20 Best Hair Colors for Pale Skin

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Trying to figure out what is the best hair colors for pale skin? There are a few things that can be a struggle for pale girls, not just the sun. Here let us help you with 25 hairstyle suggestions and the right hair colors for women with fair skin.

Wanting to change your hair color does take careful consideration as you want to make a change that complements your skin tone well. The basic truth is not all hair color looks good on everyone. Your undertones have an effect on which hair color looks best on you.

Best hair colors for Pale Skin and Blue eyes

When choosing the best hair colors for pale skin blue eyes girls. You want something that contrast and a good color is dark raven black hair color.

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Charming Brown Hair Colors For Pale Skin

This soft brunette hair color will help your skin to look warmer and pretty. This color makes your skin glow with its subtle vibrant tone.

Best Hair Colors for Pale Skin

Image via maxgourgues

Shortcut with Streaks

This hair color looks great and can really transform any woman. Cute short haircuts for older women that will stand out no matter what.

Best hair colors for pale skin blue eyes

Image via Instagram/livypoulin

Beige hues hair color

Beige hues hair color compliments blue eyes and pale skin very well. The style looks more natural when the roots are a little darker and get lighter toward the ends,

Best Hair Colors for Pale Skin

Image via By Michelle

Ashy Tone Hair Color for Fair Skin

Ash tone hair color looks beautiful on fair skin women. If you have a neutral undertone then you will find it easy to pull off many different shades.

Hair colors for pale skin women enhance your natural undertone. That brings glow and warmth to your features.

Hair Colors for Pale Skin Women

Image via By Vlasova Elena

Pretty Warm Blonde Hair Color for Fair Skin

Blonde hair is always a favorite of many women with pale skin and blue eyes. The look features an ashy blonde root and very light hair at the end.

Best Hair Colors for Fair Skin and Green Eyes

Green eyes are some of the most beautiful colors to have. The color will make your green eyes stand out even more.

Red Hair Color for Pale Skin and Green Eyes

This vibrant shade of red allows green eyes to stand out even more. The beautiful Emma Stone rocks her shoulder-length red hair.

Image via Emma Stone

Highlight Hair Colors for Pale Skin Women

A lot of people love this color because of the beautiful blend. The colors are elegant and perfect for the ladies who are in the office.

Best Hair Colors for Pale Skin

Image via Instagram/studioglambydiana

Ashy Brown Hair Colors for Pale Skin Women

For pale skin with green or blue eyes, try this ashy brown hair color. This hair color will compliment your skin tone well.

Hair Colors for Pale Skin Women

Image via Instagram/modernsalon

Rich Black Raven Hair Color For Green Eyes

The dark hair color will help to make green eyes pop. The hair looks glossy, and healthy and contrasts well against pale skin tone. Do not go for just any black but rich black color with the dimension will look best.

Unnatural Hair Colors for Pale Skin

Mermaid hair colors, pastel, ombre, and other color combinations are quite popular during spring and summer time. Sometimes you want to choose a hair color that is bold that will stand out.

Pastel Pink Long Bangs

This look is stunning and the light pink hair color compliments women with fair skin. This makes a lot of sense when a woman or girl has a red undertone or pink in their skin.

Image via Instagram/vlasova_elena_guru

Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy hair color is very popular among women of all skin colors. This is a good one for you to try, deep red, and it’s perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

Image via Instagram/modernsalon

Orange and Red Ombre

Feeling to add some shades to your red hair why not make the ends a little lighter? The look is simple and you can do this yourself if you don’t have ginger hair naturally.

Image via @courtney.maree.hair

Emerald Green Hair

Not a lot of women will rock green hair but you know who does it well, women with fair skin! If you have pale skin and were ever considering green hair well it’s worth trying.

Image via Instagram/jessyourhair

Hidden Rainbow Hair

This cute little hint of the rainbow will just let you smile and for natural hair color, this is quite cool. You could add some to your bangs if you are feeling bold.

Orange Blonde

This is one of my personal favorite hair colors on this list for women with fair skin. You can go all in and dye your hair fiery red or go for this vibrant orange blonde.

Image via maxgourgues

Cool Tone Hair Colors for Pale Skin

If you have fair skin an icy platinum blonde or a softer baby blonde will compliment you well. This pretty pale color is so on trend it gives a fantasy or premium feel that is so different.

Straight Cinnamon Blonde

Image via Instagram/pams_touches

Cream Blonde

Fair skin ladies often choose a blonde when it comes to hair color as it compliments their skin well. Blonde hair color usually highlights light eye colors as well making it one of the most popular choices.

The best part about the creamy blonde color it works well on all undertones. Choose this for a lovely color all year round.

best hair color for fair skin

Silver Blonde and Black

Be sure to purchase your purple shampoo to maintain this hair color. Silver and platinum blonde hair are on trend and modern.

lovely platinum blonde hair

Image via Instagram/kristin_ess

Silver Platinum Cut

If you want to go all in with platinum blonde, here are some hair products for that icy blonde.

Image via Instagram/chrisweberhair

Honey Highlights

If you are looking for a blonde tone to match your pale skin color. Honey blonde is a charming color that has the perfect warm hue for a girl looking for that sunkissed look. This style is best during the spring, summer, and well into early fall.

Honey Highlights

Image via @chrisweberhair

Hair colors for pale skin that you are planning on giving try? all work well for fair skin tone, and you can switch things up to get the one that compliments your skin best.

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