Strawberry Nails Are The Most Trending This Summer (15 Photos)

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Strawberry nails are everywhere on our feed and with summer in full swing what better time to try these out? You will see colorful fruit fill designs from everyone even the most influential celebs. We are big on nail art on and for that what better than these sweet manicures for the warm months?

We are obsessed with lemon nails and other delicious fruit manicures. You are starting the summer off with bright colors and rainbow nail designs. In our strawberry manicure, you will find glitter, french tip, and 3d nail art ideas. These designs are girlish and delicate with pastel colors. The trend is centered around youth and innocence.

Strawberry nail art manicure

Whether you are all into this aesthetic or just wanting to try out playful, colorful patterns and styles, the green and red colors make the perfect pedi and mani for the summer.

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Strawberry Medium Almond Nails

French tip almond nails with starwbarries

Via nailsdesign_rachel / Instagram

With the perfect manicure, integrating the classic French tip with sweet strawberry designs.

Pastel Pink small Strawberries

pastel pink strawberry nail art design

This is a minimalist design with simple pink strawberry-textured nails.

Cute blend

Pink nails with detailed strawberry

This next nail art design features long nails, barbie pink, and small detailed berries and leaves.

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Flower Power

Flower straberry nails

Via hels.gels / Instagram

This cute design done on natural nails is perfect for summertime picnics and more.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry cake is one of my favorite flavor cakes so I don’t mind giving my nails some of that sweetness.

Minimalist Design

Pastel colors that are soft and delicate, light green blue, and pink berries. These milky pastel nails are stealing the summer.

Micro Strawberries

micro manicure with straberries

Via nailssbylizzy / Instagram

Micronails are some of my favorites and you don’t need to be the most skilled to recreate them. Use this stamp on Amazon for a home DIY mani.

Sunshine Yellow Tips

yellow tips

Via / Instagram

With Juicy 3D

3d strawberry nails

Via realhotgurlnails / Instagram

Pretty Green Strawberry

Green often gets overlooked in strawberry nail art, but this green-focused manicure lets the color shine. Just pick your favorite green polish and matching decals, and you’re good to go.

Red Berry

Via nails_by_fran / Instagram

Strawberry daisies

Strawberry daisies

Via onenailtorulethemall / Instagram

Mix strawberries and daises to create this vibrant color nail design for summer.

Soft Girl Strawberries

For everyone looking for the soft girl aesthetic this design with bows, nails, and 3d style is so pretty.

Glossy Nails

Lip Gloss Straberry summer Nails

If you are looking for a classy manicure to wear to the office this is great. The single strawberry and the glossy finish make it all the more sweet.

15. Swirls and Smile

Straberry Nails Big ’90s Energy

This pretty nostalgic ’90s set is everything.

16. Cream and Peachy

Single Drip Strawberry

How to create Strawberry Nail Art

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