18 Vintage Aesthetic Decor Ideas

Are you looking for Vintage Aesthetic Decor Ideas? How can I make my bedroom look aesthetic? Well, these vintage room decor ideas are perfect for you to enjoy an old theme.

We sometimes want a room a few decades old that features vintage furniture. Sometimes some of us wish we lived in an earlier time period. Sometimes we dream of the 70s, 60s and even y2k is trendy now.

Cute room decor that just brings something special as well. Any of these vintage aesthetic room decor will make your space feel like yours. Nostalgic ambiance and maximalist are just too much but vintage style is a concept of its own.

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These ideas are usually shabby chic, Indie, and just dated but modern. If you should ask a group of people what the term vintage aesthetics means you will find many different answers. There are many varieties of this aesthetic vintage room decor and depending on your age you may not find some designs old.

Vintage Aesthetic Bedroom Decor Ideas

The Vintage Aesthetic

What is the definition of vintage aesthetics? It’s primarily based on a word called vintage, which means ‘not new. The general rule applies to all historic items between 20 and 200 years of age.

In the future, even minimalist design would fall into this category. However, Gen Z members associate these features with features in the 80s and 90s as well as faded colors of teal and orange. Grunge and indie can be considered vintage.

This post will take you back in time with these amazing ideas.

Aesthetic Vintage Room Decor

Aesthetic bedroom vintage style

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vinatge bedroom idea

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Shabby Chic Decor Vintage Aesthetic Decor Ideas

This is one of my favorite variations of vintage bedroom decor ideas.

Shabby Chic Decor Vintage Aesthetic Decor Ideas

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Vibrant vintage decor

Maybe you are into a little more colors and want a modern mix. If you are looking for something like that well a vibrant vintage decor with bright colors is recommended.

Vibrant vintage decor

Vintage Style Bedding

There are two great methods of approaching beds. You may first purchase old mattresses or buy an old bedcloth if you like. Our decision to go with it was a vintage look that did not look worn out.

Thankfully, we found these comforters with delicate patterns on them and natural colors. It seems ideally the best choice between classic style and vintage style. It has got the classic feel that we wanted to find here at home. This bedspread is part of the McGee collection from Target. It is important to keep your mattress comfortable and therefore we chose Cozy Earth bed linen.

vintage aesthetic decor

Buy this vintage Canopy on Etsy

This next makes the perfect room ideas for 12 year olds girl, the walls are floral and beautiful. The colors are bright and it does add that vintage style you are looking for.

Adding small touches like this to any room can add an older feeling to it especially compared to all the new builds. Cute bedroom vintage aesthetic decor ideas that your young child or teen will appreciate.

Vintage Aesthetic Decor Ideas wallpaper

Buy This Wallpaper on Etsy

For my personal style, I would just go for flower bedding, as this is something I can easily source. From pastel colors to flower photos with countless patterns and styles. Purple florals are not the most common but they certainly make a good look.

If however, you are going for an old fashion style, then copy a fairytale princess room setup. Vintage beds are known for being high so maybe getting your hands on two mattresses with a good amount of fluff or a mattress topper.

Fill your bed with a bunch of pillows, stuffies, and thick comforters. Choose patterns that line up with vintage bedding.

Vintage Wall Art

We begin with the walls but this personally depends on the vintage pattern you want. Find art in antique or refurbished shops for cheap. We found a wonderful piece of artwork that matches the wall perfectly. A different solution might be easy printable paper products.

We also offer several vintage prints on Etsy you can purchase. Vintage paintings have been hung in bedroom decor, living room, and office beside a beautiful mora clock.

If you are looking for classic designs you can go for floral pattern wallpaper with a luxurious or elegant note. A golden frame with intricate carving is quite a popular choice that will add an elegant touch to your home.

Another way is to incorporate vintage furniture into the walls, to create a two-tone one to transform into something magical. You can get beautiful old-world glamour paintings to add inside them.

