10 Cute Updo For Short Hair To Rock This Summer


Summer is around the corner, short shoulder length hair is like a dream hair goal for summer. If you are looking for Cute Updo For Short Hair then you are in the right place. Short hair is easier to manage and summer is the perfect time to embrace and just explore.

These hairstyles updos for short hair will keep the hair off your neck letting you feel the breeze. You can choose to chop your long hair or do this on a  friend with already short hair. 

Summer hairstyles for short hair that are not overly complicated you can do yourself.

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Here are some sleek chic hairstyles to rock this summer. These hairstyles will keep the hair out of your face and they are super cute also. 

Best Cute Updo For Short Hair

Cute Top Knot Bun hairstyle

This look is chic and looks adorable on all hair textures. Can go from casual straight to a club while enjoying your summer vacation. 

Cute Updo For Short Hair

Adorable Pigtail Hair Cute Updo For Short Hair

Pigtail buns are, here again, popular back in the days but making a comeback. Duo buns that are loosely knotted but close enough to almost seem like a single bun.

Cute Updo For Short Hair

Space Bun, half up/down style

Chic and when done right will frame the face well. This hairstyle has an ease to it that is just great for summertime and beyond. 

Cute Updo For Short Hair

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Cute and Edgy summer updo

The style features a bob cut, shave sides then a pun in the middle.


Pigtail bun Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

Fun hairstyle to give only a good vibe for summer. Part of the hair down the middle doesn’t have to be perfect. Smooth hair into buns letting the hair sleek down with hair products of your choosing ( mousse, gel, or hair budding). Baby hair was added to complete this look. 

Ponytail with a twist

Easy 5 minutes chic hairstyle, casual and fun all wrapped in one. Smooth the hair making a  side part, separate a little from each side to create a twist, and gather little hair as you go to create this flat twist ponytail. 

Cute Updo For Short Hair

Double braids Cute Updo For Short Hair

Part the hair down the section, and braid each side. You can choose to braid your hair in french or dutch style and secure hair with a hair tie. This hairstyle is not only pretty on long hair but it is adorable on short hair. 

Cute Updo For Short Hair

Messy Space bun

Credit photo: instagram.com/_wildfern

Low bun Summer hairstyles for short hair


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