22 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs for Short Nails 2024

During the romantic season 14th February is a good day to show up and show off looking your best once you have picked out the outfit, the makeup, and maybe what to wear on your date. It is time to give some attention to your nails, the Valentine mani will bring your whole look together.

So now let’s get into this, as the title suggests we are going to be embracing short nails as they are all the rage right now, they provide a chic canvas for multiple romantic designs. So say goodbye to your extensions and hello to your natural nails with these irresistible designs.

Let us get into colors, when you think of Valentine’s Day what color palette comes to mind? We all can agree that red and pink is a solid choice, but we don’t have to stick to just those. Dont shy away from a shimmering gold accent, a touch of silver for a modern feel.

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Imagine a sleek design of burguandy red nails, and small white, red hearts. Or picture some kiss prints, roses, xoxo, and many more with soft ombre fading of pink into a deeper rose color for a modern vibe. If you are looking for a bolder look you can go for fiery red with gold foils, you can create a blooming Valentine’s Day rose design.

With the right color palettes, you are ready to transform your manicure with these masterpiece designs. In the next section get ready for some adorable design that you can do yourself or bring to your nail technician to make your short nails the star this coming Valentine’s Day.

1. Heart Nails

heart nails

Source phoebesummernails

Accent nails with hearts that are charming and perfect for this season. They are short and dainty perfect for the girls looking for short stylish manicures.

2. Square shape Red Matte Polish

short red matte nail designs

This deep red nail with the accent nail is a print with black and gold foil. Matte finish nails are always some of the most sophisticated choices.

3. Red Manicure with print

red manicure with print


Nail design that sparks a romance with a twist of zebra stripes, gold, and glitter.

4. Pink Nail Polish Heart and Glitter

Pink Nail Polish Heart Nails


Shimmer nails with pink hearts and solid pink nails in almond shape.

You can shop for popular glitter polish Here.

5. Classic French Manicure With Pink Tips

pink french tips


These flirty nails take advantage of the classic French manic but with nice thin pink tips.

6. Red and Pink Hearts

cute almond shape nails with red and pink heart

Pink, red, and peachy color is the perfect color palette. The small gold gem helps to create additional charm.

7. Pretty Cream Manicure

cream color nails

This design is elegant and not boring nonetheless. You can recreate this look yourself and you can shop gold foils for nails Here.

8. Purple and Pink hearts

pink and purple hearts


With sugary hearts created in negative space, this is a fun technique to try if you are skilled.

9. Burgundy Red Nails

burgundy red nails

This nail design will require you to use a toothpick and a thin brush to recreate the lines. Gather your favorite polish and start by creating the base, making at least 2-3 coats.

10. XOXO pattern

xoxo pattern nails

This next short Valentine’s Day nail in pink and the xoxo pattern is quite fitting.

11. Soft Rose Glitter Pink

Soft Rose Glitter Pink

Source @paznokciewkolorzemarzen

These manicures feature rose gold glitter and charming oval nails.

12. Gold Foil and XOXO

gold glitter line xoxo

We love how the design is cute and will make a romantic design for a special day. You can use holographic glitter for this design Here.

13. Love letters

Love letters

With love in the air, so we have to show some love letters, the Eiffel Tower is quite a romantic symbol.

14. Single Heart red and White Mani

design with single heart

Source @amyytran

Red and white squoval nails, light nude base. This design is not too hard to create at home yourself, have fun with the design and you can choose your favorite colors.

15. Elegant Oyster French Tips

red and white oyster nails

Image @jadeandpolished

In open of our previous post, we have some fun oyster nail designs for you to copy. This is in the classic red and white design with a little bit of a modern vibe.

16. Classic Red with Heart Accent

Red Classic Nails With Heart


These nails feature three solid red nails, one red tip and the other with tiny red hearts on the tip. I recommend you give these a try if you have never, gather your favorite bright red polish and thin brush to create the hearts.

17. Short Cute Heart Nail

cute valentine day nail


This manicure has a rainbow heart in red and pink, white stars, and a matte finish. These will look great on your hot date.

18. Short Square Pink Nails

Simple ombre tone pink and red with a small single heart on each finger.

19. Burguandy red

burguandy red nails

Nail Design zhenya__borisova

We want to share this to show that you can still go for a solid deep red burgundy nail.

20. Valentines Nail Art


Day nails


21. Simple but cute

Image nailartbychlo

Soft tone Valentine’s Day nail art with a small white heart. Effortlessly stunning manicure for you.

22. Sweet Little Heart

silver glitter heart nails



What nail design for short fingers?

For short nails creating an illusion of longer nails is a big part. Shorts nails have smaller room for design so be creative. You should consider vertical stripes, french manicures, nude colors, and minimalist designs are best.

Can short Valentine’s nails look cute?

The short answer is yes they can, they can certainly look stylish and practical. In fact, short nails can be quite versatile and offer a range of adorable looks. Here are some ways to elevate your short nails:

  • Pastel Colors
  • The right nail art, such as tiny hearts, flowers, and patterns
  • Matte finish for a lovely elegant look
  • Shapes are important such as almonds, and figure out what is best for your hands.
  • Accents are interesting and bring attention to your mani.

Conclusion: The benefit of going For Short Valentine’s Day Nails

We hope you enjoy these short Valentine’s Day nails and you can do most of them yourself. If you want to share your design with us, email or DM us on any of our social media pages.

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