occasion.

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