26 Christmas Decor Ideas Outdoor Porch

Getting into the holiday mood, and I can’t think of a better way than decorating your home both inside and outside. I have covered my favorite Christmas DIY Wreath and Christmas door decoration but let’s be real, it’s not really complete without the outdoor ones. So if you are as excited as me to look into more DIY Christmas outdoor decorations.

Another fun reason to decorate the outdoors is to let your neighbors see it. The passerby will admire your Christmas porch decorating style. The outdoor decoration is super impressive although they may take up more time.

The Best DIY Christmas Outdoor Decorations

In this post, I am going to share 20+ most impressive Christmas outdoor decorations by other amazing bloggers. We also have links to some of the tutorials but be sure to finish this list as it may be hard to choose.

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So let us start the list!

1 . Ornament Shaped Lawn Decorations

christmas outdoors decorations

Image Sold on Etsy here

Christmas porch decor can be as simple as this one, it’s quite crafty. These lawn ornaments are lovely, they will help to make your home more festive.

2 . Figure Skating Snowman 

snowman decoration for Christmas

Image Source / sold on Improvements Catalog

If you have snow in your area maybe you will love to have a snowman. This is your chance to have a snowman Christmas even if you are in the tropics will make an interesting lawn decor.

3 . Mini Snow Cover Trees

christmas outdoor decorations

Image from Instagram here

If you have snow where you live this will create a picture-perfect look. This is an amazing opportunity for the snow effect on top of your small pine trees.

4 . Reindeer Glow

Image from Reindeer here

This next Christmas lawn decor is a good option for the backyard or front.

5 . Lantern for both inside and outside

christmas outdoor decorations

Image from here | Buy Similar on Wayfair

This will not only spark up your porch but it can be used indoors. If you are looking for something simple that can make all the difference this is one.

6 . Swooping Garland

christmas outdoor decorations

Shop Garland here

This is one of the easiest Christmas porch decor ideas that won’t hurt your pocket.

7 . Large Festive Ornament Ball

Image source: Grandin Road

8. Festive Candy Door Decoration

Christmas outdoor decorations

DIY Instructions On Lookie What I Did

9 . Snow lanterns ski jackets and thermal wellies

From LittleGreenFingers 

10 . Be creative Hanging baskets with Christmas lights

This is a genius outdoor decor anyone can do, quite interesting. The wooden basket with lights is creative and you can do it yourself.

11 . Christmas Front Door

Source: pinterest.com

12. Snowy Basket


13 . Beautiful House Decoration

christmas outdoors decorations

Image source / Instagram here

14 . Colorful Trails of Neon

christmas outdoors decorations

Image from here

15 . Reindeer and Sleigh Christmas outdoor decorations

Christmas outdoor decorations

Get this on Home Depot

16 . Cute Festive Plant Pot Decor

Image Source: The Keeper Of The Cheerios

DIY outdoor Christmas decorations for those who are artsy. Simple easy and fun to do.

17 . Christmas Luminaries

Christmas Luminaries

Tutorial From Lowes

Easy to make these yourself

18 . Snowman with Light

Bring more lights and more Snowman to your home

Shop Similar Snowman At Home Depot

19 . Snowman Garage Door Decor

Image Sticker from Walmart

20 . Christmas outdoor decorations

christmas outdoors decorations

Image and sold at Walmart

21. Large Wooden Snowflakes

christmas outdoors decorations

Via diy network

22. Deer Silhouettes

Get this on Grandin Road

23. Scandinavian Christmas Porch

Image credit @farmhousetofrills

24. Twinkle Rattan Deer With Lights

Rattan Deer With Lights

Shop these at Pottery Barn

25. Decorated Deer

festive decor with deer

Image credit @decorsteals

26. Winter Wonderland Porch Decor

Winter Wonderland Porch Decor

Image source

27. Vine Wreaths With Lights

vine wreaths with lights

Creative festive wreaths to hang outside your window on the front porch.

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Christmas outdoor decorations
christmas outdoors decorations

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