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12 Short hair style for wedding that are just Stunning

12 Short hair style for wedding that are just Stunning

9 .

Looking for a effortless look? then this style is for you part the hair, and loosely twist and tuck to the back as you go.


10 . Buzz Cut Short hair style for wedding

Hair is your problem? well no hair no problem. Chic low cut hair, create texture with edge control you can shop it Amazon.


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11. Short shave side hair

If you normally sport edgy shave side hair add some curls to the top and the right accessories. Not a lot of option but this will look beautiful and formal.

12. Go natural with short hair

Using your natural texture to have a beautiful playful look on your wedding day. Because coils hair shrinks a lot it sometimes appear shorter than it is in its natural form. Instead of straightening your hair just let your hair go natural with all the shrinkage and curl patterns that comes with it. This hairstyle will be even more special because its who you naturally are. Keep the hair out of your face with an headband that is flattering.

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