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52 Pretty Pink Nails Ideas

52 Pretty Pink Nails Ideas

hot pink nails with glitter

Gel Base Pink nails

This nail is perfect for prom and wedding nail ideas. This pink keeps the innocent look but still memorable.

Source @jet_set_beauty_nails

Frost Pink

Frost color pink, I love this design it is so me. The shape of the nails match perfectly with the color and length.

Source : nailsyounique

Pink nails for summer

Sugary cute

Plan on having a awesome summer here are a design to help your nails to look their best.

Wedding nail idea

Pink Bridal Nail Idea

Looking for a stunning design for that special day? This is a perfect bridal nail design and for more wedding nails .

Beautiful nail art

Matte Pastel Colors

This is fun

This next design is done with pink base on 4 fingers, middle finger and ring finger with white base and muticolor polka dot. Wear these with your jeans.

Source @barbie___nailss

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barbie nails

Barbie Design nails

Literally spelling out the word barbie with barbie signature head art. Copy this design for your next mani. I can see thse looking good with your club outfit.

barbie pink nails

Swag nails

This is a a baddie barbie style design. SO much bling. Chunky pink crystals, each nail has unique pattern.

Sugar bright pink nail designs

If you like the grown up look but not boring. The mani is a sophisticated design with gold strip over light delicate pink.

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