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30+ Coffin Nails To Die For, Beautiful Coffin Nails Shape!

30+ Coffin Nails To Die For, Beautiful Coffin Nails Shape!

Coffin Nails

Coffin nails Desing (also called “ballerina” nails) is not a new trend but still remain popular today. These nails were popular in the 90’s but haven’t lost their appeal.

Coffin Nails

What are Coffin Nails Shape:

Coffin Nails Shape

This shape is similar to stiletto, but with a squared off tip, shape more like a coffin or ballerina. These coffin nails are harder to pull off on natural nails. These nails are better on fake nails and longer nails.

Coffin Nails Design : Cool Maroon Matte Nail art

Beautiful Coffin Style Nails

coffin nails

Glossy lilac Coffin nails design are lovely

This is gorgeous and not over the top. Coffin nails with some crystals for a sweet design.

3D designs Coffin Nails

3D designs Coffin Nails Shape

glitter coffin nails

Cream white coffin nails design

Cream white coffin nails are charming and gives a delicate look. This white designs if perfect for prom/ wedding. This nail design is great for all age group and shows a bit of classiness.

Multiple Unique Coffin Nails designs

Brown , pattern and rhinestone to create a fabulous coffin nail design. Each finger has a unique design, amazing coffin nails shape to die for. Coffin shape nails are are great and if you love long nails this brown earth tone matte coffin nails . 

Lime Green Coffin Nails Matte

This Lime green design is easy to do and will let you feel super chic. This design is perfect for spring, summer time.

Coffin Nails Design Ideas

 Multi design showing your unique personality. Want to show off your unique personality this design may just do that.

Matte Coffin Nails Ideas with studs

Crystals are a nice way to make your design look even more beautiful. Also great if you are new to Nail Art design .

Black Coffin Nail Design

Coffin Nails Ideas

Bold black coffin nails,  two shade nail is glamorous, black being bold and the white bring out the life of the nail.

Matte Red Coffin Nails design Ideas

Coffin Nails Ideas

Red Coffin nails, red base color on all nails ring finger got rosy design.

Winter is coming 

Coffin Nails Ideas

The perfect coffin nail art for winter.

Heart Shape Design Coffin Nails Ideas

We heart it 🙂 This cute coffin nails design is perfect for valentine. Also the dark color is great for winter. 

Feeling the Army look yet ?

Try out these baddie look when you want something to show your boss side.

Natural Look

The natural look may need some more work. You have to find a more natural color , like light pink and matte white nail lacquer to apply on the base and tips of your nail. Also see : Coffin acrylics

Red and Black mix

Light Pink Coffin Nails Design

When in doubt light pink is a go 2 color for all woman. To add a little design to the pink nails , give one of them gold glitter. 

More Pink Coffin Nails Idea

Long Pink Coffin Nails Design

Long pink coffin nails are sophisticated and can go from the office right into a formal event. The more simple the nails design the more sophisticated it look when long. 

Pastel Orange Coffin Nails

Like pink pastel colors are great when you are unsure of what look you going for. Pastel Orange nails with a little touch of flower on the finger of your choice. These will look great on you during spring and summer season. 

See Also

Translucent Coffin Shape Nails

This is not for beginners , you will need your nail specialist for this one. Translucent coffin nails black is for people with edgy creative personality. Translucent also looks best on coffin shape nails so that also a con.

Bright Yellow Coffin shape nails

Sunny bright yellow nails, this matte color will certainly catch the eyes of others. Perfect nail color for Spring, summer and Autumn . These will leave an impression and yellow can wear with black outfit to create a beautiful contrast. 

Translucent White Coffin Nails

Translucent nail mix with white is fun .Clear base nail polish and add your white design on top. Draw it if you can but if not get done professionally. These will go well with anything in your wardrobe. 

Classy White Coffin Nail Shape

White nails are pretty fun when done right. These are elegant and also fun, the perfect Nails for wedding and formal events. The touch of crystals on the tip and the a little extra flare by adding the clear and white design mix on one of the nail with some rhinestone for that extra glam. 

Black and Silver Coffin Nails

black coffin nails

This simple but dramatic look is a popular choice for girls new to designing. Black and silver color alternating , great choice for beginners . Paint simple black line on silver nail or buy black strip tape for perfect lines.

Silver and White Glitter Nail

Long coffin nails with white and silver design. Long coffin nails shape  is elegant and the glitter is a lovely touch.

Edgy Black Coffin nails

black coffin nails

Black coffin nails are bold with silver edged , this is probably one of my favorite black design. These black coffin nails will look great for prom and will go well with most outfits. 

Black with Gold Nail Designs

black coffin nails

Want black coffin nails but with some touch of gold. This design is perfect for you.

Turquoise Nails

Deep Turquoise color coffin nail for and the extra flare on your ring finger. Classy beautiful design for women looking for design that is not too boring but not too much. 

Mint Green Coffin nails

Mint green nail are are perfect for spring time but will look good all year round.

Baby Blue Coffin Nail Shape

Dark Green Nails

Dark Green Coffin Nails

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