How To Fix Patchy Hair Dye – Even Out Hair Color

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After a hair dye process, we may be left with undesired results such as a patchy dye job, which could lead you to ask, How to even out hair color?

Patchy hair dye results from hair dye not taking as it should. Here are some ways to fix patchy hair dye as this is a common problem. This is more common when you do your own dye job in that bathroom.

Fix Patchy Hair Dye At Home

If you have dyed your hair before alone this won’t be too hard to fix patchy hair dye. Also, check out these dye hair colors for inspiration. To first start, you need to check certain things that can help you target the right areas.

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How to Even Out Hair Color

1. Access the situation, What caused uneven hair color?

You need the right items and proportions. The box hair dye comes with two things and these need to be mixed correctly together. The developer and the dye need to blend well together and add the right quantities for the right result.

Note that too much developer will cause the hair to be lighter than you desired and on the flip side too much dye will result in the hair being a shade darker. Follow the instructions carefully from the box.

Most box dyes will come with their own instruction. You should apply the dye evenly to your hair or some areas will have more color than others. Not applying evenly will result in a patchy appearance. So before your next attempt, learn how to apply the dye correctly to avoid patchy hair color.

Top Reasons:

  • Uneven application process

There are plenty of reasons for uneven application, such as bad timing, if you don’t saturate your hair dye the right way then some areas may not receive enough color which may result in patchiness.

Be sure to do this well and follow the timing of the package for the best result.

  • Porous or damaged hair

Prorus hair, or extremely damaged hair could result in a patchy finish. The porous hair absorbs the hair dye unevenly resulting in a patchy appearance. If this is the case then you would or should prep your hair weeks in advance with deep conditioning and hair mask treatment.

  • Color buildup

If you have previously colored your hair then it’s possible some areas will be more difficult to penetrate. Color buildup can also occur if you use a hair dye that is too dark or too intense for your natural hair color. The excess pigment in the hair dye can create a buildup of color on the hair, resulting in patchiness.

  • Improper hair color selection

Here again, if you choose a color that is too dark or too light for your natural color hair then you can get a patchy look. Some colors may need you to bleach your hair instead of using a semi-permanent hair dye for a lighter result.

  • Hard water

Sometimes we have hard water coming through the pipes. If this is a problem in your area then your water has a lot of minerals. This can affect the way hair dye penetrates the hair, resulting in a patchy appearance

  • Hair Products and Styling

Sometimes our hair has product buildup that prevents hair dyes from penetrating the hair. There is a simple solution for this, invest in a clarifying shampoo if you use a lot of hair products such as a gel.

Fix Patchy Hair Dye

2. Gather What you have learned

Given the situation, now that you have access to the type of problem you are dealing with. Orange or yellow tones required the right shampoo or toner to help with this issue.

Uneven roots will need a new dye job to get rid of that uneven color.

Now you have to get all your supplies this is one of the first steps to fixing patchy hair dye.

Do not start from the roots but instead like three inches away. Start applying the mixture to each strand. Do not ignore any part of your hair and you should use a dye brush if you have one. When you are done carefully go back over and focus on the roots. Be careful when applying the dye making sure you coat all the strands.

Dont forget where you started, Try to remember where you started this way you can get a more even application process. Apply hair dye at starting point and work from there to avoid overlapping.

Fix Patchy Hair Dye

3. Choose Your Dye Mix

When looking into the reason you may have ended up with patchy hair, this could have been your hair dye. Now you have to look deeper into the reason it went wrong in the first place.

For Uneven Roots and How To Fix Them

If you were bleaching your hair or just making the hair lighter than the natural shade. This happens because you started the hair color at the roots.

If you want to fix this patchy dye job, you will need to choose a color one or two shades darker than the previous one for your roots. This will make your hair appear even.

If the ends needed to be lighter then you could use the same color as the initial color. Also using the same color as before could prevent your hair from being patchy. This time dyeing hair with the right color mixed properly.

4. Prep your hair

Fix patchy hair dye, may have to start weeks in advance after the failed application. If you are trying to fix orange or yellow spots you will need lavender shampoo for at least 2-4 days in advance of the dye application.

When it comes to semi-permanent hair dye jobs by using lavender shampoo or clarifying shampoo to fix this issue.

Brassiness is somewhat harder if you used a permanent dye, you will need a color two shades darker dye. You can choose to use red toner to correct this. A toner is an excellent way to reduce the amount of dye you will need.

Fix patchy hair dye by using a toner can help even out the color, preventing the dark and lighter areas to be that obvious. Yellow tone can be corrected by blue or purple toner.

5. Put your hair in sections

Note this step is important and should not be skipped, highly recommend it. Once you finish mixing your hair dye, this will help with the application and hair stran saturation. Untangle your hair using a brush or could use a wide-tooth comb.

Section your hair into four sections, and keep the parts straight. This will make your application process goes a lot smoother. You don’t want to end up with patchy hair dye, proper sectioning will keep everything in place and gives more control. This will also help under-dying sections giving you wonderful coverage.

When it comes to fixing a patchy hair dye job, uniform coverage is important. You should apply petroleum jelly around your ears, and hairline to protect your skin from becoming stained by the dye.

6. Apply the Dye

How to apply dye

How you apply your dye is a crucial part of the hair dyeing process and prevents future patchy hair. You may think it is easier to use your hand and apply it like you would do shampoo and this could be too messy and lead to a dye disaster.

Because hair dye is more like paint you have to saturate the strands. If you have bleached hair be sure to coat the hair, giving specific areas to attention. This is why it is so important to use an air brush to apply the dye.

The brush will apply it more evenly and get you more to the scalp. You should use your fingers as well as they can smooth things and be sure you are filling in the spot. The roots of the hair are the easiest part to process so start at the bottom and work your way up.

Final check, Wash, and Rinse

After your timer goes off, inspect all your hair to make sure it’s more uniform this time. If you are satisfied with the result of each area. Now is the time you will rinse the rest of your hair out.

Look at your hair ends and all the areas, if everything is still to your pleasing, now you go ahead with color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Depending on the state of your hair even deep conditioning treatments are welcome at this point. These treatments will help with any damage your hair may have gotten and also give your hair a moisture boost.

When your hair is dry style as usual.

How to Even Out Hair Color and What to do after?

To keep your hair in its best health and get the best out of your color. You will need proper hair color aftercare. You should have a good plan even before starting this journey to have your color stay vibrant as long as possible.

If you skip this part then you end up with faded color in no time. Invest in a color-depositing shampoo to keep your hair dye looking great.

Other Questions you may have

After fixing your hair there may be other questions on your mind.

How do I make my hair even on both sides?

Alternatively, use your finger to smooth your hair so it is flattering. Basically, it lifts and it reflects the hair in a contrasting way. It’s also possible to spray the crease with hairspray.

How Do You Make Red Dye Even?

How Do You Make Red Dye Even?

When you use green, it’s the opposite color. For orange, a contrast is either purple or blue. If a toner is used on your hair it neutralizes brassiness and red tone.

I hope these tips help even out hair color that didn’t have the desired result.

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