40 Black and White Nails For Year Round

Trends change regularly and every year nail gurus give us something new to look out for. Although there are so many trends coming and going, black and white nails will always be a classic, that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Not everyone is big on bright-colored nails at least not all the time. Here are chill mature version nail polish ideas for more classic events.

Black and White Nails with Heart Shape

Up next, the first design is done on stiletto shape nails these are great for Valentine’s as well. I love these because they are not too pointy and they are quite cute as well.

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black and white nails

Long Chanel Design

The next nail is white and the Channel logo which is a nice touch of baddie nail inspired. If you love long nails this is perfect and it has a flair to it as well.

simple black and white nails

White Stars With Cow Print black and white nail designs

These next black and white designs are done on coffin-shaped nails. They are super cute with star and cow print nail patterns on one hand.

simple black and white nails white stars

Black and White Snow Flakes

Winter is one of the most fun times of the year. The dark nails are just perfect for early cold winter mornings and the white represents snow. All five nails have a different design which makes this high on my list of dark winter nails.

white nails with black design

Marble Nail art in White and Black design

Coffin nails are in and this next design is functional and beautiful. A creative way to make multi-color designs with these colors.

black and white nails

Cow Print Nail art Design Black and White

The next nails resemble a pattern on dairy cows. White nails with black design patterns on them. This is done on a long almond shape nail that is elegant.

Animal print has been a pretty trendy design in nails.

black and white nails

Toe Design

A nail design done on toenails, Sometimes we forget our toes but here is a unique design you can do on your nails.

Line Square matte design

If you ever wanted a sophisticated design then you may already know matte finishes are a high pick. Matte nail design like this one has a simplicity to them but are bold enough to get noticed.

black and white matte nail

Cracked Tile Acrylic black and white nails

This is one of my favorites and I think you will appreciate its beauty of it as well. Black and white short nails always have something real about them. These are suitable for everyday wear.

acrylic black and white nails

Easy Black Line Nails

White nails can come off a bit boring but adding the right design to them can really change all that. Simple white nails with black lines are not the hardest to pull off. Use the right nail tools and you will be ok, you can shop for nail tools here at Amazon.

Almond Shape Nail Art

Still, searching for a nice combination of almond shaped nails with black and white? here you may like this next design it is elegant and charming. I love that it is beginners friendly and you should give it a try.

classic nail art almond shape

Cool Short Nails

Short acrylic nails for the stylish professional woman. A lot of women when working are not able to wear long nails to work. These short nails do not sacrifice taste and style for practicality.

Nude Almond shape with design

I love this nail art, it is simple and elegant. The design is a perfect minimalist design. If you are ever thinking of a sophisticated touch with little effort this is for you.

black and white nail art

Elegant Black and White Nails

Here is a beautiful black nail with a off-white shade. You can really stand out with this elegant manicure idea. These could be your bride’s nail art and add their own touch of sophistication.

matte black and white nails

Line Design

This design with a minimalist modern design, with black tape to create a line. The single rhinestone allows the whole design to pop, the design looks good on this shaped nail.

Nail Design with Black Lines

Sweet Black-and-White Manicure

This next black and white nail features cute nail art with multiple designs, something different on each finger. These refreshing smiley faces and daisies can bring back your inner child.

black and white nail designs

Image credit @rmnailtech

Black with White Line Acrylic Nails

Some nails don’t have to be over the top to be noticed, there is elegance in simplicity. You can do this yourself because it’s so easy to do. All you need is a black mate polish and a small brush to create white lines.

simple acrylic nails

Awesome Black and White Nail art Idea

This next design has a simple tribal look and feel to it. Two fingers are painted in white and who others in black, you can choose to mix the 5th finger. I love how stunning the design looks on short nails and how would be on long ones as well.

Black and White Nails

Black and White Manicure

This next nail design features black and white French tips on two nails and the other has large black dots on a white base. This black and white french nails design is super friendly for beginners.

