What Is A Bed In A Box And Are They Worth It?

When shopping for a new mattress, consumers are coming across options for mattresses that are delivered to the home in a compact package, leading many to ask, what are beds in a box? This way of buying a new mattress certainly has its benefits. You get to skip the showroom and mattress store and have a compact package conveniently ordered to your front door.

Bed in a box is a fairly new concept. New machines have been developed that can roll foam
mattresses to a size that’s small enough to fit into a shipping box. This doesn’t mean that standard non-rolling mattresses are going away but they do offer consumers another option for their mattress needs.

Benefits of Purchasing Bed in a Box

One of the primary reasons why people choose this option is that it is convenient and typically risk free. You can read through reviews of mattresses or use mattress sellers to find the right fit for your needs. Most of these mattresses are foam but some manufacturers have found ways to put innerspring and adjustable mattresses into cartons as well.

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Another added benefit is that many of these firms also offer free shipping and a trial period. This allows people to try a mattress for up to 100 days in some cases and then return if they don’t end up liking the mattress. There are also multiple options when it comes to bed in box. Since their start in 2007, more companies are opening and developing this option. There are more than 200 online retailers for this option. While there is no clear winner when it comes to buying a mattress online, shoppers will have plenty of variety to choose.

Choosing the Right One

Before you decide to embark on the bed in a box option though, it’s important to take a few steps to avoid ending up with a dud. Before you start your search, write down a list of what benefits you want in a new mattress. For example, you may want a more firm mattress, a certain size, or other features. These will limit your options but also ultimately help you find the right one for your needs.

Some people prefer to try out their mattresses and this is certainly a good idea. Look for sellers that allow you to try and return the mattress for the best results. Since this can still end up taking some time and effort though, you may also want to look at companies that sell bed in a box to determine if they have any walk-in retail shops or have partnered with shops to carry their product. For example, many stores will have options on display. You can go to this in-person retailer and try out a mattress for a few minutes to see if its comfortable for you. This probably won’t be available for every company but most of the larger ones offer this perk.

The price also makes a difference when it comes to mattress shopping. If you’ve ever purchased a mattress from a physical store before, then you probably know that there is some haggling involved.

You often will purchase the mattress after negotiating perks like free pillows or talk down the price of the mattress. For bed in a box, the price is almost always fixed. Manufacturers may offer certain perks but you can take advantage of periodic savings and sales. The price for these mattresses does tend to be lower than a traditional mattress though so you can plan to save money anyways.

Finally, decide what other services you want if any. The manufacturer Casper will send you a
mattress for free but does offer a charge to move it into your bedroom and a fee to remove an older mattress. However, if you struggle with either area, this can be a huge perk that’s worth the extra cost.

Buying a Mattress

With the convenience and value offered with these mattresses, it’s likely that bed in a boxes are not going away anytime soon. If you want a mattress that’s not highly specialized, then consider this for a viable option. More people are turning to these convenient choices and with good reason. They may offer a good value for your needs.

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