Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

If you are looking for simple romantic DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations for this season. This is a lovely way to bring back the romance especially if you don’t always do these things. What is ideal about these decorations is they are affordable and creative ideas for the home. So after getting the perfect Valentine’s Day gift we now beautify our home.

Although Valentine’s day is one day it is just like other holidays, it’s up to you how early and how long you want to start celebrating. You can really have fun with these because there are so many cute decorations. There are plenty of heart-shaped items that will pop in your home and for those social media pics.

In this post, I have gathered some of my favorite valentine’s day decorations and easy DIY ideas, such as balloons, romantic wreaths, jars, and more. In this list, I am confident you will find something that you can’t wait to add to your home.

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DIY Valentine’s Decorations

1. Heart-Shaped Rag Wreath

Valentine’s day decorations such as this are a lovely DIY project. You can choose the color and pattern material to wrap the foam with.

heart shaped wreath Valentine's decoration

2. Valentine’s Day Love Vase

This vase is unique and eye-catching, you can choose your favorite flower to decorate the vase.

love decor

3. Heart Doormat

This is one of the first things people will see when entering your home. It is a nice simple touch to romanticize your home a bit.

xoxo doormat

4. Valentine Tiered Tray

This is one of my favorite and the fact is a DIY valentine’s day decoration idea that won’t cost you much.

Valentine's Day Decorations

5. Metallic LOVE Sign

Simple and elegant valentine’s day home decorations to copy.

diy Valentine's Day Decorations

6. Heart Garland

A garland is an easy way to decorate your home during any season. This romantic day why not give this heart garland a shot.

Heart Garland

7. Pink & Red Gnomes

Gnomes have been around for the longest time as garden decoration now you can use these cute ones inside or outside as well.

Home Decor for Valentines day

8. Dollar Tree Love House

Home Decor for Valentines day

9. Love Metal Candle Holder

Valentine's Day Decorations

10. Farmhouse Tiered Tray

Home Decor for Valentines day

11. Cute Throw Pillows

Valentine's Day Decorations

12. Pretty Heart Garland Decor For Valentines

Valentine's Day Decorations

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