16 Apple Picking and Pumpkin Patch Outfit Ideas


Apple and pumpkin patch outfit ideas that are practical. Although apple picking can be all year round pumpkin patch outfit is in full swing during fall. Visiting the pumpkin patch with your family or special person can be really fun. This is one of my favorite fall activities.

You may be asking yourself what to wear to a pumpkin patch. So here is a style guide to help you with such an activity. Althought Halloween won’t be around for more than a month so why not enjoy the pumpkin carving?

I have listed some of these products you can shop but others will give you ideas.

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What To Wear To A Pumpkin Patch

1. Cute pumpkin patch outfit ideas

Scrolling through the pumpkin patch with Khaki and a basic top. This outfit is casual and down to earth.

pumpkin patch outfit ideas

2. Pumpkin patch outfit ideas

Chic look to show off your love for the season, knitted orange sweater, denim pants, and brown boot. This look is not over the top but makes a great photo.

pumpkin patch outfit ideas

3. Cute little overalls

Pumpkin patch outfit ideas that can be as cute as this one. The outfit is perfect for the scary season as well, with all those Halloween art on the overall. Simple black t-shirt on the inside of the overall and complete with pastel hair color.

Pumpkin Patch Outfit Ideas

4. Sweater Dress

Want to go with a dress and paired it with thigh-high brown boots? The look is cute and is a lovely outfit for such an occasion.

cute outfit for pumpkin picking

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5. Country Style pumpkin patch outfit women

Pumpkin Patch Outfit Ideas

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6. Earth Tone Color Outfit

Wearing a wrapped front floral skirt, burnt orange turtle neck sweater, and brown bootie. You can choose to wear a flat knee height boot instead.

7. Adorable Oversized Crop Sweater

Want a reason to wear your old oversized sweater before winter? Here you can wear your sweater and mom jeans to enjoy the afternoon picking some pumpkins.

8. Cool layers pumpkin patch outfit women

You can look stylish during such an event and layering to keep warm as well.

pumpkin patch outfit women


pumpkin patch costume ideas

10. Overalls

You could even get pumpkin patch costume ideas out of this look by changing the overalls.

pumpkin patch costume ideas


cute fall apple picking outfit

12. Apple Picking Outfits For Women

apple picking outfit

13. Short Skirt and knitted sweater

apple picking outfit

14. Sweater and Jeans Apple Picking outfits

Apple picking an outfit like this may be in every closet, it is all about accessories. The hat and the snakeskin boots add a nice touch to the look.

apple picking outfit
Image from @ meggen_elizabeth


Apple Picking outfits

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apple Patch Outfit Ideas

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