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15 Acrylic Baddie Nails

15 Acrylic Baddie Nails

Wanting some new ideas for your nails, we have some of the best acrylic baddie nails to copy. You can recreate these look quite easy if you have a good nail technician. If you don’t know by now baddie means unique and of course, we can embrace it in our manicure.

We hope you love this list of baddie nails, and if you do save it and share it. If you are looking for other acrylic nail design be sure to check out these 28 cute short acrylic nail designs.

I hope this selection of Instagram baddie nails will inspire you to recreate for you or your family members. We have all design but be worn these nails are long so if you are not into long nails check out the list above.

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Baddie and multicolor Butterfly nails

Long rainbow baddie nails design with a butterfly on the colorful tips. You can shop for similar butterfly decals here.

Neutral nails with white design love it

These are super cute coffin shape nails, small transparent butterfly, LV design.

 Instagram baddie nails

Ig baddie nails

Instagram baddie nails

Bright Yellow Aesthetic Baddie Nails

aesthetic baddie nails

Blue acrylic baddie nails

Instagram baddie nails

Baddie Louis Vuitton nails coffin

pink Louis Vuitton nails coffin

Light Pink Instagram baddie nails

Baddie Louis Vuitton nails coffin

Brown LV Nails

Baddie Louis Vuitton nails

Summer baddie nails

LV coffin nails

Pink Summer baddie nails

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summer baddie nails

Acrylic Baddie Nails For summer

summer baddie nails

Baddie Chanel Nails in black and white

Natural Tone and Black Long Chanel Nails

The design with long black tips on neutral polish, and others with black words. Tis design would look good on any shape nail.

Pink baddie nails

These aesthetic baddie nails in the light pastel pink are just what a baddie needs. If you like long nail art you should consider this. It’s cute and really easy to do, you can shop for these butterfly decals here.

pink baddie nails

Yellow and Pink Coffin Nails

This nail art with sugary pink rough pattern, pointy nails on small finger. Coffin baddie nails are popular among all the baddies on Instagram.

acrylic baddie nails

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