Black and White Nails

With Rhinestones

Next, we have another amazing black and white nail design that features rhinestones and glitters. Each nail carries a unique design on that hand.

trendy black and white nails

Cute Simple Nail Design Ideas

Here is a simple acrylic design you can do yourself. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you with such a design. This nail design is cute and practical.

Black and White Nails

Chess Board Design

The next design features a solid black nail and the accent nail is in chessboard design. This would look great with your grunge outfit as well.

coffin black and white nails

Black Matte with Christmas Trees

Matte colors are so on trend you can embrace the winter season with this design too. Two accent nails feature Christmas tree decor and falling snow.

black and white matte nail designs

Modest Design

For this design we have white nails with black tips, the black nails have a single white flower design. These oval-shaped nails look amazing and are so on trend.

black and white nails

Christmas Gift With Simple Touch

If you are looking for a nontraditional color for the holiday this is perfect. The nails feature two basic base colors either black or white.

During the festive or winter season, you can try these black and white nails. You can add other elements that you may like

simple nail art

Winter Elements

This next black-and-white design features winter elements. The bird’s eyes seem a bit spooky but still cute and I think everyone will notice your hands.

Nails for Chritsmas, snowflake and bird

Coffin black and white nails

These are our top favorites, the design is simple and elegant. The nails are in a lovely ballerina shape.

black and white nails

Happy Nail Art Design Black with White

Can’t make up your mood? maybe you could try these happy and sad nail art designs. You can have a mood change at any time, a smiley face on the white matte nails and a frown on the black matte nails.

black and white nails

Pearly Minimalist Nails with Line

Choosing a simple white design like this can have an impact just as much as other bolder designs. This design looks good and will complement any personality.

minimalist line nail

Swirly Black and White Nails

This simple and interesting design features a natural base with black and white swirls in different directions. The designs are also done on short natural nails so perfect for my ladies who want a more natural look.

Elegant white black nails

These nails are not hard to do and you can find a lot of tutorials on how to use foils to recreate this.

elegant white matte nails, silver lines

Image source elina.nails.art

Beautiful Edgy Extra Nails

This next design may not be the most practical on our list but a lot of women are going for these trendy stiletto nails now. These may not be for everyone but if you want a different white and black nail art great!

beautiful stiletto nails

Image via jenna.artnails

Adding Other Colors

So far we have listed white and black nails but these are a little more colorful. The nail art features ombre yellow with grey white, black and grey white, and solid yellow and black nails.

The golden glitter made the design even more eye-catching.

black and white nails

Rose Gold Foil in Black and White Design

Up next this elegant mix of pattern and texture in almond shape. If you are looking for a classy nail art this is suitable for elegant events or just feeling to dress up.

black and white tips

Image source matuszewsk.a

White Nail Designs with Details

The stunning print creates an eye-catching look with a simple flare. The matte nails feature single dots which, makes the single accent nail stand out even more.

black and white nail

Modern Nail Art

If you are interested in a fresh modern look this next acrylic nail design is worth trying. Elegant white and black nails for your next manicure appointment.

black and white nail

Image via @marllyc_nailsart

Black Stiletto Nails With Glitter

Adding some glitter and rhinestones can add charm to your design. Black nails could be a little boring but adding the right elements could enhance it quite a lot.

stiletto nails

Image from @luminousnails

Long Swirly Nails

Up next a classy swirly pattern nails with mixed direction and design. The index and baby fingers have French tip acrylic nails with design.

Black and white french tip swirly nails

Image credit Instagram/nailsbyrikki.s

Black and White Tips

Choosing a simple short design with gold foil to create a line. Matte nail polish has become one of the most trendy colors since around 2018.

The perfect combination of black and white parts with a little gold foil.

black and white tips

Stand out design

One of the best ways to replicate these patterns is using an oval press on nail stickers. Althought if you are more experienced and have steady hands you can use regular polish to create these.

pretty black and white nails

Which one of these acrylic black and white nails will you save for your next manicure?

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