20+ Rose Gold Makeup Ideas

Rose gold makeup ideas are worth checking out. This has become a popular trend in recent years because the colors work great for every complexion. The colors add beautiful radiance to your skin and bring out your eyes.

This color idea works well with most foundations making it an easy choice. I love how they create soft pretty eye makeup looks. This is an amazing choice for all-season because it adds a warming and cool radiance to your skin.

There are plenty of ways to use these makeup colors and it can be a bit overwhelming. However, we have gathered some of the best ways from makeup artists on Instagram to rock rose gold makeup.

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Too much pink can make you appear tired so nice to balance it out with gold. Althought these pretty hues can seem complicated they are not.

Best Rose Gold Makeup Ideas 2022

Soft Look

Rose Gold Makeup Ideas

Image source Instagram/wodziania_makeup

One of the major beauties of rose gold makeup ideas is that it can give you a charming outcome. This look will be stunning for a day or night event.

Pretty Soft Rose Gold Makeup

Rose Gold Makeup Ideas

Image from instagram/marisakmua

This rose gold eye makeup with ombre technique can give you a unique look. This look offers you flexibility with pretty lip gloss.

Rose gold Eyeshadow and nude lips

Rose Gold Makeup Ideas

Glow Princesss/Instagram

Adding this look on dark skin girls can bring out natural radiance. If you want a look that gives a goddess appearance you can see it for yourself here.

Pink lips and Eyeliner Glitter

Rose Gold Makeup Ideas


Rose gold makeup ideas can be a great choice for prom. After selecting your prom dress then your makeup is high on the to-do list.

Rose Gold and Emerald Green Makeup

Rose Gold Makeup Ideas

The green liner at the bottom of the eyes makes it stunning and works well with rose gold eyes. The glitter eye makeup with long lashes can look stunning.

White Linear makeup

Rose Gold Makeup Ideas


Black liners are not the only ones that can create a classy look. If you are bold enough to try this white liner go ahead the result can be elegant.

All Doll Up

Rose Gold Makeup

Image via instagram/fuentes_legna

Brats doll makeup has been a trend for some time in recent years. This shows how you can doll up the rose gold makeup and perfectly place a highlighter.

Glitter eye shadow

Rose Gold Makeup

Rose gold glitter makeup will stand out no matter the event. This look features a sharp elegant winged and light orange under the eyes as well as above them.

Sunset Radiance

Rose Gold Makeup

Image from jadeywadey180

This look is giving beautiful Caribbean sunset that you cannot stop staring at. If you want to stand out try soft glam rose makeup ideas.

Baby Pink Lips and Rose Gold Makeup

Amazing Rose gold eye makeup

Image via Instagram/jadeywadey180

Rose gold makeup ideas with a classic barbie pink lipstick. The bright makeup look is good for night events and the more natural look is good for day wear.

Pretty Underliner

Amazing Rose gold eye makeup

brittanybearmakeup via Instagram

This look features a natural and bright bold color look. The lips are soft pink and the eyes are popping. Choosing a nice mascara or lashes to enhance your look.

Sparkly Rose Gold Makeup Ideas With Lashes

Amazing Rose gold eye makeup

Image from @brittanybearmakeup

Here is another stunning idea of rose gold makeup shimmer. This is perfect if you have lovely skin to pull this look off.

Spring Inspired

Amazing Rose gold eye makeup

Image from Instagram/nadia_mejia

The look has a metallic look with a golden rose finish. The peachy-pink lips help to complete this look.

Glitter Bold Eyes Makeup Ideas

Amazing Rose gold eye makeup

Image via Instagram/kaleteter

With a touch of glitter rose gold makeup is a classic that never gets old. Pair this look with light pink blush and lips.

Matte Look

Amazing Rose gold eye makeup

Image via Instagram/kaleteter

We love how this elegant matte look is good for weddings. Makeup for brown eyes as well as blue.

Glitter Eyes and soft lips

glitter Rose gold eye makeup


The bright bold color with lots of glitters will catch all attention. I love when you can make your eyeshadow stand out against the liner.

Bright Arched Brows Glam

glitter Rose gold eye makeup

Rose gold makeup with stunning lipgloss in a nude tone. The look also has a luminous rose gold highlighter on the high point of her face. You can see why we love this look perfect for a wedding also.

Goddess Rose Gold Makeup Ideas

glitter Rose gold eye makeup

This next charming rose gold eye makeup with delicate nude lipstick. If you want to feel feminine and in the mood for a romantic look.

Charming makeup with matte lips

glitter Rose gold eye makeup


We all can agree that matte nails, lipstick, and makeup are flattering and classy on everyone. The charming look is stunning alongside the long eyelashes.

Shimmer Eye Makeup Looks

Sparkly Rose Gold Makeup Ideas With Nude Lips

To achieve a nice finish apply some concealer and then allow it time to set. When done cover with a compact powder ( like this one here) to help prevent creasing.

How do you do Rose gold makeup?

Amazing rose gold makeup ideas

A charming rose gold makeup eyeshadow makes everyone look more beautiful like a soft delicate goddess.

To begin apply a luminous rose gold eyeshadow with concealer to create the base. Now fill the crease with a slightly darker color to the end of the brow.

The darker shades add depth to help create a little more of a smokey eye. Apply a small amount of eyeshadow from the lash line and blend inward. Continue this step until you have made a smooth blend.

After you have created your base now take a slim eyeshadow brush and line your eyes with gold eyeshadow. Line your eyes with your color and you can line both top and bottom it is up to you.

Now that you are done with that part you can go ahead and use rose gold to highlight your cheekbone. Blend thoroughly for a seamless finish.

To make the look complete use your preferred line, mascara, and eyelashes.

You can also now choose to have rosy or nude lips. These two options will complement the look without taking away the attention from the eyes. There you are finished that is how you do Rose gold makeup.

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