What Color Shoes to Wear with Gold Dress

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Are you looking for what color shoes to wear with gold dress? then you are in the right post. A gold dress outfit can be the most elegant but you will need shoes that compliment it well.

Althought we mentioned dresses, we will also be covering some gold skirts. These make the perfect New Year’s Ever Dress that will stand out and look glam. Also doesn’t matter if the dress is glittery, matte is a good choice for Proms, Wedding guest dresses, birthday dresses, or other formal occasions.

Fashion is all about style and applying the right accessories. You have to take note of the color of the yellow dress because some have different tones.

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Some gold dresses are bright, some beige, and others are close to silver hue. Gold usually associated with wealth, power, and loyalty. If you are looking to make a statement a gold dress is a sure way to turn some heads.

When choosing a gold dress there are plenty to choose from, that will suit your personal taste, can be simple, or with elegance.

Gowns: These are a classic choice for most formal events and we can’t help but love them. Getting your gold gown like this one can be perfect for the gram. They come in a variety of styles from simple to bold elaborated ball gowns.

What Color shoes to wear with Gold Dress

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What Color shoes to wear with a Gold Dress?

Gold Dress + Gold Shoes

Gold Dress Gold Shoes

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So maybe you weren’t considering gold when looking for what shoes to wear with a gold dress right? The gold dress looks rather great with gold shoes. If you are looking for something chic and amazing then try gold shoes.

Many people wouldn’t think gold works well, but it also does with silver dresses. There are other tips you could consider like matching accessories to the dress, a rule is to match your bag with the darker color of your dress.

If you are in doubt go with a black bag because these go with everything and they never go out of style.

Gold Dress With Black Shoes

Best color shoes with gold dress

Choosing black heels is a classic style you can’t go wrong with. Choosing black is literally one of the easiest colors of shoes to go with any color outfit.

What I really love most about pairing the gold dress with booties, sandals are even heels create an elegant contrast we can’t deny. The black against the bright metallic will really make a statement. Black gold dresses are a good choice if you don’t want solid gold.

If you are going for a casual look, you can consider black flats or sandals. This is a great option for a day you may be on your feet a lot or hanging out with friends.

If you want a small amount of color you can choose black shoes with dark burgundy color or a leopard print. If you are wearing a gold dress you should consider mattering black to avoid full sparkle.

White or Off-White Shoes with Gold Dress

best color shoes to wear with gold dress

A lot of women prefer white or off-white because they are neutral colors. Off-white or bright white shoes with gold dress are fewer contras compared to black. If you are looking to make your gold dress stand out without distraction then you may choose a neutral color like white instead of black shoes.

Style tip: Choose the right shades of white as well know not all white shoes are created equally. If you want your shoes to compliment your dress, choose a shade that matches your dress.

Consider your dress design and style, gowns and formal look best with heels, or pumps. For a more casual look then go with sneakers or white sandals with your gold dress.

Accessories are just as important to hold your whole look together. Wearing neutral colors will look best, such as brown, blush belts, or clutch.

Gold Dress Red Shoes Idea

Gold Dress Red Shoes

Red shoes and a gold dress pair have to be one of my favorites. Something about red pumps you can’t really look away from. Choosing a gold dress with either bright or dark red heels will look amazing.

Choosing red pumps are a classic choice, they never go out of style and they are perfect for formal or night events.

Choosing red sandals to go with your gold dress is a good way to tone down your look for a more casual style. These styles of shoes are perfect for summer days.

Another casual option is red sneakers, which are great if you have to be on your feet for a long time.

Gold Dress Silver Shoes

gold dress with silver heels

When trying to figure out what color shoes to wear with gold dress we could not be complete without silver options. Silvert and gold are complimentary so when put together they will give a chic look.

The color gold you wear on you’d dress could be soft rose gold or warm tone so choose a silver that will be the opposite. So for example, if your gold dress is warm tone then try wearing icy silver shoes or heels.

Silver shoes will allow your dress to shine even more. These are amazing for all formal events such as prom or weddings.

To make your whole outfit be even more eye-catching you can add a pop of color, maybe bright red lips, or colored earrings.

So Final Note on Shoes to Wear with a Gold Dress

After reading this post on Inspired Beauty I hope we were able to help you figure out what color shoes should you wear with a gold dress.

A general rule is to choose the shade of gold wisely, some will flatter your skin tone more than others. For fair/pale skin people warm gold such as yellow or rose gold will look best on you. If you have a dark skin tone cool gold is a great one, such as white or silver gold.

Consider the occasion and choose a gold outfit to match as they can also be dressed up or down. Adding a pop of color can help to balance the gold from becoming too overwhelming.

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