1875W Professional Hair Dryer with diffuser Ionic Conditioning (Copy)

$100.00 $44.95

Professional Hairdresser Recommended

This styling professional hairdryer meets the salon shop high standard tools to dry your hair and create glamorous hairstyles to look your best. Our powerful Magnifeko blow dryer features ionic technology that neutralizes positive charges in the air to calm static electricity and its 2300W of power, this hair dryer will dry your in a snap.

➢ Extraordinary Settings and Functionality

The Magnifeko hair dryer has 2 speeds that you can adjust for your drying needs; also it features 3 heat settings to provide the right temperature for your hair and the cold shot button gives you the versatility for all hair types.

➢ Safety Thermostat

We designed our hair dryer to last a lifetime of happy use. Unlike other hair dryer’s brands that lost power and stopped working after uses due to low safety standards. Our premium hair dryer comes with a heating element with safety thermostat so you can ensure that your sophisticated device will be to last for long. In addition, it comes with a removable air filter that can prevents hair drawn into the duct, thus keeping the dryer always working efficiently, it’s easy to clean and durable.

➢ Lightweight to Take Anywhere You GO

We figured that you’re going to take your hair blower for travel so we built with that in mind. The Magnifeko Professional Hair Dryer is lightweight and compact to fit on your bag, suitcase for your very important meeting, fashion event, and adventurous long vacation.



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