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10 Best Rihanna hairstyle

10 Best Rihanna hairstyle

Rihanna is one of the most trendy pop start of this time . Her style is unique and she is never too scared to look like a diva on the red carpet . Her fierce hairstyles has been popular worldwide . 

1. Sleek Side Swept:

This sleek hairstyle , tightly pulled back in a thin ponytail .

2 The Red French Braid:

One of Rihanna’s popular long hairstyle . This hairstyle is effortless and elegant , merging two braids to create aside french braid hair .

3. Half up Half Down Hairstyle

This beautiful ponytail hairstyle is pretty not too formal and not like casual gym hair. This hairstyle is the perfect balance to her personality the sleek top and the messy curls at the back (Soft and beautiful but still edgy and fun ).


4.Neat Bantu Updo

Rihanna rocking this neat updo , showcasing another side of her .

5. The horn Curls

The horn curls and the red hair gives a edgy devilish appeal .

6. Soft Charming Curls

These curls are soft with a wet look and feel to it . Smooth top with curls emerging at the end of the hairstyle . This hairstyle is very Rihanna and very chic . 

7. Ombre Hairdo

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This is one of my personal favorite , the look is elegant with a beautiful color .

8. Pixie

Rihanna rocked this hairstyle for quite a while , she loved it and we can see why, it looks great on her . 

9. Sleek Shaved side

This is another variation hairstyle that show another side of her .  

10. Rihanna’s red bob hairstyle

Trying out a Rihanna hairstyle with boldness then the red bob may be for you . This style is great for formal event and also going a lovely day at the pool side .