35 Easy Valentine’s Day Nail Designs To Copy 2024

Valentine’s is simply a great day for couples to be extra in expressing their love and heck it’s also my anniversary date. So this day is more than special for me. What I did was gather the best Pinterest Valentine’s nails to help you. We are showing off some cute pink simple Valentine’s Day nails.

Everyone goes to Pinterest for inspiration and these are among some of my favorite most romantic nails. We have gathered the best pretty nails for a romantic evening. Although we mention Pinterest we have gathered from other excellent sources.

1. Pretty in Pink With Three Shades

pink valentine nails

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Different shades of pink on square-shaped nails. The accent finger has a hot glitter pink other matte finish. Valentine’s Day nails coffin shape with beautiful shades of pink and texture. Two sets of nails are in matte colors and the accent nail is lovely glitter pink.

 2. Kisses Press and XOXO Pattern

XOXO Pattern nails

Add X’s and O’s to create an interesting design with a twist. To create this look have a steady hand, gather your glitter powder, and some nail adhesive. You will apply the adhesive on the base of the nails and then apply the glitter powder and blow away the excess.

3. French Tips With Negative Space

heart tips valentine nails

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Neon pink French nail tips with a twist.

4. Valentine’s Day Nails Coffin Shape 

Valentines Day Nails Coffin Shape

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French tips are elegant and classic. It will not get old, people are finding creative ways to keep white French tips nails alive.

5. Sugary Nails

These cute Valentine’s nails feature five lovely different designs. This nail is the perfect perfection for a lovely day.

6. Soft Pink Valentine’s nails

Pretty pink nails are some of my favorite choice of colors. Soft pink colors with a white heart pattern design. Accent nail with bunny ears on one hand and on the other lines crisscross.

Valentines Day Nails Coffin Shape

7. Candy Hearts Valentine’s Day Nail Design

Candy Hearts Valentine's Day Nail Design

Image source Country Living

8. Cute Multi-Pattern Pinterest Valentine nails

Valentines Day Nails Coffin Shape

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Next Pinterest Valentine’s nails that are totally worth getting. If you are planning to do these yourself you will need some time practicing before attempting these. If you do however get it it is worth doing they are so cute. One of my top favorites on this list.

9. Rose Pink Valentine’s Day Nails

pink valentines day nails

The next nail design goes beyond just Valentine’s Day. It will be a perfect spring design, with pastel leaves. I love how all the colors work well together. I love how the design looks with the two-color tones.

10. Valentine’s nail ideas

pink valentines day nails

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Up next is a pink square short nail design, super simple for everyone. The nails are painted in glossy pink polish and finished with silver bow rhinestones.

11. Pink Ombre Pinterest Valentine nails

pink valentines day nails

Adding glitter to the tip of the nails brings the style together. The top part of the nails has deeper pink and rhinestones scattered around it, a topcoat is a glitter polish.

12. Pink Valentine Nails

pink valentine nails

These next pink Valentine’s nail art designs are so lovely and pretty. The nail art features soft baby pink, silver with pink hearts, and a full glittery nail. Pink Valentine’s Day nails such as these are so charming and I am sure your date will think so too.

13. Cute Short Valentine’s nails

Up next short pink design with a white accent polka dot nails. These you can do yourself at home with your pretty nail polish. You can duplicate and recreate this without being skilled.

cute valentine nails

14. Easy Pink Nail Art

pink valentine nails

One of the most simple nail designs on this list. All fingers are a pain in glossy pink nail polish and one finger has a white heart shape design.

15. Adorable Nail Design with Pink

valentine nail art

This next design is short but really pretty. The variety of colors and I love the heart shapes and the words. These cute texts such as ” I love You!” are romantic and pretty.

16. Red and Black With Hearts

This next look is for those who love the color black or just darker colors. The shiny black nails and the 3d red hearts are so pretty.

17. Nude and Black

Here is another design for people who love dark-colored nail art. The mix of dark and light creates such a cute balance. The light nails have a small black heart on the top of the nails. Although may not be the popular choice of color combination for such a day we have to admit they look great together.

18. Matte Polish and Line Pattern

valentine nail art

Red is a traditional Valentine’s color and this next design is a more modern take on it. The black compliments the matte red very well. The square nails give lots of room for an interesting design.

19. Red and Pink With Hearts Accent

red valentines day nails

This is one of my personal favorite red Valentine’s Day nails, it has my favorite elements for this day. The designs are done on long coffin-shaped nails which are pretty and roomy for the lovely designs. Three matte red nails and two pink nails are decorated with hearts.

20. Short Red Nails and Pink accent Polish

red valentines day nails

Red Valentine’s Day nails look stunning and it is practical and go beyond the day. I love how pretty and simple the nail art design is. A lot of women with daily chores preferred short nail art.

21. Trendy Red and Pink Nails

pink valentine nails

Red and pink nails that are totally DIY-friendly. The length is good and the almond shape is also a nice choice for the design.

22. Red, White, and Black Nails

love red and white nails

This next red and white nail art is really embracing Valentine’s Day.

23. Baby Pink Valentines Nails

pink valentine nails

Use for drawing design easy

These next pink and white nails have a beautiful minimalist look. The beauty is stunning and the colors work well, pink, white, and red.

24. Lovely Short Valentine’s nail art

valentine nail art

Valentine’s acrylic nails in a beautiful shade of red. The finishing is a lovely matte color with simple rhinestone placement on the accent nail art.

25. Love Letter Valentine Nails

valentines acrylic nails

This day is full of romance, so why not go back to your younger self when you enjoy love letters? The next design has vibrant pink, and light pink, and glitters on three other fingers. Two of the glitter, fingers have an envelope, one if open one is closed.

26. Lovely Pink Coffin Nails With Stencil Art

pink valentine day nails

This design is pretty and you can enjoy it outside on Valentine’s Day. This can also be a lovely pink spring nail design as well.

27. Mix Match Red Nails

red valentine nails

The latest trend over the last couple of years is to have mix-match nail art. When every nail has a unique design that looks great. You should save this one and take it to your nail manicurist.

28. Colorful Hearts

multi-color heart nails

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29. Cute Red and White Heart Nails

lovely almond shape nails. red and white tips and small dotted heart

30. Sugary Glitter Nail Design

red sugary nails for valentine day

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31. Pink nails with heart

pink heart  nails

32. Long Nails For Valentine’s Day

Coffin shape nails, pink and white

33. Pretty Love Nails

Cute Valentines Nails

34. Oval Shape

Simple Design with little hearts

35. Soft Pink and Red Hearts

Elevate your classic color from red to pink and tiny red hearts. Play with different shades for a romantic feel.

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How to create xoxo nail designs

There are plenty of ways to create XOXO and Kiss shape designs on your nails. Here are some ideas on how to do so:

  • Freehand drawing: As we mentioned above you may need a thin nail brush, gather your favorite color polish, and freehand X’s and O’s. This is a good way to practice your art freehand style.
  • Ombre XOXO: Paint two colors of your choice and then use a color that will contrast with the polish to create the X’s and O’s.
  • Dotting: Use a dotting tool, this will make it easier for you to create interesting designs. Create the small dots to form the X’s and O’s and this is a good way for beginners to create with textured.
  • Use sticker or stencil: Apply nail art stickers that can help your looks to be even more adorable. Althought these are easier to apply they may not be as durable as the other methods.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to take care of your hands and nails! Regular moisturizing and cuticle care will ensure your Valentine’s Day mani stays flawless all week long.

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