30 Trendy Braids With Curls Hairstyles To Get


If you want to try out box braids, and are not sure what type of hairstyle to go with. In this post, we like to share over 30 braids with curls hairstyles. These braids can look casual and glam all at the same time you will find something for everyone. These hairstyles are great for all seasons which is a big plus.

1. Beautiful Braids with Curls

We are starting with one of our favorites, this pretty blonde braids with curls coming out. We have these lovely long box braids with shades of blonde color with a mix of tribal aesthetic patterns. The hair has pretty curls on the ends and throughout most of the braids tiny twirls and curls.

braids with curls coming out

Image via Pinterest.com

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2. Thick Long braids with Curls and Accessories

The color of this hair is so pretty it seems a bit of a dirty blonde. This is the classic box braids with thick roots, lots of pretty curls from mid down, and pretty laid edges. The small cuffs down the hair make it even more special, we love them.

tribal braids with curls

3. High bun and half up and down

The high bun is a good summer style if you want to keep cool. These two styles feature versatility and the curls create a soft look to box braids. You can feel dressed up with a formal bun or have your hair down for a more relaxed look.

braids with curls

4. Cornrow Braids with Curls at The end

This next weave braided hairstyle is so glam with loose curls. The style also features small orange beads but you can choose to go without them.

lovely braids and curls

5. Neatly done Braids

Here we have another lovely braid hairstyle which is neatly done with square flat parts and curls. Very pretty hair for an elegant woman.

goddess braids with curls

6. Goddess Braids with Curls

Goddess braids such as this one if on fire right now, you see these everywhere. This color is flattering on women with dark skin which is another plus to trying out this style yourself.

Goddess Braids with Curls

7. Simple Braids with Loose Curls

Sometimes single braids are just as interesting, this style also features single individual braids with loose curls. The style is like a pure golden goddess and it compliments tan skin of women.

Image credit @estudioblessed

8. Clean small knots braids

This style is giving bohemian feel, to achieve this keep the braids long with curls at the end. You can choose to recreate this look also the fun part they are not too small either.

Boho braids with curls

Image credit @braidbymamacita

9. Short Braids with Curls

This next style features medium size knotless black braids with curly ends. If you prefer more thick braids then this is perfect for you and the curls are straightforward on the ends if each individual braids.

Short Braids with Curls.

10. Short and Spicy Bob

This next hairstyle is so adorable, but so these types of styles often look stiff especially when chunky. The strips of curls here and there help to soften this bold look and help frame the face.

Image via laviniatrancista

11. Pretty Boho Hairstyle

This next look features a lot of curls, and side parts which usually help frame the face. If you are more into medium-length hairstyles this look is worth seeing. Sometimes you don’t want very long braids this is a good option.

cute braided hairstyle with curls

Image via @arrisdollhouse

12. Knotless Braids with Curls

Long pretty knotless braids with curls with very clean triangle parts. The curls are placed at the right places which creates a beautiful hairstyle. This style will stand out and it’s good for those who love curls.

knotless braids with curls

Image via @arrisdollhouse

13. Half-Braided Half-Curly

This ombre box braids with large curls at the ends of each braid. Ombre color hairstyles are still one of the most trend toppers of this year. If you are looking for vibrant colors that are not your natural tones how about these purple and blonde color braids?

braid ombre hairstyle ideas

By briolahairs

14. Very Long Burgundy Braids

Burgundy hair color has been one of the most popular choices by black women. You will see a lot of influencers showing off this color and it speaks for itself. The color is versatile and works with every skin tone. This is giving Disney Halle Bailey a little mermaid. You can shop for similar hair here.

Burgundy Braids with curls

Image via @briolahairs

15. Ginger Knotless Braids with Curls at the end

This color is another must-try braid idea, we are loving ginger color right now and you can enjoy this color for a summer splash and fall pumpkin. Here we have a very long braids style to the back with pretty loose curls in some sections.

giner hair color idea

Image from arrisdollhouse

16. Brown Box Braids

This chocolate brown hair and small blonde highlight are so pretty. This hair will get tons of admiration and will look amazing. The curls start maybe 2 inches away from the root and the curls flowing down like a mermaid is so elegant too.

brown pretty braids with curls

Image via queensbeauty_lounge_

17. Blonde Micro Braids with Curls

If you are looking for a blonde bomb color style then this is worth checking out. The platinum blonde with lovely curls. The hairstyle is bold and pretty you can recreate this and try different shades of blonde as well.

Blonde Micro Braids with Curls

18. Stunning Red Goddess Braids with Curls

This next hairstyle is perfect for you if you want a new hairstyle as well as hair color. This style features goddess braids with curls at the end in rich red. The hair features two styles of curls, some at the end and some loose ones as well. It is stylish and a pretty fierce idea.

goddess braids with curls

Image via @qthebraider

19. Chic Braids with Curls Hairstyles

This next idea features long braids that are worn to the side. You can wear this elegant style to formal events or a romantic date.

braids with curls hairstyles

Image via @tamara_ldn

20. Cornrow Braided Ponytail with Curls

If you are looking for a style that may be a little less time-consuming, consider a braided ponytail. The style is neatly done, and all the braids go up into the center of the head to form a ponytail, with long cornrow bangs and curls at the end.

Cornrow Braids with Curls

21. Lots of curls

Here you have a simple braid hairstyle for a woman looking for a clean style. This style is diverse and can be used for any occasion.

pretty braids with curls

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22. Medium box braids with curls coming out

Blonde box braids have to be one of the coolest colors. These braids have a golden blonde at the roots and blend into platinum blonde.

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23. Side Braids

This next braid idea is another favorite of ours on Inspired-Beauty.com. The braids are long and the color is pretty and subtle, style to the side with curls on the end of the cornrows.

side braids with curls

Source: @fancy_claws

24. Stunning Box Braid with Curls Coming Out

We simply cannot take our eyes off these cute braids with some lovely curls. The curls help to soften the entire style beautifully.

braids with curls coming out

25. Box Braid Updo with Triangle Parts

Here is another lovely braid idea with large triangle parts so that you can see the scalp. The high box braids in a bun are a super chic style and it is so pretty.

pretty creative idea with bun

Image via pearlthestylist_

26. Blue Bob

Bob’s hairstyle has been such a chic style for women of all ages. The color is so pretty and bold too.

blue box braids

27. Jumbo box braid Hairstyle

If you are more into large braids then you may like these jumbo box braids with curls. These braids make a statement and bigger braids are simply stunning too.

Image via @braided__

28. Braids with a lot of curls at the end

29. Jumbo Triangle Part Braids

Super jumbo braids that we can all love, you can do these yourself as well.

Jumbo Triangle Part Braids

30. Burgundy Braids with Red Curls

Burgundy hair colors are one of the most flattering on women and braids with curls as you can see.

 Burgundy Braids with Red Curls

Image via melaninhairstyles

31. Gorgeous Boho Braids in Red

Braids With Curls Hairstyles

32. Braids With Curls Hairstyles

Braids With Curls Hairstyles

Image via journicarr

I hope you love our list of braids with curls as they are stunning and versatile too.

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