26+ Bixie Haircut Ideas For Short Hair

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Pixie haircuts are chic and cute but can be too short for some. On the other hand, bob haircuts might feel too long. The perfect middle ground? A “bixie”!

A bixie combines the best of pixies and bobs, giving you the right length for styling while staying cute, chic, and low-maintenance. Wondering if a bixie is right for you?

How to get a Bixie

No matter your face shape, hair type, or texture, the bixie can be a fun, low-maintenance hairstyle. It’s ideal for those who want a chop without the upkeep of a traditional short cut. This style is perfect for anyone seeking an edgy, yet easy-to-maintain look.

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For a successful bixie, precise angles, flattering layers, and customizable lengths are key. Ensure you see a trusted stylist before committing to this look, and come prepared for your appointment.

The hairstylist advises, “Bring photos of bixie cuts you like and explain what you like about them. For example, ‘I love the waves and curls in these bixie styles.’ The texture in styling showcases the cut’s expertise.” This additional context helps you achieve a haircut you’ll love.

Spino adds, “Useful terms to describe the cut include heavily-layered, textured, and shattered. Pictures are particularly helpful because the bixie is very customizable, with many variations.”

Consider the length, too. The bixie isn’t one-size-fits-all. The length can range from tighter in the back with wisps around the face to as long as the chin . Arrive at the salon with a length in mind and discuss it thoroughly with your stylist.

Bixie Inspo

Platinum Blonde Bixie with Dark Roots

Platinum Blonde Bixie with Dark Roots

Combines modern color with low-maintenance.

Slicked-Back Emerald Bixie Cut

Slicked-Back Emerald Bixie Cut

Jewel-toned elegance with a slicked-back style.

Asymmetrical Bixie with Side Bangs

Asymmetrical Bixie with Side Bangs

Frames the face perfectly with playful color contrast.

Lavender Highlights

Via martiinaa_attard/ Instagram

Silver and lavender highlights for a fairy-like look.

Fiery Red Angled Bixie

Bright and fierce, perfect for making a statement.

Sleek Black Bixie with Silver Streaks

Black and silver create a stunning look.

Soft Curls in a Natural Blonde Bixie

Soft Curls in a Natural Blonde Bixie

Via thebigchopsalon / Instagram

Delicate and feminine, perfect for year-round wear.

Robbin Bixie with an Undercut

Edgy with a deep jet-black color.

Bixie Cut with Golden Ombre

Bixie Cut with Golden Ombre

Sun-kissed ends with enough length for ombre.

Salt and Pepper Bixie with Volume

Salt and Pepper Bixie with Volume

Great for women over 40 with a youthful bounce.

Muted Pastel Rainbow Bixie

Muted Pastel Bixie haircut

Adds whimsy with muted pastel colors.

Ultra-Short Rose Gold Bixie

Ultra-Short Rose Gold Bixie

Sophisticated and classy rose gold.

Ocean Blue Waves Bixie Cut

Perfect summer style with ocean blue waves.

Ginger Bixie with Long Front Pieces

Vintage and stylish with a rich ginger shade.

Chunky Blonde Highlights

chunky hair

Chic and modern with contrasting chunky highlights.

Voluminous Curly Bixie in Chestnut

Voluminous Curly Bixie in Chestnut

Rich chestnut with lovely curls and volume.

Dramatic A-line Bixie Cut

Always in style with a-line shape and silver strands.

Tousled Bixie in Honey-Blonde

Casual and carefree honey-blonde style.

Side-Parted Silver

Trendsetting with a deep side part and silver color.

Bixie with Cool Grey Tones

Trendy grey tones with subtle volume.

Tapered Bixie with Teal Accents

Flat-laying, tapered cut with teal highlights.

Finger-Waved Bixie

Finger-Waved Bixie

Mesmerizing dark violet and silver combo.

High-Shine Bixie in Jet Black

High-Shine Bixie in Jet Black

Via yukistylis / Instagram

Intense and modern jet-black bixie.

Feathered Bixie with Auburn Tips

Retro feathered cut with auburn ends.

Golden Mocha

Glowing blend of blonde and golden hues.

Bixie Cut with Subtle Green Highlights
Adventurous yet subtle green highlights.

Smoky Quartz Bixie Cut
Mysterious smoky quartz color.

Classic Blonde Bixie with Peek-a-Boo Pastels
Timeless with a 2024 twist using pastel peek-a-boo.

Long-Front Bixie in Ash-Blonde
Cool and contemporary with long, side-swept bangs.

Bixie Cut with Sun-Kissed Babylights
Thrilling orange shade perfect for summer.

Bixie Cut with Lavender Hues
Delicate lavender for a fairy-tale look.

Sleek Platinum Blonde Bixie

Sleek Platinum Blonde Bixie

Via mobhair / Instagram

Flashy and elegant platinum blonde.

Romantic Bixie

Romantic Bixie


Soft, natural look with layered hazelnut color.

Flaming Red Bixie Cut

Flaming Red Bixie Cut

Bold and eye-catching flaming red.

Cute Bixie With Bangs

Bixie with bangs

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