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6 Waterfall Braids Tutorial

6 Waterfall Braids Tutorial

Everyone love waterfall braids and they are absolute one of my favorite formal go 2 hairstyles. Waterfall braids are simple great for one they can be very comfortable casual and elegant at the same time. So these are not just only perfect for wedding but for most normal days. They can be done on straight hair , curly hair and wavy you name it. 


The basic 



This basic waterfall braids is quite simple and the instruction is quite easy . The best part is that this is easy but still looks elegant and a great DIY wedding waterfall braids.


Hairstyle instruction here oncewed


The waterfall braids remix? 

This beautiful waterfall braid is actually my favorite for some reason , it stands out to me. This is a bit hippy like hairstyle .


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Loop Waterfall braids

This looks gorgeous and one of the most unique hairstyles I have come across . This is not one of the most easy hairstyle but follow the instruction and watch the video and it should become a walk in the park.

Get Hairstyle instruction here cutegirlhairstyles

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