17 Unique Sleeve Tattoos for Women

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In the modern world body art has become more popular and here are some sleeve tattoos for women to inspire you. Who can deny a female classy half sleeve tattoo?

So these tattoos will start at the top of the arm and go midway or all the way down the elbow. These tattoos are bold and for the brave soul.

Sleeve Tattoos for Women

You can add multiple elements to make your tattoo unique and with meaning. Choosing a tattoo that represents you, and tells your story and the sleeve gives enough room for that.

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Best Classy Sleeve Tattoos for Women

1 . Minimalist Body Art

Minimalist tattoos are becoming more popular and these are easily hidden.

Sleeve tattoos for women

2. Lower Tattoo with Flowers

This next option is gorgeous and this serves as both inspiration or you can shop this temp tattoo.

Sleeve tattoos for women

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3. Female Classy Half Sleeve Tattoo

Wanting a floral classy half sleeve tattoo is a good option. Floral design has always been a trendy and elegant taste.

Sleeve tattoos for women

4. Compass and other Elements Full Sleeve Tattoo

When it comes to getting a full sleeve tattoo no matter your gender its always a good ideas to have a story in mind.

Sleeve tattoos for women

5. Floral Rose Tattoo

Here is another interesting floral tattoo design with leaf and a butterfly.

half sleeve tattoos for women

6. Dragon Pattern Tattoo Stickers

These half sleeve tattoos for women with a snake design and colored flowers. Dragon tattoos are good with other Asian words as well.

half sleeve tattoos for women

7. Scary Looking Tattoo

If you are a goth then maybe you would like something like this. This look you may want to share your thoughts on mortality or death.

Image credit: @razone_tattoo

8. Classy upper arm tattoos for females

This next one has a small bird sitting in between the flowers. The tattoos are group together with branches of leaves. I love the fact there is no particular flowers or shade of colors.

9. Rose Pretty Women Sleeve Tattoos

If you love then maybe you want to check out these other 20 Forarm tattoos for women. I love how delicate this design is and how the flowers that surround the rose.

10. “love” Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo with meaning is always a great way to remember something. Love is a huge meaning and with the other words around it, this means the most to the user.

11. Colorful Nature Tattoo

Adding some colors to your tattoo can make it stand out more, it is cute and feminine. Pretty womens sleeve tattoos in water color and this is a popular choice right now.

12. Animal sleeve tattoo female

The bird is at the very top followed by a wolf, a wild cat, and a flower at the bottom. The tiger can symbolize freedom and independence.

Animal sleeve tattoo female

13. Lower Arm Floral Sleeve Tattoo

Four different types of flowers in this design. Tattoos with flowers can be delicate and perfect for females. Rose tattoos can symbolize passion white a black color roses can be death.

Lower Arm Sleeve Tattoo

14. Snake and Flowers Sleeve Tattoos

The flowers can represent love, and passion and the snake can symbolize rebirth. When you are choosing your full sleeve tattoos, remember it’s yours and there is no limit to your creativity.

Snake and Flowers Sleeve Tattoos

15. Jewels Sleeve Tattoos For Female

The design of jewels falling off the design, look is unique and creative.

16. Full Sleeve tattoos for women

Collection of images to create a full sleeve tattoos and the clock and flowers are two of them. The clock often represents the passing of time such as life cycle and death.

Full Sleeve tattoos for women

17. Dragon Half-sleeve Tattoos for Women

If you are looking for a super cool half sleeve tattoo that is not only awesome and cool. The dragon is full of symbolism that associates with wisdom and strength.

Dragon Half-sleeve Tattoos for Women

Celestial tattoo sleeve

celestial tattoo sleeve

Which of these sleeve tattoos for females are you going to try?

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