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Looking for winter skirt ideas, maybe tips on how to wear skirts in winter. I love skirts and boots outfits because they are easy accessories. Check out this post for inspiration for the best winter skirt outfit ideas to shop and copy.

Skirts are versatile, they are easy to style excellent fashion, and for a cute feminine feel. Althought you want to flaunt your skirt, you still want to keep warm and comfortable.

If you choose a skirt with ankle boots then you can add thick winter leggings to your outfit. Doesn’t matter if you like boots with skirts the best ones are affordable, versatile, and fashionable.

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Winter Skirt Outfits

Boots with skirts

Image via Instagram/sophiadorena

Boots are a popular choice for the colder months and Winter is the coldest season of all. The outfit has a lovely cross-body bag, shiny black boots, a leather skirt, a sweater, and a long black coat.

Image leylaell_

Winter is the perfect time to take those combat boots for wear. This look features a casual winter outfit with a skirt, cardigan sweater, black stockings, and cute combat boots. The outfit is so cute too and the skirt is flirty.

Image via Instagram/leylaell_

This outfit is not only cute but a good feminine Winter attire. You can add thick leggings to go with this look if you will be out in the snow for a longer time.

Image via Instagram/sjjdavidsen

This next look could be a baddie outfit idea for women who keep their style no matter the season. The writing on the clear stockings makes it an eye-catching, black tennis skirt outfit with an oversize sweater.

Miniskirt and sweatshirt

Image Instagram

This makes cute preppy college outfit ideas for teenage girls and the young at heart. This casual winter outfit idea with skirt, white socks, platform shoes, a brown skirt, and a sweatshirt.

Here is another way to wear your sweatshirt, black stockings with white leg warmers and sneakers. This is a good choice for high school or college winter outfit ideas.

Leather Jacket and Skirt outfit for winter


This look is a good transition from Fall to Winter style. A leather jacket and pants are best during the colder season. I love the look as it seems like a schoolgirl outfit but is practical for everyday wear.

cute winter skirt outfits with leather jacket

Image via Instagram/evthalia

Here is another simple idea for winter skirts for women who want something simple and playful. You can change the tube top to more suitable clothes de[pending on the weather in your area. You can also check out these cute cold weather outfit ideas if you want more inspiration.

Leather jacket and skirt outfit for winter with a cute plaid skirt and ankle boots. The look is sporty and yet a formal winter skirt outfits.

A skirt outfit with boots is a good way to keep your legs warm. This look features a stylish brown jacket, striped blouse, pleated skirt, handbag, and boots.

How To Wear Skirts in Winter with Scarf

How To Wear Skirts in Winter

This is how to wear skirts in Winter with a scarf and look fashionable. Winter skirt outfits with boots, stockings, and oversize scarves to keep warm and cute.

winter skirt outfits with boots

Image via wheretoget

Choosing a casual winter skirt outfit with boots and flats will keep you comfortable on your feet and you will also be warm.

winter skirt outfits with ankle boots

Image via Pinterest

Casual office wear for winter, this is a cute work top that is for any season. The look has a neardy chic look and feels to it.

Winter doesn’t have to be dark clothes you can add these light colors and a pink pretty midi skirts to your wardrobe. If you like heels then you may want to give this outfit a try and add thick stockings to keep your feet warm.

Winter Skirt Outfits with Sweater

cute winter skirt outfits

Image via Instagram/lisarosii

This is one of my favorite winter skirt outfits because it is perfect for any age woman and girl. Althought it is stylish it is important to keep warm during the cold months.

winter skirt outfits

Image source Instagram/lisarosii

Here is another everyday outfit for a stylish girly girl who wants to enjoy wearing skirts even during the season on warmer days. This skirt is a bit lightweight so I suggest you wear something underneath to keep warm.

Image via pinnieapple

Soft fur sweater with mid-length skirt and boots. The look is comfortable and you can wear this to work you will look appropriate and still stylish.

skirt winter outfit ideas

This outfit may not be best for snow days but it’s an elegant formal winter skirt outfit. Knitted sweaters and midi skirts and you can replace the strappy slippers with heels and stockings.

Winter Skirt Outfit with ankle boots

Image via Pinterest

I love this next midi skirt outfit with laced-up ankle boots and a turtleneck. The look is elegant and you can feel comfortable and not show too much skin. So here is an appropriate outfit idea for winter for modest women.

Cool outfit with ankle boots and a flirty black skirt. This look will look good on tall or petite girls.

Midi skirt and boots outfit

Midi skirts and boots can look cute and professional. This outfit features a slim fitted knitted sweater, black and white line skirt, and black over the knee boots. This is not your basic everyday outfit it is a lovely fashionable look.

Image via Pinterest.com

This look features a checkered skirt, burgundy sweater, and rain boots. This look will be great no matter how the weather is.

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Long midi skirt and brown boots and if that is not your color you can change to black or white. This pleated skirt is made with thick material so you for sure will be warm and the cropped blazer adds structure to the look.

Midi skirt and Jacket

Image via stylevore.com

Miniskirt and blazer

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Leathers are perfect during the cold season so this skirt is so right. The look is professional and features a dark green blazer, beige sweater, swirly skirt, black stockings, and black ankle boots.

Image via mari_malibu

Pencil skirt with boots

Image source Pinterest

Pencil skirt with Heels

Shop this Outfit

winter skirt outfits with boots


If you are looking for a cute teacher outfit idea then give this a try. The green pencil skirt and green pumps elevate the look.

Winter Skirt and Long Coat

winter skirt outfits with boots

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Image via @sophiadorena

winter skirt outfits with boots

Image via Instagram/pinnieapple

How To Wear Skirts in Winter

Winter skirt outfits with a denim jacket

How To Wear Skirts in Winter with denim jacket

Cardigans and skirts

Cardigans and skirts

Image leylaell_

winter skirt outfits with boots

Image via Instagram/aloisparisian

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Winter Skirt Outfits

How to wear skirts in winter without freezing? Which of these winter skirt outfits are you planning on trying out? I am sure there are plenty and I will keep this post up to date to keep you inspired by the latest trend.

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