Nail Care Tips: How to Maintain Healthy Nails at Home

How to Maintain Healthy Nails at Home

Proper nail care at home is an important procedure for maintaining the beauty of your hands. The good appearance of nails not only testifies to great human health but also makes the hands more graceful and attractive. A beautiful manicure can become the best complement to your look.

However, even the most fashionable coating will not look spectacular if the nails break and exfoliate strongly or have a sloppy shape. To keep your hands flawless, it is important to pay special attention to your nails. Here you will find effective tips for your daily nail care to keep them strong, healthy, and beautiful.

Basic rules to maintain healthy nails at home

When it comes to nail care, it always starts from the inside. Problematic nail beds often indicate an unbalanced diet, bad habits, or stressful life. Add variety to your usual menu: eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, enough dairy products, nuts, and seeds. They saturate the body with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, which contribute to the improvement of nails.

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When doing your usual manicure, try to adhere to the basic rules:

  1. Cutting your nails with scissors is not recommended. To avoid delamination, it is better to remove the length using files. But cuticle scissors with thin sharp blades will come in handy to gently, without cuts, remove burrs. Choose a professional tool made from high-quality stainless steel. When closing, the scissor blades should converge smoothly, be even and perfectly polished.
  2. Refuse to use metal files – they destroy the fragile nail plate and increase delamination. The best option is glass nail files. Also, pay attention to the graininess: the higher it is, the more carefully the tool works. For dense nails, average abrasiveness is permissible – 180-200 grit, for thin – 250-300 grit.
  3. When removing nail polish, do not use acetone – it increases brittleness and dries out nails. Opt for natural nail polish removers without this substance.
  4. Wash your hands with warm water, and use a special soap with moisturizing oils in the composition.
  5. Apply a moisturizing and protective cream to your hands daily. It is better to have two hand creams with different textures. Use a lightweight, highly absorbent, non-greasy cream after each hand wash. Apply a thick and oily cream balm at night. Good hand creams contain vitamins C and E, lanolin, allantoin, nutritious oils (olives, avocados, wheat germ, mango), and plant extracts.
  6. Do salt baths at least 1 time per week. This is a pleasant and rather effective treatment option: sea salt saturates nails with useful minerals, strengthens and accelerates their growth. For an additional effect, you can add a couple of drops of essential oil or lemon juice to the bath with warm water and salt – it will whiten your nails and stop delamination.
  7. Do not forget about sterility: after each procedure, clean all accessories with an alcohol solution or a special antiseptic spray.
  8. Do not skimp on nail polishes – choose products from trusted companies that have a certified composition. Always use a coloured base coat to protect and strengthen your nails.
  9. Perform a manicure at least once every 2 weeks. But remember that only dry nails can be cut and filed to prevent delamination. The movements of the file should be in the same direction. In the end, be sure to use a buff to polish the edge of the nail.

Special attention to the cuticle

The cuticle is vital to the nails. A small strip of skin at the base of the nail plate actively protects the growth zone from bacteria and microbes. Improper manicure (especially edging) can lead to burrs, dents, irregularities in the nail plate, and even inflammation.

Follow these cuticle care tips to keep your nails healthy:

  • Use a hand bath before each manicure – it helps soften the cuticle and make it easier to work with it. A decoction of pharmacy chamomile is perfect if there is a tendency to inflammation.
  • Each time you apply the cream, gently massage the nail bed. Pay attention to each nail for about 30-60 seconds. Such a massage will not only improve the condition of the cuticle but also help accelerate the growth of nails by activating blood circulation.
  • The method of removing the cuticle plays an especially important role. Do not cut it yourself – the wrong technique will cause irregularities and longitudinal grooves on the nails. In addition, when it is completely removed, the natural protection of the nails will be destroyed. The best option is to push back the softened cuticle with a rubber-tipped pusher or orange stick.

Proper nail care is impossible without quality tools. Choose only trusted brands like SNS. All their products are made from natural ingredients to make nail beds stronger and healthier with every application.

In addition

The presented rules and recommendations will help you to take care of your nails and keep their beauty and health. But do not forget that nails condition also depends on your daily routine, as well as nutrition. Therefore, try to ensure yourself a good sleep, as well as fill your daily diet with healthy foods, and do not forget about the required rate of water intake.

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