20 Outfits With High Top Sneakers


Here we have gathered some outfits with high top sneakers. This is at the perfect time because the summer sale is the best time to save some money and get some items you have been eyeing.

High-top sneakers outfit ideas that you can wear to School, parties, and as back-to-school essential footwear. They are simple and comfortable which makes them a top choice for versatility. They will help to make any outfit more youthful and practical as well.

They enhance your outfit by adding color, and youthfulness, they are trendy and fashionable. High Top Sneakers can be worn by anyone but you will see them more among younger people.

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How to Wear High Top Sneakers?

High-top sneakers are versatile shoes that can be dressed up or down, they go with basically any type of clothing. You can wear them to the office, with your favorite clothing such as sneakers and a dress, and even a skirt.

Sneakers are not the most formal shoes but people are finding clever ways to integrate them even into their business outfits. Also not only that but people are also adding these as stape shoes. You can accessories them so don’t be afraid to add your personality to them.

Here are some additional tips for wearing high-top sneakers:

Choose the right fit: Choose high-top sneakers that will fit you just right. They are best when they are not too big. You should have space to wiggle your toes.

Pay attention to the color: High-top Sneakers are a clever way to add a touch of color to your outfit. If you are not sure about the color you should go for neutral colors as they work with everything, for example, black, white, or grey.

1 . Graphic tee, Denim Jeans and White Sneakers

This outfit creates a modern edgy girl style. A lot of younger women will love this outfit. The top is a regular T-shirt, with blue jeans and white high-top sneakers. This is a great look to wear around friends for a casual outing.

high top sneakers outfit for girls

Image via Insta

2. Cardigan with black leggings and black Sneakers

As the time gets colder you may want to try a cardigan to cover up. The white cropped top keeps you looking sporty with those sneakers and leggings. You can choose to wear this without the cardigan and as the time becomes more chilly you add it to your look.

Outfits With High Top Sneakers

White and Black Sneakers (Here)

Cardigan (similar)

Image via rubilove

3. Beanie and Leather Pants

Here is another fall and winter look with a beanie. This look is laid back with all black and the beanie in a neutral color.

outfits with high top sneakers

4. Oversize Outfits with High-Top Sneakers

This look is a perfect example if you want a shade of pink that compliment each other well. If you are looking for a baggy jeans outfit idea this is so cool. The sneakers and the outfit complement each other very well.

outfits with high top sneakers

Image via stefneyv

5. Denim on Denim with Blue and white sneakers

This look is sweet and fun too, denim jeans with larger pockets, button cropped top with light blue and white high-top Jordan sneakers outfit. The overall color scheme makes this look great and fun for warm weather.

High Top Sneakers Outfit Ideas

Denim Top (similar)

Cargo Jeans (similar)

6. Sneakers with Skort

A lot of women like skorts because it’s shorts as well, here is a casual way you can wear those sneakers. This is a pretty chill look and it’s casual too and the skort is perfect for playing golf.

skort outfit with t shirt and sneakers

White High top Sneakers

Similar neutral Skort

Image via my_essential_list

7. Sweater and Jeans

Here is another outfit to inspire you especially if you are looking for a basic outfit. If you don’t know what to wear try out this lightweight sweater, mom jeans, and green high-top sneakers.

basic outfit with jeans and high top sneakers for woman

Image via

8. Baby Pink Top with Puff Sleeves and Pink and Grey High Top Sneakers

High top sneakers outfit ideas with a simple short denim. This is a summer outfit with sneakers worth copying too. This is a way to wear sneakers that won’t take away from the main look such as this cute pink top right?

cute outfit with sneakers

Grey Converse (Similar)

Image via

9. cute Outfits with High Top Sneakers

You can channel this look for a perfect Autumn/fall outfit idea. The sweater tied around the shoulder over the white top, cropped jeans, and white Converse sneakers.

cute outfits with high top sneakers

High Top Sneakers (similar)

Stripe Sweater (Similar)

Image via lillyandgrant

10. Outfits to Wear with High Top Sneakers

This black dress with high-top sneakers is a mix of classy and casual. This style features a flowy black dress that becomes casual with sneakers and socks for a more playful look.

outfits to wear with high top sneakers

Image via primasiimwe

11. High top sneakers with biker shorts

How to wear biker shorts and sneakers this summer? Well here is a clean cute look. The athleisure is not just for sport or gym so enjoy the casual look.

high top sneakers with biker shorts

12. Cute Summer outfit

When it comes to summer our activities are important so dressing comfortably is ideal. Our footwear of choice is important and nothing is more comfortable and practical than sneakers for running, walking, and cycling.

women's outfits with high top sneakers

Image via moriahbecker

13. With Oversize Sweatsuit with Nike Sneakers

If you are feeling the hoodie joggers like everyone else then you will love this fit. These are great with high-top sneakers because they don’t cover them up, just rest on top of them allowing you to show off all your outfit.

Jogger outfits with high top sneakers

Yellow and White Nike Sneakers (similar)

Joggers suit with hoodie (similar option1)

Joggers set (option 2)

Image via stefneyv

14. With Baby Tee With White High-Top Sneakers

Here is another option that is cute with a baby white tee and blue-washed jeans. A round-neck tee is a good look for that y2k aesthetic as well.

white tee with straight jeans and sneakers

White High-Top Sneakers (similar)

Cute baby white tee (similar)

Boyfriend Jeans (similar)

Image via

15. Black Sneakers With Light Wash Jeans

This is the perfect outfit to wear to a brunch with your friends. The cream top is paired with straight denim jeans. This is a cute girly top with a mix of tomboy looks that blend well.

Cream Top With Light Wash Jeans

High-waist Jeans (similar)

Image via

16. Cute Black Converse with Pleated Skirt

If you are feeling cute then you will love this next look, a preppy outfit with high-top sneakers.

cute preppy tennis skirt and converse sneakers

Similar White Skirt

Black Tote Bag (similar)

White and Black High Top (similar)

17. Sporty Look, Denim Jacket, and Biker Shorts

Here is another way to style your biker shorts sets with sneakers. The look features a cropped jacket, a white Sher button-down shirt with black biker shorts set, and white sneakers.

biker shorts outfit with sneakers

Cropped Denim Jacket (similar)

Sher button Shirt (similar)

Image via

18. With Long Midi Skirt and White High Top Sneakers

Here is a feminine cropped top, a long midi skirt, and sneakers for those spring and summer days.

long midi skirt with sneakers outfit

Skirt Pale green & white Check Skirt (similar)

Image via @a_charliesangel

19. Stripe Blouse with a Skirt and White High Tops

Stripe top with neutral high-top sneakers outfit ideas. This look is cute and worth getting for your Europe trip with the girls.

High Top Sneakers Outfit Ideas

20. High Top Sneakers Outfit Ideas with Overalls

This look is youthful and cute, just suitable for everyone.

High Top Sneakers Outfit Ideas

Pink and White Convers (similar)

Dress Overalls Blue Denim (similar)

Image via

High top sneakers outfit ideas to inspire your next look.

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Outfits With High Top Sneakers

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