To help you come up with inspiration, think of an old English country house. You can achieve these things even without a lot of furniture.

vintage wall decor

Large Clock

Vintage Aesthetic Decor Ideas

Floral Wall Decals

If you are in college particular dorn room decor could be Indi inspired. You can use simple decor such as wall collage of photos with vines and fairy lights. Vintage-inspired room with photos, if you don’t have a lot of yourself you can get free stock photos online. Another option is you could go with posters of old album covers etc. This representation can be one of the most modern mixes with old.

Vintage Aesthetic Decor Ideas

Image via Pinterest

Antique Furniture Vintage Aesthetic Decor Ideas

You can find these old-time furniture at antique or thrift stores and you may have to spend a little penny for them. You can also save money on these if you have grandparents with old furniture.

In my grandmother’s house, she has an old sewing machine these can be great vintage decor pieces. You can buy pieces such as Carved wooden wardrobes, dressers, and vanities, to add a rustic feeling to your room. Also, look to buy beds with iron bases and vintage/ retro tv black and white or old shapes.

aesthetic vintage room decor

Image Retro tv Pinterest.com

aesthetic vintage room decor

Get this Dresser on Wayfair

If you really want to get fancy you can get a bookshelf on a budget or go all the way and turn a room/office into a small library. Adding an accent chair can take this room to another level so consider one. Choose a deep color and if you have more space you could even add a coffee table. Velvet makes beautiful textures as this has been a timeless statement piece for vintage decor.

aesthetic vintage room decor

Color Palette Is Important

As an aesthetic that encompasses many other specific elements, the vintage aesthetic welcomes many hue variations mostly faded. You cannot think about vintage without starting to think of a color palette.

Orange and yellow are typical for recent trends that are classed as fun and youthful vintage fashion. These colors are created by vinyl covers as well as art objects. Certainly, classic vintage hues are toned down because time gradually fades the original color of an object.

For versatility, vintage has also been popular for neutral colors such as cream, beige, or black. Green hues originate from charming indoor plants and brown shades are created from wooden objects.

Lighting Vintage Aesthetic Decor Ideas

Vintage aesthetic room decor is not complete without proper lighting. A plain and minimalist lamp with a neutral color is your vintage room’s best friend. If you can open up your curtains during the day to give your room natural lighting to capture the vintage feel.

Vintage Room Decor

If you don’t have sunlight as frequently and maybe in a particular room, a lamp will do fine, or even a chandelier for an old Victorian look.

If you cant find the others mention you can choose to go with fairy lights. These are great alternatives for more modern decor. These will not overwhelm the room with vintage hues without making it too dim. If you need more light to maybe help with night study then use a minimalist lamp.

Vintage Room Decor

Image via Pinterest

Rustic Chic

As mentioned earlier shabby chic is another aesthetic vintage style. This is perfect if you are a rustic vintage fan looking for glam and a Western space. Take advantage of wood panel design rugs. The design elements add more flare with the suitable ceiling lamp. This is a good way to merge two room decors together.

Other Vintage Room Decor

If you have space left and you still want to incorporate vintage furniture that can bring your whole vision together. Aesthetic vintage style items to your room such as old cameras, antique trinkets, old fashion typewriters, and so on.

Vintage Room Decor

Image credit Reddit

Use Christmas lights to recreate this lovely window design. Add string fairy lights over sheer curtains you can have this at the window or over your bed. You can look for tutorials online to help you create a magical vintage style.

Old Suitcase and Tapes

Vintage Room Decor

For modern decor add these simple beautiful elements. This is good as long as the design brings you back in time. You can see the records on the wall or poster as we mentioned above.

For a more vintage vibe, you can even add some old worn-out books.

Vintage Makeup Rooms

vintage vanity

Also, a feminine vanity such as this one is a lovely touch to your bedroom. These will have you feeling like you are at another time as you get ready and style your hair each morning.

Semi-sheer Privacy Curtain On Ceiling Hooks

vintage room decir

If your bedroom needs a little privacy in an area then you may get the idea we are going with. You can use a sheer certain to create a little more private area for example around a tub, vanity dressing area, or around the bed. This will give your bedroom a vintage look without spending a lot.

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