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Chic Fashion : The How to Look Effortlessly Chic

Chic Fashion : The How to Look Effortlessly Chic

How do you dress effortlessly chic?

We all have those days where we just cant look as good as we feel when going out. Life can get hectic with various activity we have to do such as go to work, workout school etc. But looking great shouldn’t be so hard but yeah we all get that sometime. Here are some tips I use to help me out daily when getting dress. 

Start with the most obvious place, your closet, looking chic requires some organization. You want to be able to get ready on the go so clear out stuff in your closet you no longer need. Clothes that are permanently damage, torn or just worn out should be cleared out. Anything thats outdated should also be clear out to make room for new fresh look unless its vintage *smiles*. 

Once that is all done now its time to get rid of any thing not chic enough. We have an habit to grab anything that is available sometimes. With us edit out the not so chic clothes then we have less chance of putting on some old shirt and baggy sweatpants.  So getting rid of our temptation and make way for us to put something on that is more flattering. 



Now your closet is less cluster, we will see if we have enough versatile outfits. You want to look effortless chic and that requires you mixing and matching stuff that works. Keep only clothes that will fit into this category.  

Now You have some new space in your closet, Awesome! Now you may need some new clothes, you could check out these 10 affordable clothing website. Here is some ideas to help you get that effortless chic look for less. 

1 . Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t fit

Just as we clear out our closet we sometimes just keep stuff and buy things for no real reason. We buy stuff that dont suits us, i am totally guilty of doing this. Just the other day I went shopping and slip into this trap because it was on sale. Sometimes we get things because of “trend” or others wearing. We sometimes bought these item and never actually wear it. 

2. Get Timeless pieces 

If you not filthy rich, I know I am not so this is what I do. I get clothes that I can wear for ages lol. So dont always go with the trend because those go out really fast. Get yourself some good jacket, a pair of boots or some tailored blouses that is fun. With this practice you can mix your  outfits for everyday of the week. We all guilty of this getting outfit for one occasion. Most of these pieces will rarely see the outside after that one event. So skipping trend led stuff will give you more opportunity to wear those special pieces. 

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3 . Dont be matchy matchy 

We sometime get sucked into be too matchy with outfits more common with business suits. One of the good trend to follow is all about mixing stuff up right now. The  old fashion rule of matching shoes and jewelry is out the window, lets be happy for that. You notice lots of people mixing blazer jacket with jeans now, its a effortless look that still makes you look all chic. Also a tip is to mix your colors or tones. 

4 . Keep your closet in a good size

When you get new stuff its a good idea to get rid of the older stuff thats really out dated. Some people apply the one in and one out rule: Meaning every time you bought something new, you take a old piece out ( you can choose to donate this or throw it away). Not only will this method help keep your space tidy but will also ensure you keep your style as chic and elegant.

5 . How to look classy everyday but dont go overboard 

Sometimes we feel like we just dont know what to wear. This often become a thing with me when I have big changes happen in my personal life. We just hate everything in our wardrobe, and then we try getting new stuff that we dont even like later. We get too many trend leading pieces that we rarely ever wears and that will just collect dust after some time. Dont let things get like this, keep an eye out on stuff that can actually improve your wardrobe, filling the space lacking. 

6 . Makeup and Hair

The right makeup is an important part of looking classy and timeless. One of the best way to look effortlessly chic is in the beauty and hair because these play such important parts with lasting impression. 

When styling your hair in a chic updo leave a little hair out to hang this instantly give the look a softer feel. Minimize the amount of makeup use throughout the day. 

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