St. Patrick’s Day Tops to Shamrock Your World


Let’s keep St. Patrick’s Day festive and have fun when we celebrate this amazing holiday season in style with one of these stunning shamrock tops. These tops feature amazing designs that cover lucky clovers, green St. Pat’s color, and other unique icons that are perfect for St. Pat’s days.

I also have Tee shirts, pullovers, cardigans, and casual and simple crop tops that will make it easy for you to fit and match one of these tops with your St. Patrick’s Day outfit ideas.

With all the stunning tops these 12 are my top favorites. All these tops come in multiple colors and style Ideas so feel free to check them all out.

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Women’s St Patrick’s Day Tops Sweatshirt

Women's St Patrick's Day Tops Sweatshirt

Stay cozy and stylish this St. Patrick’s Day with our women’s grey long-sleeve sweatshirt. Featuring lucky graphics art at the front, this sweatshirt is perfect for adding a touch of Irish charm to your wardrobe.

Saint Patrick’s Day Tee Shamrock T-Shirt

Saint Patrick's Day Tee Shamrock T-Shirt

Get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with our 4-leaf Clover Tank Top. This V-neck tee comes in black but showcases a stunning 4-leaf clover design right at the top for an easy reminder that it is St. Pats Day.

Crop Top Leaf Clover Tank Tops Shamrock Shirts

Crop Top Leaf Clover Tank Tops Shamrock Shirts

Shamrock means nothing in your not rocking a pot of clover’s cropped top. Cover all your basics with this cute little cropped top, adding that festive top to your holiday look. Create that lucky feeling and have a fun St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Irish Day Short Sleeve Crew Neck Crop Top

Irish Day Short Sleeve Crew Neck Crop Top

Enjoy Irish Day in style and let us help you to get fashionable this season. This is one of my favorite cropped clover tops. This tiny top comes in multiple colors but is a stunning graphical art that showcases a large clover design.

Y2K Sweaters Long Sleeve Open Front Cropped Flower Knit Cardigan

Y2K Sweaters Long Sleeve Open Front Cropped Flower Knit Cardigan

Cardigans might be a fall/winter look but that doesn’t mean we can’t get away with styling this look Y2k style on Shamrock Day. Get this old-school fan-favorite green y2k cardigan to show how fashionable you can be with the clover design vintage charm.

Saint Patrick’s Day Open Shamrock Tank Bodysuit

Saint Patrick's Day Open Shamrock Tank Bodysuit

One of the best things about a cute bodysuit is that it can go as a top for almost any outfit. From jeans to skirts, this green St Pat Day clover bodysuit looks amazing and might be right for you.

Vintage St Pat’s Day Shirt

Vintage St Pat's Day Shirt

Another great way to celebrate St. Pats Day in a more retro-inspired style is the stunning lucky tee. This classical tee showcases a lucky design with a simple 4-leaf clover at the top but the overall shirt color is white/ cream.

Create that charming friendly style when you wear one of these lucky clover-designed tops.

St. Patrick’s Day Crop Tee

St. Patricks Day Crop Tee

Let this black Irish Day Top Hug you and let me style guide you with this stunning black crop top blouse. Fashionable art design, showcasing a beautiful Kiss me, I’m Irish in sparkly green and clover design.

Funny Shenanigans Clover Graphic Tees for Women

Funny Shenanigans Clover Graphic Tees for Women

If you’re a funny clover why not try your luck on a graphic tee like this? Put some humor in your Celebration and get a black graphic art that is funny and great as a St Patrack’s Day Top.

Casual Tunic Pullover Clover St Patrick’s Day

Casual Tunic Pullover Clover St Patricks Day top

Can’t make a choice, this green lucky Charm clover design pullover hoodie might be the right look for you. Celebrate St. Pat’s Day in this pullover hoodie enjoy the festivities and have fun knowing you’re in the latest fashion.

Lucky and Blessed Graphic T-shirt Saint Patrick’s Day Tee

Lucky and Blessed Graphic T-shirt Saint Patrick's Day Tee

Simple might be the way to go with your dress for Irish Day in this green Graphic T-shirt. T-shirts or a simple look but they work. This Green women’s T-shirt showcases a lucky and blessed graphic art to the front for a St Pats Day look.

Shamrock Green Top Women

Shamrock Green Top Women

Not feeling the Lucky Clover design, Try out this green pull string long sleeve daddie top. This is the perfect look if you’re going for that Instagram baddie outfit and need a top to make it work.

St/ Patrick’s Day will never be the same if you wear one of these gorgeous tops. Overall, if you enjoy the shamrock look these green tops will give you an edgy this season.

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