15 Amazing Midnight Blue Nails For an Elegant Look

Here are some stunning midnight blue nails to have you looking and feeling confident all year round. Although it seems these are most common during the winter they are great no matter which season you are in.

Dark blue nail designs can look sophisticated and the versatility of these nails is amazing.

Glitter Midnight Blue Nails

First up these nails are an amazing inspiration for you. The accent nails help to draw attention to the eyes.

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Midnight blue Nails

Coffin Shape Dark Blue Nails

Step up your game with these long coffin-shape nails in amazing art. This manicure has three different looks to keep you smiling.

dark blue nails

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Elegant Matte Midnight Blue Nails

Looking for a minimalist nail art design? This will go well with anything you choose to wear. Not every nail design needs a showy nail art, this is an example.

Midnight blue Nails

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Cute Stary Dark Blue Nails Design

I love these short nail art as they are not only good for everyday nails but also for fancy events. The dark blue polish can be used on your natural or blue acrylic nails.

Midnight blue Nails

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Flowers Dark Blue Nail Designs

Here is a feminine design you can wear to certain special events such as wedding, graduation, and other formal ceremony. I love the placing of the beads and pearls.

Midnight blue Nails

Short Matte Nails

Starting with a matte blue polish, each nail art carries a special design. You can have something special on each nail for its own personality. This type of nail art trend is common these days.

Dark blue nails design

Image @riyathai87

Snake Skin Look Nail Manicure

The next design we have for you has a interesting pattern on the thumb finger. The design resembles a snake skin with high gloss as well.

Dark blue nails design

Source: nail_sunny – instagram.com

Black to Bright Blue Nails

The ombre color is from very dark black nails to a light blue design. I would recommend this design for those going to college who are in their early 20s.

Short dark blue nails design


4th Of July Designs

This is a lovely 4th of July nail design for you with a midnight blue nail color. Even if you decide on recreating this design it’s quite easy to do.

Dark blue nails design

Ombre nails

The ombre nail technique is classy, especially on coffin-shaped nails. A deep hue creates a dark and light look on these shiny nails.

Dark blue nails design

Source: nails__bylily

Square Midnight Blue Nails

Feminine design with glossy and matte finish nail art designs. I love the dainty touch of this manicure.

dark blue nail designs

Matte Gold and Dark Blue Nails Design

The stylish nail will stand out among any crowd. The full gold nail cover in glitter and the index finger has a mix of matte polish with gold glitter at the bottom of the design with a single rhinestone.

dark blue nail designs

Silver Glitter Dark Blue Nail Designs

Amazing nail design with a very dark look almost black with silver glitter. The silver on the index accents the fingers and more on the tip.

dark blue nail designs

Festive Midnight Blue Nails

This next winter nail design is perfect for those festive parties. The lovely blue matte is a bit silly too, the white nails are like snow. The index finger has a snowflake on the tip of one of the blue nails.

winter dark blue nail designs

Spooky Skull Dark Blue Nail Arts

Halloween skull nails such as this one will have you feeling great. The design may not be the easiest one to copy for beginners. You can save this image for your next manicure appointment.

skull nail dark blue nail designs

Which of these dark blue nails do you find the most appealing? Will you try to copy them or buy maybe one of the ones suggested?

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