14+ Home Remedies for Gray Hair

Home Remedies for Gray Hair

If you are looking for home remedies for gray hair then you are in the right place! Gray hair is the new blond right? However, their times when gray hair happens too early are also called premature graying. There are other things, hair goes through a natural life cycle dies. When you get older your hair follicles age as well and produce less color.

Genetics plays a huge part in when you start graying but the average person is around 35. So although gray hair can be seen as wisdom to some others feel they look old and they are not ready for that. So when the hair starts going gray they want it to go away to kee more youthful appearance.


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Although there are some hair dyes made to cover gray hair not everyone wants to use chemicals. So fortunately we have some safer home remedies and alternatives

Being young and looking young is not a new trend regardless the gender. So people take many steps to keep their hair looking voluminous and vibrant looking.

What may be surprising is how the little homes’ common ingredients can make a difference, reverse, or reduce gray. There are natural hair dyes that can give you beautiful color tints, such as auburn, blond, mahogany, black, and red.

I have written about transition to grey hair with highlights. This post showcases some of the best products you can use and hairstyles.

Some of the main things that contribute to premature graying are stress, vitamin deficiency, poor nutrition, and even pregnancy. We can’t change our genes but we can do things to delay greying by eating the right foods and exercising.

Increase your vitamin intake

B vitamins, especially B-12 and biotin

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin D

Your Minerals are Important

Minerals also play a vital role in repair and hair growth.

Minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium, selenium, copper

There are other things you should change as well, if you smoke then you should stop. Smoking can damage hair follicles and also shrink them. Some other damaging things can be water chlorine, sun damage

Be mindful of the things you use and do with your hair:

  • Do not wash your hair with shampoo too often
  • Bleaching
  • Harsh soaps and shampoo
  • Doing too much heat styling (flat ironing, blow dryer)

Home remedies for gray hair color

Here are some of the best gray hair healing home remedies, these include:

  • Blackstrap Molasses is a dark color liquid that is mentioned by many that it has reverse graying. This liquid also has iron, manganese, selenium, and copper which are good for your hair and overall health. How to use it Eat a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses every alternate day for at least a few months to see positive results.
  • Coconut Oil is another popular oil in the natural hair community and beauty. The way to use this is to massage your scalp at night with coconut oil and wash it out the next day. This is good to use when you know you will wash your hair the next day.
  • Amla fruit or oil is another home remedy for gray hair. You can choose to eat the fruit which is good for your entire body or use the oil to massage your scalp once a week. You can also rinse your hair with Amla water and it will improve the overall health of your hair, increase thickness, smoothness, and reverse graying.
  • Onion, this next one remedy you can blend in a blender and then strain it so you are left with the juices. Massage your scalp with this twice a week then wash it out as usual. You can also mix your onion juice with honey or coconut oil.
  • Curry Leaves, is another old home remedy that can be used for gray hair. Some people eat these leaves daily, paste them, or apply the oil to their hair. The leaves offer antioxidant enzymes catalase and glutathione that help to get rid of hydrogen peroxide that turns hair white. Make a paste of curry leaves and yogurt to create a paste. Apply it to your scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes then wash it out. Repeat this process 2-3 times a week.
  • Rosemary, create a mix of rosemary mix with sage leaves for extra effect. If you have time you can also make a rosemary oil infuse. Take a glass jar to fill 1/3 of it with dried rosemary, you can then add extra virgin reality oil. Place the jar somewhere sunny, and leave it for four to six weeks. Shake the jar gently every four days, once it is infused use it as hair oil.
  • Catalase, is important in our diet, eat food rich in enzyme catalase such as kale, garlic, almonds, and sweet potato for example.
  • Fo-ti is taken as a supplement of 1,000 milligrams two times per day with food 
  • Ginger, this mix is easy, grated ginger with 1 tbs of honey.
  • Carrot juice is not only delicious but drinks 8 once a day to reverse the graying hair process.

Natural hair dye

There are various natural hair dyes that you can use to dye your hair at home. The best part of this is that you don’t have to worry about chemical damage from store-bought dyes.

These types of hair dyes are not as strong as the commercial ones so the process has to be repeated a a few times to see changes.

Some primary indigents based on your natural hair color:

  • Blondes: lemon peel, marigold flower, and chamomile flower tea
  • Black hair: Sage, black walnut, and black tea
  • Red hair: Carrot, rose petals, and beetroots
  • Brown hair: Coffee and Cinnamon

Best natural hair dyes suggested by natural beauty gurus:

  • Henna is a popular natural remedy around the hair community forums. Henna is a natural way to color your hair and it’s one of the best. The color will get richer and brighter each time you apply, beautiful shades of red, brown, mahogany, and black.
  • Carrot juice can give your hair a reddish tint, mix carrot juice with olive oil.
  •  Bhringraj is another herb great for premature graying. Use bhringraj powder with henna, to create a paste that will give a darkish tint to the hair.
  • Black pepper, in a container, adds 1/2 cup yogurt, mix 1 tablespoon of freshly ground black pepper, and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply the mixture to your hair and let it sit for 1 hour then rinse out. Do this process 3 times a week.

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