22 Cute Fall Outfits For College

Fall Outfits For College

College is one of the first steps to independence, with no parents, and it’s the time to explore. During the college years, it’s a great place to showcase your personal style. Whether you are into the preppy look, girly pink, tombboy, chick, or just want something for those lazy days. These cute fall outfits for college are comfortable, stylish, and best of all inspirational.

Fall is such a fun season, you start playing with texture and layers. So if you are looking for nice casual outfits for this year’s fall. Here are twenty-four ( 24 ) outfits to spark that idea or copy right now.

Some of the essentials you will need as a college girl:

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Oversize t-shirt

Comfortable Slippers

Nice Pair of Jeans

Black Leggings ( trust me lifesaver)

Boots!!! so important beyond fall and winter college essentials.

Popular Cute Fall Outfits For College With Leggings


Here are some fun ways to style your outfit with leggings during the fall season. When coming off summer you want to add some stuff to your wardrobe.

Fall Outfits For College

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Our next Outfit has a beautiful light green color, a lightweight sweater with black Adidas leggings. If you want to mix athletic wear with fall casual style. This is good for when the weather starts getting colder.

Cute Fall Outfits

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Bring your personality out with this Cute Fall Outfits


Here is another way you can style your black leggings this season. This red and black plaid shirt is interesting outerwear. Styling your leggings with the right color fall ankle boots.

Cute Fall Outfits

4 . Casual fall college outfits

Yellow is one of the trendy colors of this year. If you like to wear bright colors with a more subtle color then this yellow top, black leggings with yellow sneakers.

Fall Outfits For College

5. Black Leggings, with sweatshirt and sneakers

Here is another cute fall outfit with leggings. This next outfit has multiple colors, the colors blend well together

Cute Fall Outfits

Plaid Pattern Fall Outfits For College

6. Lightweight top and Plaids Skirt

This next cute fall outfit is comfortable and looks amazing. Miniskirt, with a white button front

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7. Cute fall outfit with Plaids

This next fall outfit for college is this stylish fall fashion that has a Korean sense to it. These stylish pants with a crop top and cardigans for your fall wardrobe.

8 . Leather Jacket with cropped blouse and Pants

Another interesting way to style your ankle-length Korean-style pants. Cute college outfit ideas for fall with a mini leather jacket, white crop top, and straight ankle-length pants.

9 . Ripped Jeans with Shirts

Fall outfit for a professional college student, this stylish ripped jeans outfit is for modern women. The style is dressed up but you can switch the heels out for flats for a more casual and practical look. Black ad white plaid shirt blouse, sunglasses, black handbag, and pointy front heels (optional).

cute fall outfits

10 . Cute Fall Outfit with Skirt and Jacket

This next outfit you will like if you want something to cover up at the top but still warm enough to enjoy a skirt.

casual fall college outfits

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Casual Fall Outfit Ideas for College with Jeans

11. Jeanc Jacket, skinny jeans, and white body suit

This next outfit is styled with Calvin Klein inner and Jacket, skinny black jeans, and white sneakers. Sneaker is one of your best friends for college, it’s the most comfortable and casual wear.

When having to walk from class to class all over campus invest in at least 2-3 good sneakers. We have some recommendations you can buy right now here.

casual fall college outfits

12 . Comfortable long-sleeve top with black ripped-knee jeans

Although you are in college looking effortless chic is still a dream. The next outfit is just that, long sleeve cream color blouse, black pants, a Gucci belt, and platform sneakers.

casual fall college outfits

13 . Cute comfortable pink top

This has to be one of the cutest outfit ideas on this list of cute college outfits. The pink eye shadow and nails are an option but it goes well with this look. If you want ideas on how to wear your white pants this is an option.

cute college outfits

14 . Chic and Stylish Outfit Idea for College

This next outfit is stylish and fall-ready. For school, this soft pink sweater top is adorable and perfect for girls who love dainty colors. With well-fitted pants, and white sneakers for a long day on your feet.

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16. Sneakers just made the look more casual and perfect for everyday class

This outfit can wear to your college work interviews. You look professional but still youthful by dressing down a bit with the sneakers.

cute work outfits for fall

17 . Short White Jacket with Fitted Trousers

This outfit is super adorable, if you want a practical preppy outfit for college then this is a good choice.

cute College outfits

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White Jacket (similar)

18. Pink Blazer Casual with Denim

Here is another professional casual look for college girls who want to make a lasting impression. This is a cute casual style but a little dressed up.

fall outfit with ripped jeans

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Fall College Outfit Ideas with Skirts & Dress

19. Sweater dress and Boots

The season to start enjoying boots and more boots. Here is a lovely way to wear your boot this fall and stand out with a chic more oversized sweater.

sweater dress outfit, brown with black over the knee boots

20. Mini Skirt

I love how the burnt orange jacket goes well with the white skirt. Burnt orange colors are more popular during the fall season.

fall outfit with skirt

21 . Casual fall college outfits

Not all women want knee-high boots so we have these lovely combat boot outfit ideas for you as well. If you are the artsy type this look is cool and modern and pretty bold.

cute skirt outfit idea for school

22 . Chic dress-up outfit idea

For date night or maybe looking for a college party outfit idea then this is a great choice. The look features a white off-shoulder blouse, a black and white polka dots skirt with a lot of movements.

skirt outfit for fall

23 . Flirty Look For fall

24 . Sport college look

casual fall college outfits

25 . Cute Fall Outfits

 Fall  Outfits for college

For fall college outfits you have a lot of options just be ready to experiment a bit.

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