26 Trendy Skunk Stripe Hair Color


Choosing the right color for your hairstyle can make or break the look. The skunk stripe hair is the perfect option, especially for experimenting with different shades. The skunk Stripe technique combines two colors of your choice, with one color in the front around the hairline.

The main goal of this is to create a contrast between the two colors. Skunk hair colors such as white, pink, and blonde are the most popular but that doesn’t mean you are restricted to just those.

Two tones hair colors are popular so why not give these skunk stripes a try?

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Skunk hairstyle

Blue Stripe Hair

Like, highlight? the skunk stripe is bolder as it shows off the color in a larger proportion. The contrast between your base color and the blue is striking and looks really good with black hair color.

This is a modern approach going away from just bleached white or blonde hair against black. This hairstyle features a few blue skunk stripe hair in the front and at both sides.

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Blonde Stripe on Curly Hair

The appeal of the honey-blonde color is that it complements all skin colors and goes well with the versatility of the skunk stripe style. This is a fun way to play with your natural curls giving them more definition.

This look is flattering on black women with natural 4c-type hair. The color choice is beautiful now you can experiment with a variety of placement and thicknesses that highlight your natural features.

Skunk Stripe Hair Black Girl

Green Skunk Stripe

There are many celebrities who rock this color such as Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and others. We have listed a wig that you can use if you are not ready to commit to getting this done on your natural hair.

If you are looking for baddie hair ideas this is one to save.

Green Skunk Stripe

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Rogue color Skunk Hair

I love this because it reminds me of a childhood superhero, rogue from “X Men”. This color looks natural but with a twist, and bold highlight. This hairstyle features soft chestnut brown hair color with white striped skunk color in the front.

Brown skunk hair idea

Skunk Strips Hairstyles

This is one of the classic black and white looks a bit like a modern Cruella. The white skunk striped hair color with loose curls and very black contrast. The white hair color is good if you are also looking for a transition to the grey hairstyle.

I love this because it’s a suitable hair color for all ages of women but will be more popular among women over 40.

black and white skunk striped hair color

Red Hair Bang

Red color hair looks amazing on all women and is one of the best hair colors for women with pale skin. The red on the top contrast looks amazing with black hair and it looks great on medium to long hair.

The red color is bold, and romantic and also brings passion. Red is a hard color to pull off which is why it is ideal to enjoy it as a stripe skunk color. The red and your natural hair color will draw attention to your face and enhance your features.

red skunk stripe hair

Skin Hair on Braids

Do you love box braids? You can enjoy this color technique with them as well. The black color is great but add a little fire to your whole look with the long red braids.

red skunk stripe hair

Thin Pink On Straight Hair

Here is a fantastic color combination, black hair with pink skunk stripe. If you are looking for a lovely girly charm this color combination is worth trying. The pink and base color in this case mutually compliments each other and non is overwhelming the other.

pink skunk stripe hair color

Blonde Stripe with Red Hair

Pretty curly blonde on a red base, this is a high-maintenance look and it may also be time-consuming and could be damaging to natural hair. The red color is already bold and with the combination of this blonde patch, it’s fantastic.

Red hair color already demands attention so adding a skunk stripe could be a nice way of softening it up. That being said take precautions when trying to pull off a high-maintenance dye hair job. Invest in hair care here are 7 DIY protein treatments to help you.

red and blonde stripe on black women

Natural Looking Color

If you have naturally brown hair it’s an excellent way to experiment with colors just a little lighter. This skunk hair highlights look is effortlessly chic and to most, it could pass as a natural highlight.

Getting the right hairstyle and color can make you feel confident and glamorous. There are many ways to try out this trend and going with natural color is one of those.

Natural Skunk Stripe Hair

Pony Tail Pink Stripe

Showing off your ponytail with this vibrant pink stripe will look amazing even if you are going to school.

Pink Stripe skunk

Platinum Blonde Skunk Stripe on Black Loose Waves

A fierce platinum blonde works well with medium hair and a long black base color. The blonde color frames the face, allowing the focus on you. The blonde starts at the root and it’s thick which will give you all the attention you are looking to get.

Platinum Blonde Skunk Stripe on Black Loose Waves

Pretty Honey Blonde on Curly Hair

Women with curly hair can show off various looks with the skunk stripe hair color. So for all the girls with naturally curly hair, you can be happy that this trend looks great on your natural texture.

natural curly hair with skunk stripe hair color

Pastel Pink

Want another way to wear pink hair, then you will enjoy this next look.

pastel pink skunk stripe hair color

Orange + Blonde Stripe

Blonde hair is a top pick when you are looking for something to brighten your whole appearance. This hair color technique has become incredibly versatile with so many different ways to show off chunky hair color at the hairline.

The blonde creates a contrast to all hair even if you have light ginger hair color.

blonde skunk stripe hair color

Pink Skunk Stirpe on Wavy Hair

With so many coloring options we love this next look. This hairstyle is cute and a fun way to show off your pink-striped hair.

pink skunk on long black hair

Lime Green Skunk Stripe

Green hair is a trend, lime green, and emerald green hair have been trending for some time now. The green starts at the root going to the end of the hair.

Lime Green Skunk Stripe

Skunk Undercut Ponytail

Shaved hairstyle with a ponytail is a cool way to achieve the skunk-striped hair look too. The style featured beautiful black hair on the top that contrasted with the white hair at the bottom.

Image source Euriental on Instagram

Pink Skunk Stripe on Black Deep Waves

This is a cute playful feminine, with a hint of soft pink through the thick black hair. This hairstyle is eye-catching and the volume is a plus. This skunk hair highlights speak for itself you don’t have to say anything.

skunk hair highlights

 Subtly Striped Bob

Maybe you want some above basic? here skunk look to transform into a bob hairstyle. The bottom of the hair features a horizontal stripe that continues down the ends.

Even though it may seem to have just a bob! the style pops because of the placement of the stripe and the color contrast.

 Subtly Striped Bob

Pretty skunk stripe with black hair

skunk stripe hair

Blonde Hair with Pastel Pink Skunk Stripe

Black Hair in The Front

Platinum Blonde Skunk Stripe on Burgundy

Ginger Hair Stripe Skunk Color

Skunk Stripe Ginger Hair

Skun hairstyle with Bang

Choosing a stripe skunk color hairstyle can feel powerful and modern. The style is good for women of all ages done by the right hairstylist.

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