15 Best Birthday Nails To Copy

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We want to be a part of your birthday celebration so we have gathered some of the best birthday nails to complete your look.

Having another birthday is always a cause for celebration. While there are plenty of nail art designs to be considered for a birthday look we sometimes want to jazz up things. To make your nails look special going bolder with glitter and chrome finishes.

Fashionable Birthday Manicure Designs

1. Chic Frosty French Tips

Frosty Tip Nails

Image Instagram/artdecom

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First up we have this really cute manicure with shimmery tips. I love how simple this nail art design is but it’s not boring. You will surely stand out in this glam manicure.

2. Unicorn Pink

Soft matte polish

Instagram /pegi_nails

Matted polish and finish are not only elegant but also stylish. You will be ok with these soft girly colors especially if you wear an outfit that compliments them.

3. Short Pink Nails

Instagram @opal_nailz_

short nails with small hearts and pink glitter tips on almond-shaped nails. If you are looking for a manicure that is suitable for the Barbie girlies.

4. Almond Shape and Speckle Egg

black and white nails for birthday


The speckled nail art is easy to copy but your nail technician may have some skill if they wish to hand draw that mouse head. The black and white color scheme doeses make a classy birthday nail idea.

5. Pure White Nails


White manis are a top option for wedding nails but they also make a great option for birthdays. We love how pretty the chrome finish looks with glitter and rhinstones.

6. Pretty Gold

pretty gold manicure for your birthday


Gold are a royal color and the design is clean simple and stunning. The chrome look pretty and the minimalist design says a lot too.

7. Chic Glitter Foil Gold Nails

cute short nail designs

The color design on this is so pretty, black outline all around the nail lining. The gold crushed foild help to create a cute glam design whit clear base.

8. Clean Hot Pink

bold hot pink nails

Hot pink nails are never going to get old, this solid polish design makes them the perfect choice especially for last minute design. Acccessories your finger with rings to make the nails stand out even more.

9. Chunky Pink Glitter

The fully covcers pink glitter nails done on long coffin nail art. We love that these will make you feel special on your big day.

10. Cow Print

cow print tip nails

Animal print nails are not out they are still here and here is another way to shwo off cow print french tips in a chic style.

11. Rose Pink Nails

Image @minea.nails

This next nail design has my favorite color and the rose pink is perfect. With two fingers featuring a chrome finish and the others done with a nude nail and glitter pink French tips.

12. Just Stunning


With this next delicate color choice, we love it so much. If you are seeking a simple classy design look no more, this speaks for itself.

13. Minimalist Manicure


For the last birthday nail ideas, we have this line design. The nail art features a neutral color base, with light color French tips and a vertical black line down the manicure.

14. Purple and Black Matte Nail

Bday nails

Image pauletta.nails

Here are vibrant color combinations and designs that look glam and pretty. The design is different in every image which is great.

15. Matte Design


This next design is not the most beginner-friendly or for mani at home so save the picture and take it to an expert nail artist. This design will stand out on your big day, stunning matte nails with line art.

I hope you love these birthday nail ideas we have curated.

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