13 Girls Illustrate What Can Be Hiding Behind a Perfect Instagram Shot

We all see Instagram and most of us go to websites for images. We often see perfect Instagram photos but these 13 girls show what can really be behind a perfect shot. This shows that it doesn’t matter if you know the right angles, you also can have the perfect Instagram selfies. 

1 . 

2. Another Snap

This lady wanted to show you that there is more than the eyes can see sometimes.

3. Posture

Sometimes it’s really just how we pose for our pics.

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4. Different Labels

This next influencer showed her cellulite wearing other clothes.

5. Edit Vs Real

A lot of tools are out there to use and make realistic edits.

6. With No Makeup

7. Real Makeup Look

Do you notice a lot of influencers don’t seem to have pores? well, the reality is we all do and that is totally fine.

8. Just Laghing and Being Real


10. Totally Different Looks

You can see how a hairstyle and the right angle can make a difference.

11. Lots of Neck skin

The camera being too Low will make bad pictures. Practice your angles if you want to nail that perfect social media shot.

12. Vacation

I am also not the best at taking vacation photos and this is the reality behind the perfect pictures.

13. Cute Fall Picture

cute cozy pic vs reality

This cute photo gives us a fantasy of the perfect fall and winter look. After we take the photo we are finished we are out.

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