What are the Different Types of Nail Art?

Manicure is a process of maintaining your fingernails whereas pedicure is the process of maintaining your toenails. After a manicure, a person would apply nail polish to make their nails appear better. However, off-late nail art has taken the forefront when compared to just nail polish. When you are planning to go to an event or even stand out from the crowd, proper nail art would benefit you. There are different types of nail art techniques, which
you need to be aware of.

Before getting an idea of nail art techniques, you need to know what nail art is. Nail art is defined as the process of drawing or painting various patterns on fingernails or toenails. This includes taping, stamping, drawing with brushes, etc. You need to prepare your nails well before painting them or going for nail art. Only the well-cut, trimmed, cleaned, and maintained nails could handle the heaviness of nail art.

What is painting nails with a brush?

This method of painting nails with a brush is the most common one. It is recommended to use synthetic bristles. One could draw a design by using these brushes.

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  • Sponging technique

If you are planning to smudge two to three colors on your nails, then you could take a sponge. You need to put a patch of the colors on the sponge and then apply it all over your nails.

  • Stamping

You need to buy different stamps with different patterns. The stamp must be dipped into a
coating of nail color. This should be kept on the nail.

  • Taping technique

You need to make use of the tapping technique where the tape is taken and cut into very small pieces. This is placed on the dry nails. You could apply different colors of paint in the spaces between the tapes. Once it has dried, you could remove the tape.

  • Digital art

Digital art is no more limited to paper alone. One could go for digital art for nails as well. The beauty salons have specialized digital art nail art devices which could produce ready- made designs. One could see a lot of girls flaunting butterfly acrylic nails. This could be easily done with the help of a digital nail art device.

  • Airbrush nail art

You would have heard of airbrush makeup. But very few are aware of airbrush nail art. This is done by placing a stencil with a design on top of the nail and spraying paint over the stencil.

  • Using stickers

If you want to add some quirkiness to your nails, then you could add some stickers after applying the nail polish.

These are some of the common nail art techniques. You need to be aware of it while
planning for nail art. One could easily see that some of the nail art techniques could be done by yourself at home provided you have all the required equipment and accessories. For the kind of techniques which could not be done at home, it is generally suggested to prefer a salon service or under an expert.

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