Halloween Costumes For 3 Friends That Will Stand Out

Halloween costumes for 3 friends don’t t always stand out in the pool of duo best friend costumes. With our list, we will change all that we have compiled a list of three people costume ideas that are easy and easy DIY.

1 . Sriracha

sriracha halloween costume diy

Copy this look:

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Costume here

2. A Cinderella Story Halloween costumes for 3 friends

Gather your mean friends for a night as total bad angels.

halloween costumes for 3 friends

Copy this look:

Shop angel wings, here | Pink knee high boot, here

3. Funny trio costumes

Who doesn’t love the classic right? The

Copy this look:

4. Classic Disney Princesses halloween costume

Shop the look:

Cinderella Dress, here| Sleeping beauty, here | Princess bell, here

5 . Heathers

Copy the look:

Full yellow outfit, here | Heather Chandler, here| Heather Duke here

Image source

6 . Alvin and the chipmunk’s costumes for adults

Copy the look:

Oversize long sleeve top | Red baseball cap, here | Glasses here | Women rain boot here

7 . Easy Power puff girl costume

Shop power puff girls costume here

8 . Rock, Paper, Scissor Funny Halloween costume

This is a cleaver way for you and the gang to dress this Halloween and everyone can totally get it.

funny halloween costume ideas for 3 friends

Shop the look:

9 . Death Becomes Her

halloween costume ideas for 3 friends

Copy this look:

Red dress, here | White dress, here

10. Funny trio costumes 3 blind mice

See Also

This costume is totally DIY, we have gather all you need to recreate it.

Halloween costumes for 3 friends blind mice

Copy this look:

Black leggings, here | Sunglasses, here |Walking cane, here

11 . Coolest Trio from the 90’s

These are the iconic trio from the 90s, cool timeless outfit.

halloween costume ideas for 3 friends

Copy this look:

Red dress here | Dee outfit, here| Black thigh stocking, here

12. Cheerleading

Similar Red Cheerleading Costume Here / Another Similar Costume Here

13. Referee costume women

Similar referee costume in shorts here/ / skirt costume

Which of these Halloween costumes do you want to try with your friends? If you have please share it with us.

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